DeMarini Vexxum 2015 Youth Bat Review

One of the highly anticipated bats for this season is the newly upgraded 2015 DeMarini Vexxum baseball bat. The bat certainly exceeds most people’s expectations from its highly affordable price, which is unexpected for such a high-quality bat, with its impressive functionality. This review will take a look at some of the bats top and newly improved features that will help you up in your game this season.

Upgrade Features – 

The Vexxum line has made high-quality bats over the years, and this season they have not disappointed with DeMarini Vexxum. Vexxum line of bats has always been two-piece hybrid bats consisting of an aluminum barrel and a composite handle with a blue chip on the wrapper pop.

What is even more interesting is how consumer friendly these bats are selling at a price range that is more in line with that of a one-piece full aluminum youth baseball bats. For this reason and many more, the Vexxum line of bats has been rated as one of the best value bats for their price range for many years now.

While the DeMarini Vexxum 2015  meets all the attributes that have been appreciated over the years in the Vexxum bats, there are a few notable tweaks in the 2015 version that make it truly impressive.
For starters that DeMarini Vexxum has a lighter swing weight in comparison to previous models.

As a matter of fact, the bat has been designed using the New Velocity System, which means that the balance point of the bat has been brought closer to its knobby about 2% and the swing weight of the bat has significantly dropped by 8%. This puts the swing weight of the DeMarini Vexxum between that of Voodoo FT and CF7. This makes DeMarini the middle weight bat of the Vexxum line of bats.

The bat’s alloy barrel material has also been upgraded with a durable aluminium blend. The theory behind it is that the new 12 times allow, unlike last year’s 10 alloy which makes for much thinner and lighter walls, the same amount of durability. Probably that is why the 12 alloy has also been put yet again on the shelved for the new 2015 Voodoo Overlord FT youth baseball bat.

The DeMarini Vexxum has also upgraded its design more noticeably its knob, which is shaped like a D and its end cap also has a refreshingly sweet look to it as well.
Of note is that Vexxum NVS still has an alloy barrel and generates a great pop sound, which we have all come to adore from aluminium barrel bats.

Features of DeMarini Vexxum 2015

Some of the main features of the bat include:

‣ Half alloy, half composite-DeMarini line of bats are the first ever in the history of baseball to have a sweet combination of an alloy barrel and composite handle and perfect technology to back it up. Composite bats are usually made of aluminum exteriors and a carbon wall that is woven into the walls. These sophisticated technological improvements give the player an added advantage of a lighter swing weight, a higher trampoline effect, a higher damping rate, and reduced stiffness from bending too much. This combo makes the bat highly durable and flexible and generates an even and more balanced swing.

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‣ 12 alloy despite being one of the lighter barrels in the markets have some of the thinnest walls seen on a baseball bat, it still creates a huge sweet spot. This light weight creates a lighter swing, which instantly generates more power. A player with a lot of strength won’t necessarily feel the effect of a 12 alloy. However, a player with an average amount of strength will undoubtedly feel the advantage of having a 12 alloy, as the light weight significantly improves the swing. The light weight gives just the right amount of control of the bat compared to handling heavier bats that need extra strength in order to keep the bat rigid.

‣ The C6 composite handle gives the bat a trampoline effect when the bat hits the ball propelling it even further. The bat is a single barrel bat; however, the materials are interwoven in such a way to create a trampoline effect, which also allows for maximum pop to occur.

‣ Balanced swing- If you are looking for a light evenly balanced swing, then the DeMarini Vexxum is the bat for you. With the combination of composite and alloy, you will undoubtedly notice the difference swing after swing.

Pros of DeMarini Vexxum 2015 –

The DeMarini Vexxum is a great choice for most players. The durable composite handle muffles all the vibrations from the hits all the while making a great sweet pop once the bat touches the ball. The bat is particularly ideal for contact hitters due to its impressionable light weight. It being light weight makes it very easy to swing, and the trampoline effect that is generated once the bat hits the ball is extremely effective in propelling the ball. Another fascinating thing about the Vexxum line is their attention to detail in designing the bat. There are a few other things that contribute to the success of this bat and we shall expound further below.

Cons of DeMarini Vexxum 2015 –

While the DeMarini Vexxum 2015 is a great choice for contact hitters because of its light weight and balanced swing, it might not be such a great choice for power hitters. This is because they would benefit more from an end loaded baseball bat, which will propel the ball much further provided that the player can balance the bat and keep it under control.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the DeMarini Vexxum 2015 is one of the top choices of the season. The half and half technology plus its light weight and more balanced swing make it a great choice for most players. Since the bat has been approved for many leagues including the Babe Ruth, Little league, Dixie and so many more, you will probably see much more of the bat on the field this season.

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