Best Youth Baseball Bags

For a young baseball fan or someone who is just starting out learning to play the game, it can be challenging to find all the right gear and equipment to get started. Of course, it also doesn’t help to get all of the necessary equipment but not have anything to carry it in. For this reason, it is important to find out more about the best youth baseball bags.

If you are a parent or coach looking for the best option for your child or team players, it is natural to want to look at a range of different options before purchasing anything. Also, we understand that you want to know what features make the best choice, especially if you don’t happen to be a baseball player yourself.

Therefore, to help you out, in this article, we will cover all of the information that you might need when looking for the best youth baseball bags.

To give you an overview of the kind of information we will be covering, here is a list of common questions which we will answer in the buyer’s guide and product review sections below:

  • What features to look out for when buying a baseball bag?
  • Benefits to the various styles of baseball bags
  • Which brands sell the best youth baseball bags?
  • What options are available online?
  • Main features, pros, and cons of 5 top products on the market

What To Look For In Youth Baseball Bags

When it comes to choosing the best youth baseball bags, there are a number of things you should look out for.

First of all, everyone’s choices will be different. This is because we don’t all have the same idea of what an ideal bag looks or feels like, costs, or what the main features should be. It is not as simple as buying the same thing as the rest of the team either. Based on the position each youth player holds, they will be carrying around different kit and have individual requirements.

As you can see, it is important to take your kid’s particular set of circumstances into consideration when making a purchase. To give some initial advice, if your young player is just beginning to play and is eager to be a part of the team for years to come, it is important to make sure that they have something that they can use for a while. Naturally, this will be a better investment for you in the long term too.

Below are some pointers on the main features to look out for when selecting a bag to buy.


The first feature you will want to look for is space which will be determined by the kind of equipment the bag needs to carry. If your child is a catcher, they will need a different amount and type of space to someone who is a batter. The former needs to carry mitts; the latter, bats, both of which are bulky.

If your child plans on being an all-rounder, you will need to make sure that there is enough space for at least one bat, a catcher’s mitt, a helmet, cleats, general gear, and probably more than one ball.

Depending on the level your child plays at, size requirements will vary too. If they are just starting out and have small bats, mitts, cleats, and clothes, they will require less space than an older player whose equipment is larger.

It is not just baseball equipment that the best youth baseball bags need to carry around. Keep in mind that the kids will also want to keep other things in it too. This could include a change of clothes for after the game, some snacks, as well as water to sip during practice. It is also important to have zippered compartments to keep any valuables separate and safe from the rest of the kit.

Keep in mind that, even though you want to buy a bag that your child can grow into, they also need to be able to carry it around without it being overly large or difficult.


When it comes to the best youth baseball bags, the material you choose will play a big role in how long the carrier will last.

Understandably, you want to get the best deal. However, it is important to note that some types of material are more expensive and for good reason. If this is the case, the carrier should last longer and be less likely to rip. If you anticipate that your child is going to be carrying around a heavy bag, this is an important point to note.

Some of the most popular bags are made of highly durable polyester, but note that the strength of the bag also depends on where the hooks and handles are placed, and how strong the zippers are.

If it rains during season, be sure to find something that is waterproof on the outside to prevent kit from getting wet. On the inside, it is best to find something with breathable mesh fabric that doesn’t trap in air and odors.

A final thing to consider when it comes to durability, is, does the bag have a rubber bottom and/or double-layered sides? These things provide it and the equipment contained inside, with a layer of protection. Not all products feature this though, and it will depend on the style you choose (which we discuss below).

Pockets and Compartments

The most important things your player will be carrying when they are going to and from a game or practice is their baseball equipment. The dividing compartments make for easy organization of all of this gear and should factor into your purchase decision of the best youth baseball bags.

Specific sections for the main equipment make it easier to organize things. Also, it helps to keep all equipment and gear cleaner, by providing separate compartments for dirty or soiled kit.

As we all know, extra space is always needed for adhoc bits we inevitably end up carrying around, which is why having added pockets is helpful.

Whether used to store snacks, water, extra clothing, other personal items, or even additional equipment, having a range of pockets to choose from is often needed. Outer pockets are handy for water bottles, while inner pockets are suitable for keys, phones, or valuables.

As with any sport, you want to make sure that your child can carry everything they need in one bag. Additionally, they should be able to easily find things when they need them.


Your young player is going to be carrying his or her bag around a lot – find one with a design that suits their personal color and graphics preferences.

Styles of Bags

As with any other kind of sports equipment, the best youth baseball bags come in a variety of styles.

The style you choose for your child will choose will depend on what is important to them, and what they plan on carrying around.

As we discussed above, their playing position will also factor in the style you choose. For example, a batter is going to need a suitable, and longer, bag to carry around one or more bats.

You also need to think about how far the player is going to be carrying the bag and how often. Is it just from the car to the field? Or do they need to take it on the bus and move it around school all day? If your child is serious about the sport, it might be worthwhile to invest in bags that are easier to carry.

Here are the most popular styles of the best youth baseball bags.


This style is the easiest of the best youth baseball bags to move around – simply grab the handle and wheel it off. It is an especially useful style if your child is going to be carrying around a lot of equipment or weight as the wheels and handle make it easy to maneuver.

These generally have metal runners and plates along the bottom to provide structural support and prevent tears from happening when they run across the ground.


A backpack is one of the more comfortable options for carrying equipment over a longer period of time or distance. If your kid has to move it around from school to practice, or carry it on the school bus, this is an ideal choice.

They generally function as a normal backpack but have extra mesh pockets on the side to accommodate bats. Inside, your child can store other baseball equipment or school stuff. Look out for one with padded straps and a wide back for extra comfort. A lower back mesh panel can also make it more breathable.

Bat Bag or Tote

As the name of this type of best youth baseball bags suggests, a bat bag is shaped to carry bats. They will generally be long and skinny to accommodate the equipment they are designed to carry.

When it comes to carrying the bat bag, it functions as a tote with short handles for your kid to hold by their side. Some brands include a longer shoulder strap so it can be carried over the shoulder too.


As the name suggests, this bag can be simply carried to and from a game or practice in one hand. It usually resembles a classic duffel bag with shorter handles for carrying by your side. However, occasionally they do have a shoulder strap too.

These aren’t always the easiest to move around, especially for younger players as they are generally quite bulky. However, if your child doesn’t have to travel too far to a game or practice, it is still an option to consider as it can fit quite a bit inside.

Best Youth Baseball Bags Reviews

In the buyer’s guide section above, we have discussed different features to look out for when choosing the best youth baseball bags. We also covered some of the various styles that you can choose.

However, in order to really help you choose the best product for your budding ballplayer, here are product reviews of 5 of the best youth baseball bags on Amazon. To make sure you have a solid selection to choose from, we have selected a range of different styles and features to suit all sorts of preferences.

Athletico Youth Baseball Equipment and Bat Backpack

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If you are looking for a convenient way for your child to sling all of his or her gear into a bag, throw it onto their back and not have to worry about it, this Athletico backpack bat bag could be the best youth baseball bags choice. This is especially helpful if they are carrying multiple bags during the day to and from school.

To give some idea of the overall features, this particular carrier is made out of 600D polyester and Oxford fabric. This material is made to last and won’t easily rip and tear (even when holding a lot of equipment!). Its’ smaller size is ideal for youth baseball players who aren’t going to be carrying extremely heavy adult-sized equipment.

Since this product is a backpack, it is also easy to carry around at school. Kids can fit it into any large locker for storage during the day before practice or a game. While it is a convenient size, it is also big enough to fit everything they need into it, including batting gloves, catching mitts, a helmet, as well as two bats in two pockets on the side.

The fact that the two bats fit in on the side of the bag also makes it easier to carry as the weight is evenly distributed. And ff the player only uses one bat, they can use the other pocket to carry a water bottle.

What’s more, the breathable fabric means your child won’t have to worry about the bag getting sweaty or smelly, even after a busy afternoon of running, batting, and catching on the pitch. In addition, to make sure that they can keep track of all their belongings, this bag also has pockets for keys, smartphones, and other items.

Price Point

In comparison to the other best youth baseball bags we review in this guide, this carrier is priced in the mid-range.

Main Features

  • 600D Polyester/Oxford fabric that is rip and tear-resistant
  • Backpack with two side pockets for bats and enough room for a helmet, gloves, and catching mitt
  • Breathable fabric to prevent odors
  • Extra pockets for personal items


  • Simple to hang and store
  • Can be used between practice and school
  • Size is ideal for youth players


  • Backpack could get heavy to carry around for long periods
  • Youth baseball players will eventually outgrow the bag if they progress and start carrying heavier or more equipment

Franklin Sports Youth Baseball Bat and Equipment Tote Bag

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Baseball is an exciting sport, but it does come with a lot of equipment. If you are looking for a carrier that your young player can easily grab with their hands, or swing over their shoulder between practices, games, and the car ride home, this could be an option.

Whether used by players playing tee ball, baseball, or softball, the Franklin Sports Youth Baseball Bat Bag can take on any younger ballplayer’s equipment requirements. As opposed to the more compact backpack, this option is larger and made with more carrying capacity in mind.

One of its main features is the separate compartment that can hold up to three bats at a time. While it might be a bit small for older kids, youth players should do just fine with it. There is also a separate ventilated compartment where your child can store their dirty cleats and socks. This conveniently keeps dirty kit separate from the rest of the clean stuff.

While they might not want to carry this bag for extended periods, the shoulder straps and handles provide more than adequate support for getting your child’s things from A to B.

Most players want to keep all of their equipment close by while playing or practicing. Like most of the other best youth baseball bags options in our guide, this model comes with fence hooks so that it can be hung in the dugout or on a nearby fence.

Price Point

When it comes to the cost of this carrier, it is definitely one of the most affordable options on the market. This is probably due to the fact that it is very simple and effective in design. There is either a shoulder or handheld strap to use, and fewer compartments and pockets to worry about.

Main Features

  • Includes shoulder straps and handles for simple carrying
  • Has a separate bat compartment that can take up to three bats
  • Includes a separate ventilated compartment for dirty cleats and socks
  • Has fence hooks that allow for easy access in the dugout or while hanging on a nearby fence


  • High carrying capacity
  • Separate compartments keep dirty cleats and laundry separate
  • Ability to hang on a fence or keep in the dugout
  • Simple design for those who don’t want lots of extra compartments or pockets


  • Not as comfortable to carry as a backpackence

EASTON E510W Youth Bat and Equipment Wheeled Tote Bag

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The Easton E510W is one of our top choices for the best youth baseball bags, mainly because it is a durable all-rounder, suitable for carrying all types of equipment and any member of the team.

Certain best youth baseball bags options will just make everything easier for you. This is especially the case with carriers that have wheels on them. With both wheeled and tote capabilities, we have to say that the Easton E510W is pretty convenient.

Easton has done a lot to make this bag durable. A reinforced bottom helps avoid bulging which could result in tearing if the bag gets too heavy. The handles are reinforced too, and the durable bracketed wheels are designed to keep the bag stable and on course when your child is pulling it. Furthermore, reverse coil zippers prevent the bag from splitting if there is a lot of equipment placed in it.

A decent size general compartment makes this bag suitable for carrying helmets, gloves, catching mitts, gear, or even a combination. Up to four bats can go in the dedicated bat compartment. Over and above the baseball equipment, this bag has a separate section to place shoes in, as well as a ventilated inner pocket to minimize odors and allow the gear to cool down quicker.

Like most other top carriers in this category, this one also features a fence hook so that players can hang it within reach of the field and dugout.

Team spirit also comes as part of this package. A removable panel on the shoe section can be embroidered with your player’s team logo to show some pride. While only a small feature, it can go a long way to creating a sense of spirit that will get everything through the toughest of games or practices.

Price Point

When it comes to price, this best youth baseball bags option is one of the ones on the higher end. This is probably due to its all-rounder capabilities and convenient wheels.

Main Features

  • Wheeled or tote carrying options
  • Fence hook for dugout functionality
  • Durable bracketed wheels
  • Reinforced bottom
  • Reverse coil zippers to prevent splitting
  • Dimensions are 36″L x 12″W x 12”H
  • Storage available for four bats
  • General compartment to store helmet, gloves, catching mitts, and gear
  • Removal shoe panel can be embroidered with team logo


  • Lots of storage space makes it great for players who are all-rounders
  • Can store up to 4 bats
  • Multiple carrying options provide ease and convenience


  • Bag can be a bit unstable if it is particularly light or empty. Don’t be afraid to fill it

DeMarini Momentum Wheeled Bat Bag

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Some people simply don’t have a preference when it comes to the way they carry around a bag. Others aren’t phased if there is only a single option – be it with their hands, over their shoulder, or on their back. But what if the player wants a variety of options which cater to what they are carrying, or how tired they are after practice or a game?

Thankfully, with the DeMarini, your child won’t have to think about this too much. This bag is very versatile and offers tote, backpack, and wheeled options for carrying and moving it. Basically, the handles have been padded so that the bag can be converted to a backpack if needed.

Overall, DeMarini has designed this baseball bag with batters in mind. The other storage compartments are a bit too small to hold catching mitts along with everything else. For batters, it is ideal though. The large main compartment can fit your child’s helmet, gloves, and gear. Then individually padded bat sleeves can hold up to four bats at a time.

As if storing the bats separately wasn’t enough, there is also an interior shelf that allows the player to keep their gloves and cleats separate because as we all know, cleats get dirty!

DeMarini has also integrated fence hooks to make sure that players can keep all their gear close by and within easy reach during practice or a game. Other additional features include the rugged nature of the wheels that allow for easy movement and large zippers to make getting things in and out of the bag simple and uncomplicated.

Similar to the Easton, this also has a removable panel which can be embroidered with the team logo, or player initials for an individual touch.

Price Point

This carrier is another of the best youth baseball bags on the higher end of the price scale. But it could be worth your while considering the amount of convenience that it offers (and the strain it will save on having to carry it!).

Main Features

  • Large main compartment for a helmet, gloves, and gear
  • A separate bag sleeve compartment that can hold up to four bats
  • Rugged wheels that allow for easy dragging across variable terrain
  • Interior shelf to separate gloves from dirty cleats
  • Large zippers to make opening and closing easier
  • Designed with batters in mind
  • Removable panel can be embroidered


  • Lots of room to store batting equipment
  • Individual sleeves and compartments for different items
  • Convenient design for either wheeling, tote, or backpack carrying options


  • This bag isn’t really ideal for catchers as the main compartment is on the smaller side and might struggle to fit catching mitts along with everything else

Louisville Slugger Genuine Stick Pack

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The Louisville Slugger Genuine Stick Pack is definitely one of the most stylish options on our list of the best youth baseball bags. With a range of different color options to choose from, including a bright matte orange, why not bring a bit of fun to the process of carrying sports equipment?

With foam padded shoulder straps, your child won’t be uncomfortable carrying all of their gear around in this backpack. Furthermore, when two bats, or a bat and a bottle of water, are placed in the convenient storage sleeves on either side of the pack, weight is distributed more evenly, making it even more comfortable to wear.

The fact that this bag is specially designed for the youth ballplayer makes this an ideal choice for those who are new to the sport, or for those looking for an easy and convenient option to carry as much equipment as necessary. The design also keeps in mind the smaller set of shoulders that will be carrying it.

With additional pockets for keeping valuables safe, this bag is sure to carry all of the items your child needs, to and from practice and games. They will need to take care when repacking though, as aside from a zippered front pocket, there are no dividing compartments to keep things separate. Therefore, it does require some careful placement to avoid things from moving around the main compartment.

Price Point

Overall, this is one of the practical best youth baseball bags choices, that covers all the bases. Price-wise, it is another mid-range option that is line with the other backpack that we reviewed on this list.

Main Features

  • Bat sleeves on either side of the bag which can hold two bats
  • One main compartment for all of your gear
  • Separate pockets with zippers to store all of your valuables
  • Foam padded shoulder straps for added support when carrying equipment
  • Available in stylish, eye-catching colors


  • This bag is specially designed for the youth baseball players so is a practical option for those who are new to the sport
  • The bag is heavy-duty enough to last for more than one season


  • Advanced players might want to look at a bigger option to carry more items, or an option with wheels to make carrying even easier
  • As there are no separate compartments, things can get dirty if you throw your soiled cleats and other items together in the main compartment


In this article, we have covered a lot of information about the best youth baseball bags that will help you to choose your child or player’s ideal baseball bag.

As we have discussed in the guide and reviews above, there are many different features to look out for, as well as different styles, each with their own sets of pros and cons.

To sum it up, you can go for a backpack, handheld, shoulder strap, or wheeled option, but it all really depends on what is going to be carried, and how far it needs to be carried every day. Is it purely for baseball, or does it need to hold school equipment too?

Some of the options we have explored above are specially designed for the youth player, and provide a practical starting point, while others allow more room for growth (and additional equipment) while learning the sport.

Overall, if you take the time out to look at the various options available, and give a lot of thought to what the player really needs, there’s no doubt that you will pick the right one.

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