2023 Best Baseball Bats for 9 years old

When it comes to children playing sports, several things differ from an adult sport. For instance, the bat size and height of the equipment they use when playing the sport. At times the rules and the level of care required for the equipment they use. The same applies to the selection of bats for them to use while playing either baseball, softball or tee-ball.

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Sorting out is always a hard thing to do but after analyzing the recent market we have sorted through every baseball bats and we recommend the following three baseball bats for 9 years old child.

best bat for 9 year old

Top 5 Best Bats for 9 Years Old

#1 Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 Youth Baseball Bat

#2 DeMarini 2018 Voodoo Best Youth Bat

#3 Easton 2018 USA Baseball 2 5/8 Ghost X Youth Bat

#4 DeMarini Uprising (-12) Fastpitch Bats for Youth

#5 Easton Mako Comp 2 3/4″ Big Barrel Best Youth Baseball Bat

Product ImagesProduct nameBrandPriceRating
Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 Louisville Slugger Omaha Lousiville$ 4.4/5
Easton 2018 USA Baseball for 9 years old

Ghost X Youth Bat -10

 Easton$ 4.0/5
DeMarini Uprising Fastpitch Bats for 9 years oldDeMarini Uprising (-12) Fastpitch DeMarini$ 4.3/5
Easton Mako Comp 2 34 Big Barrel for 9 years oldEaston Mako Comp Easton$ 4.5/5
DeMarini 2018 Voodoo Balanced USA Baseball Bat for 9 years DeMarini 2018 Voodoo Demarini$ 4.7/5

Overview of the Best Baseball Bats for 9 years old

Clearly, there are a huge number of bats to choose from for 9 year olds! We have researched the best bats and sorted them into the top 5 for 2023. We will update these regularly as new bats arrive in the market and according to the pricing and sizing of each bat.

Louisville Slugger Omaha 518(-10) 2018 USA 2 5/8 Barrel Bat

Louisville Slugger Omaha 518When it comes to quality and popularity, Louisville Slugger surely knows how to maintain its consistency over the years. The Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 is a perfect example of perfection put into a bat to help improve a youth player’s performance on and off the pitch.

The bat has a barrel size of 2 5/8 inches and a drop weight of -10. The size of the barrel helps increase the sweet spot of the bat ensuring you hit the ball with no misses. While its drop weight helps the bat feel lighter in comparison to other bats in the market.

The bat has a masterful construction from alloy, which gives the bat a traditional and stiff feel. It also has an additional extended cap, which helps extend the length of the barrel. The cap also assists the bat to maintain a proper weight distribution ensuring the bat is well balanced.


  • It is certified for play in the US.
  • Comes with a one-year manufacturing warranty.


  • May feel a little heavy.

DeMarini 2018 Voodoo (-10) 2 5/8″ Balanced USA Baseball Bat

DeMarini 2018 Voodoo Balanced USA Baseball Bat for 9 yearsWhen it comes to top choices for bats, the DeMarini brand cannot be overlooked. DeMarini 2018 Voodoo is the newest addition to the DeMarini bat collection. Its features do not certainly disappoint, as they are better than previous bats. The bat is a hybrid, two-piece construction. It is also made of alloy, which enhances the feel and the weight of the bat.

The bat has a barrel size of 2 5/8 inches with a drop weight of -10. The barrel of the bat is made from X14 alloy, which enhances the variability of the bat increasing its performance at the plate. The bat has a fusion of technology known as the 3 Fusion System. The 3 Fusion System streamlines the bat, reduces the bat’s weight and increase swing speeds.


  • The DeMarini 2018 Voodoo is certified for play in the USA leagues.
  • The bat comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Despite the 3Fusion System technology, the DeMarini 2018 Voodoo has a lot of vibration.
  • The bat is also too end loaded.

Easton 2018 USA Baseball 2 5/8 Ghost X Youth Bat -10

Easton 2018 USA Baseball for 9 years oldThe plenty of years Easton has been in the manufacturing bat business, they always produce the best bats that meet and suit the needs of baseball players of all ages. The Easton 2018 is part of the new release series that will not disappoint.

The Easton Ghost X Youth has a drop weight of -10 and a barrel size of 2 5/8. The drop weight of the bat helps account for its lightweight nature. While the barrel size enables the bat to acquire a massive sweet spot, perfect for pitching the ball in long distances.

The material used to design the Easton Ghost X Youth is a Carbon two-piece design, which enables the bat to feel comfortable while being used in the field. The material also contributes to the lightweight of the bat. It also enhances the bat’s speed. The bat has a thin handle of 29/32 inches with a Hyperskin grip of 2.0mm. The Hyperskin grip helps reinforce the comfort of griping the bat ensuring it does not slide off when in use.


  • The bat is certified for use in tournaments.


  • Maybe quite expensive.

DeMarini Uprising (-12) Fastpitch Bats 2017 – Alloy

DeMarini Uprising Fastpitch Bats for 9 years oldLike other DeMarini bat collections, the DeMarini Uprising is the certain part of this amazing collection. The bat is perfect for children between the ages of 8 and 15. The DeMarini Uprising is also an upgrade of the previous version of the 2016 bat.

The bat has a -12 drop weight. The drop weight accounts for the lightweight feel of the bat. Its alloy material offers players a different feel when it comes to their swing speed. The handle of the bat is also alloy ensuring that you acquire the very best of comfort while holding the bat.

The barrel diameter of the DeMarini Uprising is 2 ½ inches, which helps create a sweet spot for the bat. The sweet spot of the bat enables players to take a hit at the ball without wasting any of their swing energy.


  • Perfect for children.
  • It certified for play in league games.
  • The bat is well balanced.


  • May be considered too light by some players.

Easton Mako Comp 2 3/4″ Big Barrel (-10) Baseball Bat

Easton Mako Comp 2 34 Big Barrel for 9 years oldThe Easton Mako Comp is part of the expensive bat series by Easton. The Easton Mako bat has a barrel size of 2 ¾ inches, which makes it acquire a huge sweet spot due to the bat size. The barrel size is quite large in comparison with other bats in the series. Thus, making it the ultimate big barrel bat.

It has a drop weight of -10 ensuring that the bat is not too heavy. With a big sized barrel, the drop weight helps to offer the bat a proper balance, ensuring it does not slide off when using the bat. The key to making this bat perfect is the use of the Thermo Composite Technology.

The bat also has a Hyperskin grip on its handle, which not only allows the player to hold on the bat but also ensures it does not fall off due to sweat. The 2X Connection technology in the bat separates the handle and barrel. The separation of the barrel and handle helps minimize the vibrations that come from striking the ball.


  • The bat has a nice appearance.
  • It optimizes the player’s performance.


  • Maybe quite expensive for some people.

Easton YB17MK11 Mako Beast 2 1/4″ 11 Composite Youth Baseball Bat

Easton YB17MK11 Mako Beast Composite Youth Baseball Bat for 9 years oldThe Easton YB17MK11 is part of the Mako Beast series that provides players with ultimate performance in the field. The bat has a barrel size of 2 ¼ inches with a drop weight of -12. The combination of the drop weight and the barrel size gives the bat a lightweight feel.

The bat is a 2-piece composite construction, which enhances the swing speed of the Easton YB17MK11. Being part of the Easton family, the bat is reinforced with the TCT technology. It also has the 2X Connection technology, which enables the bat to minimize the vibration that may arise from striking the bat.

Its handle also comes with a Hyperskin grip, which enhances the player’s comfort when holding the composite bat.


  • The Easton YB17MK11 is light
  • It also has a nice pop


  • The break-in process of the bat may take time for children

2015 DeMarini NVS Vexxum

If you are a diehard baseball fan then you surely must have heard about the DeMarini bats. This time the company introduces us to the 2015 DeMarini NVS Vexxum. NVS stands for New Velocity System sounds interesting right? By combining power and speed together with a wonderful barrel design they let the geometry do the work by creating an exclusive sweet spot. The C6 composite handle is created with a wide weave pattern which offers more stability and responsiveness. The half + half construction creates an optimum weight with a burst of ball-launching energy at the impact. For keeping the weight down at the possible sweet spot the X12 Alloy barrel will let you have the thinnest possible barrel walls. This could be one of the very best bat for a 9 year old. There are many baseball bat sizes, but this is the best for drop weight 8. Heavier bats are also available for power hitters, just check our site to find the top youth bats where we review the best ones on the market with their associated price on Amazon.

2015 Marucci Hex Alloy

The 2015 Marucci Hex Alloy bat is built for a maximum performance of superior durability. This youth baseball bat will swing light as a feather and feel better than ever. This bat is made by highest quality of AZ4X aluminum alloy. It offers a consistently sweet spot which offers a dominant performance on the pitch. It has a micro-perforated grip and the sting free comfort knob which dramatically reduces the vibration from the mishits. Its performance is tuned by length, weight drop and barrel diameter. It introduces the ring-free barrel technology which we think is the best bat for 9 year old by the Marucci Baseball Bat Company.

2016 Combat MAXUM

Combat is a Canadian based company which is highly known in the baseball region for its high performance. Every year they bring out an advance upgraded mold in the market. So, like every other year this year they present us with the 2016 Combat version of 2015 Portent G3. Now, you may ask why we recommend the 2016 Combat bat? Well, that’s because the Combat keeps improving the one-piece composite bat which we can see many manufacturers has already abandoned such type of bats. So if you appreciate the feel of a light swing weight of a one-piece bat and also prefer a composite design then the Combat 2016 MAXUM is exactly the kind of bat you are looking for.

Like mentioned above, acquiring the right bat for youth players is essential. Using the two factors of weight and length help ensure you pick the absolute best for your child. Nevertheless, the above products are some of the options available when it comes to the best bats for your young ones.

With all the various options to choose from in the market, it can be quite confusing to know what exactly to choose. Therefore, the above products help you sort out the various options available and help you make an informed decision.

What size bat for 9 year old?

For the average 9-year-old, we recommend you buy a 29 to 30-inch size bat with a drop of 10, 11 or 12. For more information on sizing and the bats we chose, you can read the details on length and weight below.

Parents and coaches should consider the following details when selecting the appropriate bat for their 9-year-old.


The first factor to consider is the length of the bat. When determining the length of the bat your 9-year-old should use, it is important to remember the basic length requirement. Ensure to place the end handle part of the bat in the middle of your child’s chest.

Extend the bat towards their index finger with the arm stretched out. If the bat you choose goes further than the index finger, then the bat is too long for your 9-year-old.


When it comes to weight, the very determining thing may be the feel of the bat for your child. You can allow them to take several swings and see whether the bat is heavy.

However, remember to consider the drop weight of the bat, the higher the drop weight the lighter the bat. You can best drop 5 bats article for more information.

Apart from the above factors, the bat size guide can help you select the appropriate bat for your 9-year-old. Also check out our batting gloves review here. The sizing guides are available in different bat manufacturing sites. However, there are some bats you can consider purchasing for your child.

Remember, excellence on and off the field begins with the right equipment. To take your child to the next level select the bat that will best suit him/her.

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