DeMarini Voodoo Overload FT Bat Review

The FT means that the bat is flame treated. The handle and the barrel are flamed together to create a stiff bond, which results in greater performance. This technology eliminates all the vibration. The vibrations are reduced by redirecting the energy from the impact to the barrel, specifically to the sweet spot, by the use of rebounding shock waves that arise from the impact.

By doing this, the bat acts as a technologically efficient bat. When playing with other bats, the vibration can really affect the performance of a player, as it makes hitting very difficult. Players, who experience vibrations, cannot enjoy playing for long and their performance is greatly affected. They are unable to hit the ball with confidence due to the fear of the vibrations.

The length to weight ratio of the bat is 3. The ratio makes the bat easier to use and more powerful. This is further complemented by its barrel diameter, which is just 2 5/8 inches. This is important in ensuring that players achieve a big swing. Though the diameter is thin, it is very strong and durable. The thin diameter makes swinging easy as its very light.

RCK Knob

The bat has a ‘really cool knob’. For players, having a bat that fits well in their hands is a big plus. This means that when playing, they do not need to keep adjusting the position of the bat and it will not slide from their grip. This gives the player comfort during the game and confidence when hitting. A bat with a big handle is also uncomfortable to hold on to; it wears out the player and might be very uncomfortable to play with.

DeMarini Voodoo Overload Review

Players have in the past complained about developing blisters during a game. The main cause for the blisters is the knob; the bat has a beef knob, which eliminates such discomforts. The bat’s knob is round, which further minimizes the chances for blisters. For players that spend a lot of time playing, this is a feature they cannot afford to compromise.

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X12 Alloy Barrel

De Marini uses the most durable metals to make the alloy. It is very strong and players do not have to worry about the bat snapping off as they play. This is because the bat can resist a lot of force and remain strong, as the material is durable. Players do not need to worry about replacing the bat every now and then. An interesting part about the alloy is its weight, its light. Even though the barrel is light, it does not compromise on the required weight for a good balance during play. Players can easily swing the bat without using a lot of strength, yet achieve a high swing speed. Due to the material and the technology used to make the bat, it produces a powerful loud pop compared to the other bats. De Marini uses the aluminium alloy to make the bat, which has been proved to be the best in the market.

Ion-V End Cap

When a player hits the ball, this feature ensures that no energy is lost, but that it is distributed to the barrel thus increasing the swing speed. This feature also produces a large sweet spot by optimizing energy movement and transfer. The large sweet spot allows for hits that are more accurate during a game. The larger the sweet spot, the better it is for a player. Even with the large sweet spot, the quality and comfort of the bat is not compromised. The cap is flat which works to maintain a consistent weight all through the sweet spot. This cap ensures that the weight is distributed evenly along the bat, and the player enjoys a balanced feel every time they swing the bat.

Half & Half

De Marini has used this technology to create a balance between the bat and the handle.

Design of DeMarini Voodoo Overload Fit Bat – 

The bat is very attractive with black handles, silver decorations, and a red glossy finish. Not only does this bat perform well, but it also looks good.
The bat comes with different length and weight. Examples include a 29-inch bat at 20 Oz, 30 inches 21 Oz, 31 inches for 22 oz and 32 inches for 23 oz. The bat is recommended to play in the little league, 1.15 BPF, USSSA and all other youth baseball associations.

This bat is suitable for trainees and expert players. For some people, the price can seem high but looking at the value that it offers to players, the value supersedes the price. The bat is made from durable materials so any player who purchases the bat does not have to worry about the constant repairs or replacements as it serves them for a long time. The Voodoo Overload FT bat combines power, comfort, and precision all in one bat. I would recommend this bat for any young player looking for a high-performance bat. It is a sure bet that they will thrive in their game.

Pros of DeMarini Voodoo Overload Fit Bat :

• Zero vibration.
• Powerful.
• One year warranty.
• Large sweet spot.
• Durable.
• Good for trainees as well as for experts.

Cons of DeMarini Voodoo Overload Fit Bat:

The pop sound is loud, which can have a negative effect for some people.
The De Marini Company has maintained a culture of producing high-quality products, since its inception. It boasts of being the initiator of many products in the baseball industry. The company efforts have been consistent, and have been seen in the quality of its products.

To consistently meet and satisfy the needs of its clients, the company relies on advice from professional athletes, who is employed in giving guidance. They propose the design and particular details of every product that is released on the market. They also have a lab, where they test the efficiency and performance of all their products. This alone is reason enough to trust all their products. Their bats have remained number one in the market for some obvious, unmistakable reasons. These include:

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