DeMarini Vexxum 2015 Youth Bat Review

One of the highly anticipated bats for this season is the newly upgraded 2015 DeMarini Vexxum baseball bat. The bat certainly exceeds most people’s expectations from its highly affordable price, which is unexpected for such a high-quality bat, with its impressive functionality. This review will take a look at some of the bats top and … Read more

DeMarini Voodoo Overload FT Bat Review

The FT means that the bat is flame treated. The handle and the barrel are flamed together to create a stiff bond, which results in greater performance. This technology eliminates all the vibration. The vibrations are reduced by redirecting the energy from the impact to the barrel, specifically to the sweet spot, by the use … Read more

DeMarini CF8 Youth Baseball Bat Review

The new DeMarini CF8 line of bats promises to be a top seller for the year 2016, with plenty of good reasons. DeMarini has managed to merge top of the line technology with ingenious innovations to create a maximally balanced and feasible bat that fosters great results. The company has also upgraded some of the … Read more

DeMarini Youth Maple Wood Composite Review

Ray DeMarini made his debut in professional softball at 40, becoming a hero among his younger counterparts. He is famed for his ‘scientific approach to training’ and his reputation as a player with a great attitude to the game, hitting the ball at a speed of 96 miles per hour. He founded his bat manufacturing … Read more