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The youth leagues are probably the most sensitive leagues when it comes to equipment especially bats. Many brands are producing and designing bats. The choice of a valuable and a perfect bat depends on different facts and this article review the best seven bats every player must consider buying. There are baseball and fastpitch bats.

What is a drop-12 bat?

For one to classify bats, one must know the length and the weight. This comparison explains the reason why there are different classifications of bats. The higher the drop number, the more appropriate the bat is for the young players. The drop 12 bats have a -12 balance between their weight and the length and by many standards are the lightest bats one can ever play using.

The speciality of drop 12 bat

Different bats are for the different class of players. The less the drop number, the more the bat is appropriate for mature baseball of fastpitch players. In this case, the drop 12 as explained means that the players are probably in their early playing career. Therefore, the drop-12 bats are for players ageing eight years all the way to 15 years. This class of players can handle the weight, and the efficiency of the bats suits them.

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This bat is probably one of the best fastpitch bats for the DeMarini. The design and the colour speak volumes and describe the target market. There are also some features that make this bat exceptional compared to other bats.


One of the main features of this particular bat is the handle. The handle, (D-Lite technology) gives the player the comfort of playing and not having unneeded discomfort. The young softball player can spend more time concentrating on the game and not worry much about mishits. The cap is also a big win for the bat that is a mission to dominate the fastpitch softball.  

Second, the bat is composite. The quality of composite bats compared to other materials for creating bats is undeniably fantastic. This reality explains the reason why the bat is the ultimate choice for players who want more playing time with a single bat.

Third, the barrel is by many standards the best regarding diameter. The 2.25 inches gives the young fastpitch player the ability to have a massive sweet spot without compromising on the overall weight.  The ratio measurements of the length and the mass also comply with the youth leagues across the world.

Advantages and disadvantages

The bat has a one-year warranty. This warranty gives the player the needed confidence that the bat can last longer. Another advantage is the fact that this particular bat has certification from almost all leagues in the world that deals with junior fastpitch softball. However, the main disadvantage of this particular bat is the documented fact that it tends to bend probably after public use by different players.

Based on the above facts, parents cannot go wrong with this particular bat in many ways. The bat has all the features that any player needs, and therefore there is value for money.

This bat made by the incredible Rawlings is the cheapest and the most affordable bat in this particular category. The bat gives the player a stylish feeling the first time handling it. Stylish aside, the following are some of the other features that make this bat one of the best bats on budget.

Features of STORM T-BALL

Softball players have a level of expectations especially from the kind and nature of bats they use. This bat, fortunately, meets all the expectations. First, the weight and the length issue. The bat is 25 inches and weighs 13oz. This feature explains the reason why it is a drop 12 bat.

Second, the STORM T-BALL as a bat is alloy. The traditional wood and metal bats are not favourites especially to the softball players. Fusion allows the bat not only to be light but also to be strong. This aspect explains the reason why the bat is not prone to dents.

Third, the bat has an incredible handle. In the bat world, the handle design can make the bat to be great or not to be excellent and efficient. This aspect explains the reason why the handle has a smooth and a handy handle for better control of the playing time.

Advantages and disadvantages of STORM T-BALL

One of the main benefits of this bat is the affordability aspect. Most of the bats, especially in this category, tend to be expensive but this particular piece gives the player almost the same standard of features at an affordable price. The only disadvantage of this bat is the documented weakness of poor absorption of shock that mostly comes from mishits.

In summary, this is the best bat especially for parents looking for affordable and quality bats. It is also worth mentioning that the bat has all the needed certifications in different softball leagues.

This bat is also a product of Easton. It is probably one of the most beautiful and attractive bats in this particular category. However, compared to the S450 bat, this specific bat is pricey, and the following are some of the factors that make it pricey.

The design and make

Atac alloy which is the primary material used in this bat is one of the most advanced technologies. Although it is a one-piece bat, it has some of the most advanced and unique features any coach can recommend for the young player. It is also worth mentioning that this particular bat has a large sweet spot and the undeniably audible pop sound.  

What are the dimensions of this bat?

With the above information about the design, the next crucial feature this bat has is an incredible 2.25 inches in diameter. This barrel size means therefore that this bat is the correct choice for better hits as well as a large sweet spot.

Advantages and disadvantages of this bat

One of the significant benefits is the overall make of the bat. It has all the features needed by any player. Aspects such as a large sweet spot and a steady and robust bat make the price aspect a non-issue to most people. However, the most disappointing issue of this bat is the cap. Many parents have complained of the cap being substandard because it is prone to falling.

Concisely, the bat is a worthy investment. It is not a typical cheap bat but offers the required results.

This particular brand of a bat is the first DeMarini piece in this specific -12 category. The design of this bat is purposely for all the baseball and fastpitch players aged from eight (8) years to fifteen years (15). What are some of the features that make this bat exceptional?


The first feature of this particular bat is the make of both the barrel and the handle. They are alloy. The good thing about this is the fact that the player gets quality. Still, on the two parts, the grip has an exceptional feel, which makes the young player give the game the total undivided attention as well as making definite swings.

Second, the barrel is considerably big enough for the young players. The bat is therefore capable of giving the young player sweet spot and accurate hits. This barrel size has been one of the features of this bat compared to other similar bats.  

Thirdly, it is worth mentioning the bat measurements. The bat has a ratio of -12 when the length and weight compared. This ratio, therefore, means that it is a good investment for the young softball player.

Advantages and disadvantages of DEMARINI UPRISING (-12) FASTPITCH

First, the bat is by many standards affordable. The bat gives more than what the parent pays. This aspect has been a consistent feature of most of the DeMarini pieces over the years. Second, with numerous certifications, the bat is probably one of the few bats that a young player can play without restrictions. The main disadvantage of this bat is the consistency lack of vibration control or absorption.

Based on the above summary of the bat features and advantages as well as disadvantages, this is a bat to invest.

The Hyperlite is arguably one of the best-looking bats. This good look is the reason the bat has been famous among many fastpitch players as well as junior baseball players. Interacting with this bat gives different impressions as discussed below.

Design and make

The Easton as a company did fantastic work on the overall look for this piece. The bat gives the needed appearance for softball fastpitch players. To complement the look, the bat has one of the best grips in this category made from hyper-skin. The primary purpose of the hyper-skin is to give the player the needed control while playing. The bat also unlike many other bats in this category as well as sister bats from Easton is two-piece. The company exploited the advanced technology (ConneXion) in this particular make.

Make dimensions of this bat

One of the main aspects of this bat as far as sizes are concerned in the ration of the length and the weight balancing. The exact ratio, which is -12, goes well with the target age group that is between 8 years and 15 years. Apart from the rate, the diameter of the barrel is 2.25 inches. This feature is what a young player needs to have perfect hits.

Pros and cons of this bat

With the latest technology, the overall performance of this bat is incomparable to other mainstream bats. This collection of features means therefore that there is value for money for the parent. The one year warranty is also something every parent should take advantage of unlike in other instances where there is no elaborate plan on the same. However, the main disadvantage of this bat is when used by multiple players tend to bend faster, and pieces were disintegrating.

The bat, certified in most leagues, gives the needed impression that it is a piece worth investing. These leagues include USSSA, the ISA, the ASA, and the NSA.

This Easton bat gives the player the excellent impression needed to play. The bat compared to other almost similar bats has one of the best features. Some of these features are:

The overall make

When it comes to the general outlook of this piece, the Easton company gets a 10/10 score. The score is due to how the bat looks and the materials used to design the part. Apart from the overall make, it is essential to state that the bat has one of the best materials available for making bats: Alx50 aluminium alloy. The alloy is famous for making military pieces, and this gives the impression of a kind and stable bat. With such suitable material, the young player can have good hits at any given time.

Dimension of S450

This aspect gives the bat the needed character and acceptance in different leagues as well as individual performance of the player. First, the bat has an incredible length to weight ratio of -12. This figure mentions that unlike the professional bats in major leagues, this particular one is relatively light and therefore right for the young player. Second, like almost all high-end bats in junior leagues, the bat has an incredible 2.25 inches barrel in the estimated span. This feature assures the young player of better pop and undeniably sizeable sweet spot. Apart from the overall make and the dimensional aspects of this bat, it is always important to consider the bats’ certifications to avoid unhealthy confrontations with the various leagues.

Pros and cons of S450

One of the significant advantages of this particular piece is the ability to be strong and at the same time light. This feature means therefore that the bat is not only attractive but also perfectly designed. The only con about this particular bat is lack of a specified warranty, which even available takes time to materialise. In summary, this is a good investment for any parent. Considering all the factors discussed above, one cannot go wrong with this bat. It is essential however to buy this bat from a recognised dealer for easy and faster replacement in case of breakdown.

The bat is for little leagues and the manufacturing company, Mizuno did a perfect work in the overall design of this piece. Unlike other bats, this particular one is not as attractive as others are but still has some features that make it outstanding. Some of the highlights include the following.

Features of the Mizuno little league bat

One and the unique feature of this particular bat is the patented make. It is also important to note that the material and the level of licensing are different in different parts of the bats and this gives it the needed character and efficiency. Second, the main bat material that makes almost the whole bat apart from the grip is an aerospace type of aluminium. The aerospace nature gives the bat the needed strength when playing and maintains the subtlety nature of the bat. Third, this bat has one of the best sweet areas. This feature over the years has been the selling point for this particular company, especially in the competitive bats market.

Advantages and disadvantages of this bat

One of the main benefits of this bat is that it is on budget. With many adorable features, the bat has been able to be on a budget. Another edge of this bat is the ability to have a recent patent, which gives the player the needed experience while playing. The main disadvantage, however, is the shock absorption capability. When a player misses the ball, the effect not absorbed like in other instances, and this gives the players irritation and distraction while playing.

In conclusion, the bat is still worth investing. The fact that it is on warranty is a reason enough to experiment on it and the fact that the bat has certifications in many leagues around the world.

In overall conclusion, it is essential for any parent to consider always the above factors. The warranty aspect must be on the buying specs list to safeguard the interests of the individual player as well as the parent investing on the bat. Lastly, it is always advisable to buy bats from recognised outlets. There are mainly outlets that sell baseball and fastpitch equipment, but for safety and procedural in case of anything, it is good to buy from recognised outlets.

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