Best Fastpitch Softball Bats Reviews 2023

The best fastpitch softball bats of 2023 & older reviewed by our expert team. We always try to gather the absolute best information for you. The amount of amazing fastpitch bats on the market is enormous, so choosing the best fastpitch softball bat for yourself is a hard decision. Hopefully our guide will make your decision a little bit easier!

One thing to consider is that just because a bat is suitable for one person doesn’t mean it will suit in the same way for another.

So when you are making a decision on which fastpitch softball bats you should buy these are few of the factors you should review before making a buying decision.

  • League Regulations: The league regulation is one of the key factors to look at. Some of the bats are only applicable in certain leagues. For example, For ASSA players some marked as USSA may be restricted to be used.
  • Construction: How the bat is constructed plays a huge role in determining certain tasks like the ability to hit it quicker, it’s durability etc.
  • Drop: A fastpitch bat’s common thing is the amount of drop it is going to include. The most common drop is -10. Drop in between ratio -8 to -13 range represents the ratio of length to weight. A drop rating of -10 will eventually be seen on a 32 inch/22 ounce bat. One can generate more power, depending on the drop is higher. 

Top 10 Fastpitch Softball Bats 2023

As we have told before that finding the right suitable baseball bat for yourself is certainly not an easy task. Below we have compiled all of the data for different bats for the different type of hitters. All with their negatives and positives, there is a ton of different choices which you can choose from.

You may take a look at the comparison table which has been updated for the latest 2023 season. Further below on this page, we feature what we believe are the best overall choices.

Brief Best Fastpitch Softball Bats Reviews

Analyzing from the above table, we think the above bats will play a huge role in the best fastpitch softball bats. Even after that, if you are still not convinced with those bats the following 5 bats will definitely be an eye-catcher. 

TCT Thermo Composite Technology is a special kind of technology which is being used by the  Easton Mako Fastpitch softball bat. The barrel of this bat is much longer than most bats you can see in softball, In this barrel, a great portion is able to reach its very maximum flex because of the TCT Thermo Composite technology used. This technology provides the bat with a good swing speed, hits the ball with an amazing huge sweet spot and one it is the nicest feels on contact that the game demands to be seen.

Easton MAKO Fastpitch Softball Bat
Photo: Easton MAKO CXN ZERO 10 Fastpitch Softball Bat, 33″/23 oz
 This is the true definition of a sweet spot, so long as you are wearing your batting gloves. The first thing you will notice about this bat after it’s been taken out of the box is how balanced it is, especially compared to the Easton Ghost. When it is said that the CXN Zero Technology has changed the game, this is exactly what I mean. Because of the CXN Zero Technology that came on the scenario the previous year, the balance is marvelous.

The performance grip of the HYPERSKIN grip this bat will ensure that the bat will remain absolutely firmly planted in the palm of your hands unless and until you choose to let go.

The Easton Company offers absolutely no vibration on contact because of this special technology. Concludes that when you hit the ball you will feel the power, no matter what your skill level is.

Confidence is one of the most important factors when it comes to a player’s overall performance. If your main goal is to increase power and take your game to a whole new level, the Easton Mako Fastpitch will help you do just that. If you have this softball bat your confidence will be throughout the roof.


The brand new Demarini CF9 is the newest bat in the DeMarini line which is sure going to impress. DeMarini uses it’s new Paraflex Composite material which is the best thing about this bat.

DeMarini CF9 (-10) Fast Pitch Bat
Photo: DeMarini CF9 (-10) Fast Pitch Bat

The CF9 is made with 22% stronger fibers than the previous Paradox Plus material. This material is used in the handle and the barrel too. This helps the bat feels softer upon contact and it elevates the bat much higher level of strength.

A sweet spot is provided by this bat which makes it much bigger and hotter as well and definitely much more responsive. Thus, with every swing you will get much power.

The previous 2.0 handle technology known as the D-Fusion is still being used in the latest version of the 2017 models, which was also used in the previous CF8 version of the Demarini bat. This technology helps to eliminate vibration. This is a very important thing when it comes to hitting off center taken by this bat. Your hands are better protected with the D-Fusion 2.0 handle technology being used and the vibration is much reduced.

It is redirected into the barrel of the bat upon contact instead of energy going through your hands. Which means you get more power, less sting and a better feel. Every time you hit the ball hard, a better sound will be heard.

The CF9 was constructed using a double wall which is stacked, to optimize the trampoline effect. This construction will provide an eye-catching performance, which is allowed in regulation. Demarini’s CF series can easily be considered as one of the leading series of bats of all time and for this reason the CF9 will obviously not be a disappointment.


We feel that the Louisville Xeno Plus is one of the top picks for this year. Since, the Louisville Xeno bat has been one of our top picks for the 2015 season. When it comes to the baseball bats, the Louisville Slugger is seen always in the top spots. That’s because they create every Louisville bats with the same detailed attention.

Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus 17 (-10) Fast Pitch Softball Bat
Photo: Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus 17 (-10) Fast Pitch Softball Bat, 30 inch 20 oz

When it comes to design and innovation, it is the result of Louisville’s amazing technologies and pushing which allows the barrel to exceed it’s standard exit speed ratio. This helps the barrel of the bat to freely flex as far as it can be possible without giving up performance. Louisville’s Performance PLUS composite material is used by the XENO technology.

This material is extremely durable even though its light. For the S1iD technology, it is ready to go right out the box. If you have seen the previous version of this bat, you will easily recognize the difference instantly.

This bat also comes with the iST Connection, a technology that creates a very strong bond between both the handle and the barrel of the bat. Hitting the ball is easier because of the sweet spot which makes it easier to hit the ball and absorb some of the vibrations as well before they start to make their way to your hands. For iST you will certainly have a feel to the bat and the transfer of energy will be more efficient.


Axe is a relatively new baseball manufacturer that’s gaining popularity for combining style, performance, and ergonomics in its bats. Notably, the unique designed handle looks like an ax and allows consistently better performance, which is also something like the symbol of the company. For the 2023 season, they released the Axe 2023 Element Fastpitch Softball bat and became popular among the younger players as soon as its release.

Axe Bat 2019 Element (-12) Fastpitch Softball Bat
Photo: Axe Bat 2023 Element (-12) Fastpitch Softball Bat-30 inch/18 oz, 30 inch/18 oz

This is a one-piece bat constructed from the durable and premium MX8 alloy, and the alloy has gone under special treatment to ensure explosive pop up out of the wraps throughout the bat’s lifetime. The Axe Element has 270 degrees of hitting surfaces to allow a player to hit consistently. The patented axe handle allows users to swing the bat fast with better barrel control. The barrel of the bat comes with the TPU HyperWhip Composite End Cap which reduces unnecessary weight from the end of the barrel for faster swing speed, bigger barrel, and a large sweet spot. Technically the composite end cap makes this a hybrid bat, but the performance it shows is that of an alloy bat. 

Alloy bats are most known for sting on hands, but Axe tried to reduce the sting by using the shock absorbing Endogrid technology. This allows users to swing comfortably without worrying about the sting. The Axe Element Fastpitch Softball Bat features a 2 ¼” barrel, -12 length to weight ratio, and approved to play by ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF, NCAA, and NFHS. The ergonomic design, comfortable handle, massive sweet spot, and low swing weight makes it one of the best fastpitch softball bats for young players of 8 age and higher.


Demarini is one of the leading manufacturers of baseball and softball bats. They produce top quality bats every year.  Demarini knew they had to bring something special this season and they indeed bested themselves with their latest addition. For this year they launched the next generation Demarini CF Zen. Ever since its release the Zen have been dominating the market, and it’s still one of the most popular bats in 2023.

DeMarini 2019 CF Zen (-11) Fastpitch Bat
Photo: DeMarini 2023 CF Zen (-11) Fastpitch Bat, 28 17 oz

The CF Zen is a two-piece hybrid bat, and the best part of this bat is that it provides unbelievable consistency both in performance and feel upon contact so hitters can feel comfortable when hitting. The barrel is comprised of high-quality paraflex composite material. This is the reason why this bat can provide consistent performance throughout the season. This fastpitch softball has one of the most responsive and dependable barrels. The 3-fusion system comes with a connection piece and end cap that improves a batter’s swing control and maximize the sweet spot. It also produces additional flex for excellent hitting upon contacting the ball. 

In addition, the RCB knob reduces the vibration on the bottom hand in case of mishits so users can play without worrying. It also provides premium comfort for batters. The half+half design also helps to dampen vibration and provides pop up off the barrel. Demarini CF Zen features a standard 2 ¼” barrel, -11 length to weight ratio, and a balanced swing that makes it an ideal softball bat for younger players. This bat comes with multiple certification stamp which allows it to be played in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF.


Louisville Slugger is one of the oldest baseball and softball manufacturers in the industry. They have been around for more than a century, and they release high-performance bats every season. In 2018, they launched their Proven fastpitch softball bat which became a success and gained popularity in the bat industry. With many features and that drop weight makes it an ideal bat for youth players to develop the foundation of their skills from early.

Louisville Slugger Proven -13 Fast Pitch Bat Reviews
Photo: Louisville Slugger Proven -13 Fast Pitch Bat, 31 18 oz

It’s a complete  100% composite one-piece designed bat. The lightweight design allows players of any age to swing the bat fast and comfortably with complete control. This stands true, especially at youth level play, where the players are developing their skills. Furthermore, this bat has great pop in its price category, which is much better compared to other same priced bats. The one-piece construction of the bat gives a solid feel which many may feel home to. It comes with the ⅞” inch standard fastpitch handle along with a multi-colored synthetic grip to provide premium comfort to players. And one of the best parts of the Proven is that the design is a looker to the eyes, even the synthetic grip of the bat has a neat design to it. 

The Proven Fastpitch Softball Bat comes with a standard 2 ¼” inch barrel diameter, and it has -13 length to weight ratio. The low swing weight makes it an ideal bat for younger players looking to develop their skills. This bat is approved to play for in USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA, and ISF.


Rawlings is a well-known name when it comes to manufacturing baseball and softball bats. Their softball bats are used by many elite athletes in the game because of their high-level performance throughout their lifetime. And two elite players, national pro fastpitch softball players at that, Lauren Chamberlain and Keilani Ricketts created a unique structured softball bat that will help younger players. The experience of two professional players made it possible to make a masterpiece of a bat. That’s the Rawlings 2018 Aspire Fastpitch bat.

Rawlings Aspire Fastpitch Softball Bat Reviews
Photo: Rawlings Aspire Fastpitch Softball Bat

The Aspire is a one-piece fully composite bat that provides the lightness a younger player needs. It also has a seamless design that looks good to the eye along with a 360-degree hitting surface that ensures zero dead spots to make youths hit any pitch easily. The barrel is also constructed durable, so it lasts a long time. The Aspire comes with a synthetic grip that makes a player comfortable holding the bat and help reduce the hand sting. This bat comes with approval from ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISF, ISA, and all other associations using 98 MPG with ABI, so no matter what league your youth is participating in it’s probably to use. It’s a great bat to improve a softball player hitting skill. 

The Aspire has a standard 2 ¼” inch barrel along with a drop weight of -12.5 length to weight ratio which makes it extremely light to lift for players of any age. This bat also has an excellent balance weight, which makes it perfect for younger players looking to improve their swing speed. If you are looking for an ultra lightweight bat that youths can swing with ease and enjoy the game, then this is the ideal fastpitch softball bat you need.


Hailed by one of the best fastpitch softball bats around the country in 2023 – the Anderson Supernova has undoubtedly made itself standout among its counterpart in the market. Many sung praise of this bat of its colorful and explosive design that makes everyone look at it when a player goes at the plate with it. If the engineers at Anderson designed the bat and wanted peoples attention, they certainly succeeded with their plan being a popular bat amongst fastpitch softball players as soon as it was released.

2019 Anderson Supernova (-10) Composite Fastpitch Softball Bat
Photo: 2023 Anderson Supernova (-10) Composite Fastpitch Softball Bat (32 inch 22 oz.)

The Supernova is a two-piece bat constructed from high-end AB9000 composite material to give the bat a more explosive barrel with higher exit velocity. It comes with an ultra-thin handle and a large sweet spot paired with the ultralight composite material to provide balanced faster swing speed compared to its predecessor. And the faster the swing speed, the more power a bat generate. Therefore, the Supernova offers excellent stable speed and power. The specialized end cap also helps with fast swing speed and helps reducing vibration; as a result reducing sting on hand, providing premium comfort. 

The Supernova fastpitch softball bat comes with a standard 2 ¼” inch barrel along with a drop of -10 length to weight ratio which makes it light and paired with the composite material makes it extremely light. It also has an ultra-balanced swing weight so younger players can hit more easily at the plate. Also, the bat comes approved to use in all major softball associations such as ASA, USSSA, NCAA, NSA, and ISA. 


The Anderson is a relatively new bat manufacturing company compared to Louisville Sluggers or Rawlings. However, with their passion and the desire to produce better bats have brought them this far rivaling many top-level manufacturers. For this season, they have brought the Anderson Rocketech Youth Fastpitch Softball for young players that are developing their skills. This bat has two models, and both have unique traits that let others distinguish one from the other, which makes the Rocketech a versatile lineup that satisfy players that have a lot of different preferences.

2019 Anderson Rocketech (-12) Youth Fastpitch Softball Bat Review
Photo: 2023 Anderson Rocketech (-12) Youth Fastpitch Softball Bat (28 inch 16 oz.)

This bat has an ultralight drop weight along with -12 length to weight ratio makes it perfect for younger players who are looking for more contact at the plate rather than power hitting. In short, it’s ideal for contact hitters. It also has a thin barrel that removes the excess weight to aid for further swing speed.  The RockeTech is constructed from AB-9000 Aerospace Alloy which makes it comparably durable than other softball bats. The durable construction helps protect the bat from cracks and breakage to ensure you can use the bat for a long time. Also, this bat comes with the power arch technology, which produces a lot of exit velocity to hit the ball hard at plate. 

The Anderson RockeTech features a standard 2 ¼” inch barrel, a drop of -12 length to weight ratio, and approved for ASA, NSA, ISA, and USSSA. This ultra balanced bat is ideal for girls aged between 7-10. If you have a daughter of the age interested in softball purchase this bat and she’ll love it for sure.


Yet another bat by Rawlings feature rich and high in performance – the Quatro 2023. Rawlings is known to produce bats that deliver consistent performance, and this one tops its other counterparts in the industry. On another note, the Oklahoma Sooners took the national championship for fastpitch softball in 2016 using this Rawlings Quatro as their bat of choice. And even after three years, the performance hasn’t deteriorated, in fact, the performance of the Quatro has only improved. In this one bat, you can have the perfect performance you have envisioned along with flex, balance, and improved design.

RawlingsComposite Fastpitch bat 2019 Reviews
Photo: Rawlings 2023 Quatro Composite Fastpitch Softball Bat (-10), 33 inch

The Rawlings Quatro is a two-piece bat with complete composite construction that makes it very durable and long lasting. It comes in two drop weight of -10 and -9. This bat features Rawling’s ultimate Flex Connection Technology, which generates a lot of power when contacting the ball. Also, the two-piece composite construction provides a lot more flex when hitting the ball for maximum pop. In addition, the barrel is made from ultra-high performance composite material that provides a responsive and stiff feel when holding. The Quatro comes with the Vibration Dampening Technology (VDT) to reduce the sting on hand in case of mishits. It also has a padded and textured gripping which provides premium comfort to player’s hands when holding.

The Rawlings Quatro Fastpitch Softball Bat comes with a standard 2 ¼” inch barrel, a drop of -10 to length to weight ratio (-9 for the other model), and approved to use by ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISF, ISA, and all other associations using 98 MPH w/ABI. 


Fastpitch Softball Bat Sizing Guide

It’s crucial to have a fastpitch softball bat of the right size when playing because if the bat is not suitable for the player, she won’t be able to play properly. For example, if the bat is too big, then contacting the ball would be difficult and she may injure herself. Oppositely, if it’s too small then hitting becomes even harder. That’s why having a bat of the right size is important. But many questions how to pick a right size bat?

Fastpitch Softball Bat Sizing Guide
Photo: Fastpitch Softball Bat Sizing Guide

Below is a fastpitch softball bat size chart to help you pick the right size bat for you.

Next, you can start looking for a bat that suits you perfectly accordingly to your player’s height and weight. But keep in mind this chart is only a benchmark and you can pick the one that suits your player the most even if it’s outside the chart’s recommendation.

Necessary Information on Fastpitch Softball Bats

With so many terms associated with bats whether it’s baseball or softball, it’s natural, so many people become confused. But the explanation is as simple as they can get, a bat that is used to play in the fastpitch softball game is known as fastpitch softball bat. Also, some necessary information should be known to all interested in the game. For example, bats that are used in the fastpitch softball game can be constructed from the following materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Composite (ex- Carbon Fiber)

Also, bats of different sizes are allowed, but the numbers should be around:

  • Length – 34 inches
  • Diameter – 2.4 inches
  • Weight – 1.1 kg or 38 ounces
  • Drop – 13 (length of the bat in inches minus the bat’s weight in ounces) 

The maximum diameter is allowed is 2.4 inches, but the standard fastpitch softball bat is 2 ¼” inches. Bats impact a game more than any other equipment; therefore, bats that offer unfair advantages to the players are usually banned. Most of the leagues have their own rules and regulations regarding the bat size. Most of all a bat should be approved by the Amateur Softball Association. Furthermore, ISA, USSSA, ISFA, NSA, these leagues require their own approval stamp on a bat.

Types of Fastpitch Softball Bats

It’s always a challenging hurdle to pick the best fastpitch softball bats, and players always struggle with this choice. However, the answer is never a simple one. Its natural players have a hard time when it comes to picking the best bat with different kinds of bats, league associations, and features in the market, there’s no best option. But to make a player’s hurdle easier below are the type of fastpitch softball bats in the market.

Alloy Fastpitch Softball Bats

These types are made from stiff alloy, and most of the time, the material is aluminum. The most common types of alloy bats are one-piece designed. Meaning, they have one material used in the whole bat from handle to barrel. They are preferred by power hitters because they are the more responsive and more mass/weight, which ensures a player can hit the ball hard. 

This types of bats are one of the most popular in the game. The structure is very simple, with a one-piece design. However, they could be seen difficult in some eyes. Some basic information about structure about alloy fastpitch softball bats is given below.

  • High-quality softball bats are constructed from 7xxx series aluminum alloys
  • It’s difficult to classify the aluminum alloys; therefore, all industries use four-digit designation where the first digit indicates the alloy’s group and other digits provides the composition of the material in detail. 
  • Most alloy bats are manufactured from 7055 and 7050 alloys to develop a lightweight bat with a good swing.
  • These bats have 1.3% wt. of magnesium, and 4.8% wt. Zinc, Zirconium, and chromium are also used in small amounts as well.   
Composite Fastpitch Softball Bats

Constructed from composite materials these bats are often lightweight and durable. The materials used in these bats are usually carbon fiber, metal matrix composite, etc. The latest composite bats are designed for increased bat whip with flex. Also, they reduce hand sting and preferred by contact hitters. 

Hybrid Fastpitch Softball Bats

In these types of bats, two kinds of material are used, usually, a composite material in handle with an alloy barrel which allows the best performance for both of those materials. That means all hybrid bats have a two-piece design. However, now many companies are producing 100% alloy bats with composite end cap which are technically two-piece bats, but because the barrel and handle are the same, they are considered as one-piece bats. They also offer the performance of a one-piece bat. 

End Loaded Fastpitch Softball Bats

A bat that has an end load is called an end loaded bat. In these types of bats, there are extra weight and mass at the end of the barrel that provides additional power which is why power hitters look for an excellent end loaded bat when they look to purchase one. However, one needs to enough power and build to swing these bats; hence, power hitters are the ones uses end loaded bats the most. 

Balanced Fastpitch Softball Bats

A balanced bat is typically a bat that has its weight distributed evenly throughout its body. This makes fast and comfortable swing perfect for hitters who are looking for more contact at the plate.

Fastpitch Softball Bats Brands

Many companies produce fastpitch softball bats, and there are some big names among them you’d probably recognize. PIcking the best bat is not easy and there is no best brand when it comes to choosing a bat. In fact, it should be which one is the right one for the player. But knowing about some of the best companies producing top-quality fastpitch softball bats will help you choose the best bat for your player. 


Easton is a common name when it comes to manufacturing sporting equipment, but they are especially known for their baseball and softball bats. This company focuses on high-performance alloy and composite bats and have been one of the leading companies in the industry for years. Every season they bring innovative and top quality bats that shake the industry. Easton is among the very best bat manufacturer in the game.

Louisville Slugger

Louisville Slugger have been in the industry for more than a century, and the amount of experience they have is no joke. No company can last for so long without producing quality bats. Although they are mostly known for developing wooden bats at the highest level of baseball (MLB), they have also been creating quality fastpitch softball bats for the last few years. Their bats are known to provide consistent performance throughout the year.


Yet another long-standing and household name that produces excellent fastpitch softball bats is Rawlings. Some of their bats have been used by even championship NCAA before. The best thing about Rawlings bat is that they are much more affordable than their competitors while providing many features and with good designs. Rawlings will be a good choice if you are looking for a quality bat under a budget.


Mizuno is a Japan sporting manufacturer providing equipment for various spots. They have been around since 1996. Mizuno is known to develop carefully engineered bats with quality and performance in mind. Also, their bats can be found in various price range so almost always there’s a Mizuno bat in anyone’s budget range. 


Demarini is a famous brand that produces bats, unlike other manufacturers. They put a lot of attention to the appearance and design of their bats. However, that doesn’t mean the bats have a bad performance. In fact, bats made by Demarini have been used by some of the best teams in the game and still been used. The best thing is that buyers can choose how their bat will look with any color they want, which give the bats a personal and unique feel.  

Axe Bat

Axe Bat is a relatively new company in the industry; however, with their unique and revolutionary re-design of tradition bat handles, they are quickly going up the ladder. The bats they produce has a handle shaped like a Woodcutter’s axe. There are several benefits behind the design, it provides comfort to the user when holding, the ergonomic design looks good to the eyes, help reduce injury on hand, and makes it easier to swing on inside pitches. 

However, the best thing about Axe Bat is that most of their bats have a trial period of 30-days which no other company offers. So, you can use the bat however you want for that period, and if you don’t like it, you can just return it.

Used Fastpitch Softball Bats or New Fastpitch Softball Bats?

Every season, new fastpitch softball bats are released. When that happens, the models from the previous year get on the market as used, and their price reduces drastically. Many wonders what to do when a new model comes out. Buy the new model with high-price or a used model with low price. Players who are looking to purchase an affordable bat can go for used ones to get a high-performance bat with a fraction of the cost of a new bat.

With that being said, both new bats and used bats have their downsides. Below is a quick rundown of the pros and cons of new and used fastpitch softball bats. 

Pros and Cons

New bats: The best part of a new bat is that it’s completely unused. That means you can tap into most of its potential and gradually mold its performance to your style. The downside is that new bats usually don’t have many reviews, and you may have to take manufacturers words at face value. Another disadvantage is that the latest bats tend to cost a lot more, and many might struggle with their budget.

Used bats: The main advantage of used bats lies in the affordability. These bats can be purchased at a much lower price compared to newer bats however with many features. The downside is that used bats wouldn’t have any manufacturer warranty and you have no way to make sure that it will last long. This is the reason exactly why you’ll need to put considerable effort when searching for used bats.

What Leagues Use Fastpitch bats?

Many important leagues use fastpitch softball bats. Each league has its rules and regulations while stipulating a bat must carry the relevant league’s certification in order to be used in the league. Any bat without certification is deemed illegal and cannot be used in the said league. The leagues that use fastpitch softball include ASA, NSA, and USSSA. Some bats have the certification for all three and can be used in the three leagues. Others only come in NSA or ASA certified. 

Is it Only Women Who Play Fastpitch Softball?

Although many seemed to think that the sport of fastpitch softball is for women, that’s actually a misconception. Both men and participates in fastpitch softball leagues. There are co-ed leagues where men and women participate together as well. However, men tend to play the slowpitch softball oppositely women prefer fastpitch softball. 

As said before, many people are under the misconception that the game is played by only women, and there are several reasons behind that.

  • Officially women’s fastpitch softball teams made debut in the 1996 summer Olympic, their first-time appearance in an Olympic tournament. The association with women that time made people consider it to be a game for women only.
  • Softball is most used in amateur and recreational leagues; hence, many overlook the games because it’s less conspicuous than baseball. 
  • The ball is bigger, less dense, and underhand makes it perfect for young children and females, which is a big reason behind the misconception.
  • College softball is popular, which is the fastpitch softball and played by women teams makes the games standout and seen as a game only played by women. 

In any case, the game is less risky and has less chance of players getting injured, which is why the game is most popular among women compared to men. However, the game is done for fun, and anyone can join it regardless of their gender. That, of course, mean men can play fastpitch softball as well as women.

What is the age of a player that can play fastpitch softball?

Players can start playing as soon as 4 years of age according to Little League. The age limit of various leagues are:

Tee Ball

Teel ball league is where every young aspiring kid grows up playing. The Tee Ball Softball league is for girls of 4 to 5 years of age, but girls of 6 to 7 years of age can join the team as well.

Minor League

Minor league is for players of 5 to 11 years old and has multiple divisions. This is the level where players starts developing their skills.

Little League

Little League Softball League is renowned for a major division league and players age 9 to 12 years old can participate in it. However, some local league restricts the age limit to 10 or 11 years.

Junior Division

The junior division is for players of 12 to 14 years old. It’s played internationally as well under the name of Junior League Softball World Series. 

Senior Division

The Senior League Softball League is for participants of 13 to 16 years old. The international league is played in many countries and is called the Senior Leagues Softball World Series. 

Is Fastpitch Softball More Popular Than Slowpitch Softball?

In 1933, the rules of fastpitch softball were codified, and it’s been gaining popularity since then. It was after the creation of the International Softball Federation in 1952 that the game gained an international following. Softball is very popular amongst young children who are starting to develop their skills and women who play the game professionally. Fastpitch softball is popular among other types of softball games. 


Fastpitch softball is used in high school and college competitions while providing opportunities to female players in the future who likes the game. There are very few youths and adult programs offering slowpitch softball; hence, players who play slowpitch is considerably lesser compared to fastpitch. This is also why players opt for fastpitch softball increasing the game’s popularity even further.  

Basic Tips for Buying Softball Bats

It can be difficult to buy the best softball bat with all the options lying in the market. Anyone can use a few basic tips for purchasing softball bats. 

  • In general, bats last up to three seasons.
  • The breaking process is necessary for composite bats.
  • A bat usually breaks after 200 hits at maximum.
  • Always measure a bat with your or the body of the player you are buying the bat for.
  • Test the bat’s weight in your batting stance.
  • The sweet spot of a bat depends on how you hit. 
  • Maintain the bat, so it lasts for a long time.
  • Slowpitch bats are heavier because they depend on slow pitches.
  • Test fastpitch bats with a pitch of 60 mph or more.
  • You can rely on a trainer how to handle a bat for power hitting.

It’s important to know the essence of buying a bat for a player who is aspiring to be a professional softball player. These basic buying tips can help you buy the slowpitch or fastpitch you want. Whether you are a softball player looking to be a pro or a parent wants your daughter to play her best, these tips will help you buy the best bat.

The Difference Between Slowpitch and Fastpitch Softball Bats

Although slowpitch and fastpitch softball seem same they distinctly different from each other. You will have to notice the difference when you purchase online or from a sporting store. Because buying a wrong by mistake will lead you to trouble.

Generally speaking, most of the time, adults play slowpitch softball. Many want to loosen up their muscles and take a breather from work by joining community softball leagues. Usually, they aren’t professional but play for fun and health purposes. These bats are developed for hitting half windmill pitches. And slowpitch bats are made to promote the love for the game; thus it’s rare to make a strikeout.

However, it’s still important to have a good bat because the game is fun as long as you have the right equipment. You can find some good slowpitch bats on Amazon with good reviews. The maximum weight for a slowpitch softball is 38 ounces and 34 inches long. 

Fastpitch softball is played by girls mostly who loves the game and girls from age 5, or older enjoy the game. Girls with love for the sports always prioritize quality and buy cheap softball bats on Amazon. Unlike, slowpitch softball bats fastpitch softball bats are developed to hit whole windmill pitches. 

The maximum length of a fastpitch bat should be 34 inches with a minimum drop of 12. There are many reviews online that can help you pick the best softball bat according to your height, weight, age, and the level of difficulty of the league you are participating in. 

As said, fastpitch softball is comparably much more popular than slowpitch softball, and many world-class baseball manufacturers produce top quality fastpitch softball bats. Easton, Demarini, Louisville Slugger are good examples of such companies. These bats are not only of high quality, but they are also very affordable.

Best Softball Advice by Joining a League

Not all the time, online reviews can be counted on, and it’s natural to feel suspicious about some reviews. And sometimes you may not find reviews for the bat you wish to purchase or the reviews feel skeptical to you. So the best course of action, in this case, is to join a league. By joining a league, you can get the best advice from seniors or coaches. You can learn about leagues around your community. There’s the internet to help you search a league near your residence. You must consider these questions when you join a league:

  • What kind of softball you want to play: slowpitch or fastpitch?
  • What level of skill or experience you have? What skills can you offer to your team?
  • What time are you available for practice?
  • Is your bat certified?

Joining a league can benefit you a lot of ways, especially if you are looking to go pro in the future. You will be able to know the latest trends of the game something you will have trouble finding if you are practicing. Even if you are playing to relax or, joining a league can be the key to that. You can relax and exercise at the same time. A league will also let you build priceless friendships and connections.

Tips to Take Care of Your Bat

Bat is one of the most important equipment of a player, and it’s important to take proper care of your bat, so it lasts long. Below are some useful tips to keep your bat in shape:


  • Don’t keep your bat at a place where it will be exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures.
  • Don’t clean or knock the dirt off your cleat with the bat.
  • Use old glass bottles to smooth and polish your wooden bat.
  • Avoid throwing your bat to the ground hard because of frustrations that shows you are not a good sportsman also boogers or dirt can stick to the barrel.
  • When you have to clean the dirt off your cleats and have to use your bat don’t use the barrel end of the bat instead use the handle. 
  • To keep a bat in good shape keep burrs and nicks off the barrel.


Keep in mind that maintaining and cleaning your bat properly will ensure the bat performs well and lasts long matching its price tag. Whether it’s slowpitch or fastpitch softball bat you need to take care of it properly so you can enjoy the game with all your might. When you purchase a bat, you can implement these tips to ensure the bat stays beautiful while extending the lifespan of the bat.

Why Should Adults Play Softball?

Adults can play slowpitch or fastpitch softball for leisure. They can relax themselves taking a breather from all the work and relieve stress while exercising. With this, adults can have fun and improve their health at the same time. They should join leagues that practice and compete in their available time.

Fastpitch and slowpitch softball games are an excellent way to keep your body in shape and healthy. As they say, a healthy mind stays in a healthy body. The game can also help most adults with business as well. Sometimes their peers or competitors can become their clients or business partners. Playing in leagues will allow you to have more connection which may come in handy later. 

Why Trust What We Say?

You might feel why you should trust what we say. We are just like you, some fans passionate about the game. But the difference is we are experienced in swinging every baseball, softball, and fastpitch bats for the last few years. We know how many players can become confused with so many terms in the industry, which is why we take it upon ourselves to help others with our knowledge.


We’ve reviewed many bats including fastpitch softball bats and in that process not only we swung the bats we also inquire the manufacturer about them as well. To ensure what we say doesn’t turn into a lie, we talk to players at all levels of the sport about the particular bat and their experience with it. Also, we make sure to read any other reviews available online or elsewhere so you can rest assured the truthfulness of our reviews. Our review process is unbiased to make sure players get the answer they are searching for.

What is Bat Drop?

There will be a lot of questions in your head when it comes to purchasing the perfect fastpitch bat. Some of the most common ones include what type of what brand or model is best, what material is best, what’s the right size of bat should be balanced or end loaded, and the last but not the least what is bat drop?

Check out the best drop 5 baseball bats reviews

First of all, we will take a look at bat drop. The length of the bat minus the weight of the bat is known as the bat drop. Suppose if a bat weighs 22 ounces and is 32” long that means the bat drop is -10. A -10 bat drop is the most common when you’re searching for a bat. You should know the drop of the bat does not indicate or dictate whether the bat is balanced or loaded.

The bat drop that you get will definitely depend on the type of player that you have and what they are trying to accomplish. If the player wants to continue playing at higher levels, they will eventually have to learn how to cover the outside of the plate and elevate their game.

Suppose, if the player you are purchasing the bat for wants to improve control and maintain bat speed, a longer bat may be the best option.

You definitely don’t want a bat that’s heavier, and that’s where bat drop comes into play. A bat with a bat drop of -11, -12, or -13 would be the best option. If the player is strong enough to maintain control and bat speed with a bat that’s heavier and longer, opt for a bat drop of -10, -9 or -8.

With that being said, it is important for you to know if the bat you are using is balanced or end loaded. If the player is able to control and maintain speed using a balanced bat with a -10 bat drop, that might be a problem if the bat is end loaded.

Conclusion –

If you have absolutely no experience when it comes to choosing a bat or you are very much confused, the best thing for you to do would be to visit a local retailer and let them walk you through the process.

They will help you to choose the perfect bat for you and will be able to answer any questions you have and point you in the right direction. This may be helpful in a way you can try out the bat before you purchase it.

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