DeMarini CF8 Youth Baseball Bat Review

The new DeMarini CF8 line of bats promises to be a top seller for the year 2016, with plenty of good reasons. DeMarini has managed to merge top of the line technology with ingenious innovations to create a maximally balanced and feasible bat that fosters great results. The company has also upgraded some of the features to make CF8 a more productive bat. On this article, our team reviews the DeMarini cf8 step by step.

Features of Demarini Cf8

Transferred Energy

Aside from CF8 great balance, another unique feature worth noting is the smooth transfer of energy created by the bat. Using D-fusion 2.0 technology, engineers have been able to ensure that the moment the ball comes into contact with the bat, the energy that is created is dissipated and is redirected into good use. This new technology absorbs the energy that is created from the impact and evenly redistributes it throughout the entire barrel. This ensures that the hitter utilizes all the energy created from the swing in order to maximize all possible great results.

A Stacked Barrel Construction

When DeMarini engineers first introduced the notion of stacked barrel construction into the creation of the bats, many players had no idea what that meant. However, with the new great results coming from using the bats, now player’s interests have peaked, and many want to know more about this new technology that has created a top favorite bat.

Stacked barrel technology is only employed onto bats made from a composite material like the CF8 line of bats. During the creation process, layers are molded into the barrel. This absorbs and even transfers energy more proficiently to allow for a bigger and more efficient sweet spot. In the absence of this technology, the bat would have a limited sweet spot and players would not have as much control over the bat as they do with stacked barrel technology.

This layered creation of the bat also gives it a fantastic pop. The two layers or so created within the barrel act as a savvy springboard that gives the players a greater distance with each hit.

DeMarini CF8 Youth Baseball Bat Review
DeMarini CF8 Youth Baseball Bat Review

Spoilt For Choice

The DeMarini CF8 line of bats comes in an array of sizes. The weights of the bats range from 20 ounces to 24 ounces, while lengths start from 30 inches all the way to 34 inches. Players from young leagues to more advanced levels can choose the size and weight that will maximally improve their game and give them the balance and control that they need.

The Cf8 versus Other Brands

Comparing with other brands, it’s hard to pinpoint one particular rival that completely matches CF8 features and productivity. However, Easton Mako certainly is by far the biggest rival in terms of having a big barrel with light swing feature. However, while Easton line of bats utilizes the composite technology, they don’t use the stacked barrel technology hence they don’t offer that extra pop on contact that players get from using DeMarini CF8.

Moreover, the Easton line of bats does not employ the technology that allows for redistribution of energy within the barrel upon impact as is the case with the DeMarini CF8 line of bats.
The 916 from Slugger is a close second rival to the CF8, but only in the way of its design. New Adidas RBZ EQT X3 i the close third in the race of the market share primarily because of its similar light swing two-layer design, but it lacks the field testing.

If you have never tried out CF8 series of bats you are missing out. The bats create great balance, fantastic pop on impact, and drive the ball smoothly with every pitch. These are sure enough reasons why you should go buy the new DeMarini CF8.

Pros of DeMarini CF8  –

If you are looking for a perfectly balanced bat, look no further than the CF8. The bat’s great balance is one of the things revered and noticed by most players. The engineers of this bat realized a while ago that having a barrel with a flat cap creates a perfect balance for the hitter.

CF8 barrel size is in fact significantly larger than the previous DeMarini line of bats. The barrel size is so big in fact, you would be tempted to think that the bat should weigh much more than it does, but that is surprisingly not the case. Particularly with the attractive drop 10 senior barrel, you can feel the balance point so close to your hands, it almost fosters an optical illusion of how easy it is to handle and even swing the bat.

For many young players, this big barrel bat with its light swing also merges to create a larger sweet spot for great hitting results. For years, DeMarini engineers have sort out a way to create a large sweet spot without altering the balance of the bat, and they have finally managed to do so with the help of a new composite material known as Paradox plus. The paradox plus ensures that the bat has a massive sweet spot while still maintaining its lightweight, so as not to compromise the perfect CF8 bat balance.

Cons of DeMarini CF8  – 

While the smoothness of driving a ball through the field with a CF8 is undoubtedly proficient, a few players have not been too pleased with the stiffer bats, especially due to the uncomfortable ringing in the hands which is caused by the vibration from miss-hits with the bat. However negative feedback on the stiffness of the bats has often been negated by claims of low confidence and aggressiveness on the plate when it comes to the player.

In theory, this is true.
While stiffer bats might ring your hands over a bad hit, you can argue that a player can get a greater distance when the ball is hit right. This reasoning can explain why some professional players tend to opt for one piece or at least two-piece bats, but with a much stiffer transition points.

Conclusion –

However, in younger leagues, there are benefits of increased aggressiveness and confidence that can be incurred from having a light swinging well-balanced bat minus the stiffness. Nevertheless, with much practice, stiffer bats can bring the same benefits. If you have any question about Demarini Cf8 review, please let me know our contact page. Our team will assist you.

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