DeMarini Youth Maple Wood Composite Review

Ray DeMarini made his debut in professional softball at 40, becoming a hero among his younger counterparts. He is famed for his ‘scientific approach to training’ and his reputation as a player with a great attitude to the game, hitting the ball at a speed of 96 miles per hour.

He founded his bat manufacturing company, DeMarini, in 1989, after working for two years for ESPN, together with producer Erich Lytle, as an advisor and softball videos host, where he came up with Reflex Hitting System home video.

Just three years since the inception of the company, DeMarini made Doublewall, the first multi-wall bat in the world. DeMarini teamed up with Wilson Sporting Goods in 2000 to work on new hitting technology. DeMarini is still one of the leaders in baseball and softball bats industry. Among its great assortment is the DeMarini Youth Maple Wood Composite.

Design and Performance

The company’s half and half technology system has led to great improvements in the world of wooden bats. Made of maple wood, the bat has a composite handle, significantly increasing its durability and a unique swinging feeling. It has a Composite Wood Design and gives the player a wood-like feel enhancing performance. Highly suitable for high school and college players, the Little League – approved DeMarini Youth Maple Wood Composite bat has a new and improved handle which is durable and light. This, in result, improves its performance together with more firmness and strength. The proprietary composite inner and handle combine to make it the most powerful and long-lasting youth wood composite bat in the market.

Baseball players are increasing favoring maple wood bats over other bats, due to its high performance, hardness, durability, and strength.

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Its main uniqueness lies in its composite hybrid design beating all other bats in the market. Younger players, who have just got into the game, can easily practice with the bat due to its performance-grade maple, unique composite handle and skillful craftsmanship. It is allowed in all wood bats youth leagues. It also meets the 1.15 BPF Youth Baseball Bat Standards. This is in addition to getting a three-month warranty and free shipping for the buyer.

Baseball bats critics and fanatics equally agree that the Demarini Youth Maple Wood Composite is by far better than its competitors for its light weight, good balance and its ease of swinging together with a traditional feeling of contact.


Even though it’s lightweight makes swinging such an easy job, the DeMarini Youth Maple Wood Composite may be unsuitable for strong players, who like to feel some weight on their hands and prefer a harder impact. On the other hand, it can be too heavy for youngsters learning the game. The maple-made barrel might make it difficult for learners to have a good swing, due to its ‘end-loaded’ property.


Barring its little shortcomings, players will find the DeMarini Youth Maple Wood Composite bat an enduring choice and they are likely to use for a long time.

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