2023 Best BBCOR Baseball Bats Reviews

Though introduced recently, Best BBCOR Baseball bats 2023 have taken root in the sports world. BBCOR in full stands for battled ball coefficient of restitution. This was a brand new rule introduced in 2011 to gauge the quantity of trampoline outcome in composite baseball bats. A BBCOR is therefore a unique baseball bat that standardizes the level of energy lost when a bat touches the ball. This BBCOR standard mark is often applied to all aluminum baseball bats. Players who have baseballs bats labeled ‘BBCOR’ conform to this 2011 rule.

Pros , Cons & Review of BBCOR Baseball Bats

These bats are very efficient in terms of mobility. They are very light hence easy to carry around. They offer great bounce pops when put in use. BBCOR bats are safe to use. Unlike wooden bats, these bats have been endorsed with trampoline effect that allows the bat to touch the ball hence batters get hold of the ball and avoid injuries. They are also genuine as per the standards set.
BBCOR bats provide fast full swings. This may in turn hurt young players who maybe experimenting with this kind of bat.
They are preferred by high school and college baseball players. Currently they have been imposed as necessary for the same.

TOP 10 Best BBCOR Baseball Bats 2023

Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Comp 3 BBCOR Baseball Bat  reviews

Made by one of the best brand in the industry the Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Comp 3 BBCOR Baseball Bat is truly a beast. It is a two-piece bat that delivers great power to the user. This bat has the biggest and most powerful composite barrel ever made by Easton.
With the longest composite barrel paired with its lightweight makes it the bat with the fastest swing weight in the market. It is one of a kind offering the lowest weight index among the wide range of all Easton bats. A low weight index results in a balanced model that can generate a fast swing speed, and a fast swing speed means delivering more power while hitting. Furthermore, the Easton BB17MK has Easton’s redesigned TCT Thermo composite technology that creates a barrel 1.5 longer than its predecessor with more plate coverage and a big sweet spot making it easy to hit the ball.
The extended barrel is connected to the 31/32 inch composite handle patented by Easton’s two-piece ConneXion technology maximizes energy transfer giving optimized feel and comfort. Furthermore, adding to the comfort feel along with composite handle 1.2mm hyperskin grip provides stability on all types of contact. Also, the Mako Beast BB17MK has a -3 length-weight ratio, 2 5/8″ Handle, and certified by BBCOR for high-school and NCAA level games. An excellent bat to train young and prospective baseball players who are looking to become better at batting.
The Easton BB17MK comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty.


Rawlings is another well-known name when it comes to baseball products, and they have done an excellent job manufacturing this bat. The Rawlings adult 2016 5150 BBCOR -3 baseball bat. Rawlings adult 2019 5150 BBCOR -3 baseball batIs loved and known for its design. With its one-piece fully alloy construction, this bat offers a traditional feel that many batters demand. Furthermore, the alloy this bat is made with is no mere alloy. It’s Rawlings 5150 Alloy – one of the most radically responsive and aerospace-grade blends of some of the toughest metals on the planet.
To ensure the players are receiving the best user experience with the bat, Rawlings included the Precision-Optimized Performance (pOp) within the Rawlings 5150’s barrel. This allows the bat to isolate any excess weight in the smaller regions for improved balance and amplifies the trampoline effect achievable upon contact by the bat from generating additional barrel flex. A Comp-Lite Composite End Cap is added to the bat’s frame to improve swing speed further to generate more power while hitting the ball. Also, the End Cap makes it one of the lightest fully alloy bat in the market.
Many championship caliber teams in college world series have wielded the 5150 for its spectacular performance and stability while winning the title just like Virginia Cavaliers. The bat has a length-weight ratio of -3. The Rawlings adult 2016 5150 baseball bat is suited and certified by BBCOR to play in the high school and collegiate games. It’s a great baseball bat used by amateurs and newbies alike. Also, it’s an excellent bat to train young players hitting skill.
Rawlings 5150 comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty.


One of the revolutionary bat made by Easton. The Easton Z-CORE Hybrid 3 Baseball Bat also known as The King Of Ping is one of the best in the market for its wide sweet spot and from the name it can be surmised how much ping it makes while hitting a ball. The barrel is made of Easton’s high-grade Hyperlite Matrix (HMX) alloy combined with the Z-CORE internal technology to deliver the biggest sweet spot in the market. The aluminum barrel that makes up the bat is the largest in the industry as well.Easton Z-CORE Hybrid 3 BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat
With the HMX and Z-CORE technology combinations, the user can expect a wide hitting surface and unparalleled performance in hitting. Also, it gives high ping in every swing of the bat. Furthermore, the handle is composed of SIC black composite carbon materials giving it a good balance and a comfortable feel. Also, the SIC materials strengthen the handle while eliminating negative vibrations from the bat for a balanced and optimized feel.
There is also the patented two-piece ConneXion Technology to maximize energy transfer, create additional flex while hitting and add more trampoline effect. Furthermore, the Z-CORE Hybrid boasts the second highest swing weight index in the BBCOR line up for more full swing weight and more mass behind the ball for a better impact. It has a length-weight ratio of -3 which gives the bat a very good pop. Also, the Z-CORE has a 2 5/8″ Handle and certified by BBCOR to play at the high school and collegiate level.


This is the bat many contact hitter prefers and uses even in amateur or professional leagues. The DeMarini CF Zen Balanced BBCOR -3 Drop Baseball Bat 2023, has both weight and power, giving it an even grip. Although the bat is preferred by mostly contact hitters, it still can generate enough power to satisfy even power hitters. The 2017 CF Zen can accommodate players from high school all the way to highest level professional leagues.
DeMarini CF Zen Balanced BBCOR -3 Drop Baseball BatWith DeMarini’s obsession with player driven innovation, the CF Zen was created. Players who are looking to gain an edge over their competition, this bat is perfect for them. The DeMarini CF Zen has an all-new paraflex composite barrel giving one of the biggest sweet spot making hitting easier than ever. With outstanding performance, DeMarini has taken the BBCOR lineup to the next level with this bat.
Most of all, this bat can be used by any batter of any level whether they are a power hitter or contact hitter. The 22% strong paraflex composite barrel pack a punch with more precise weight distribution for a more balanced and end loaded versions of composite barrel to meet the needs of players of all types. The RCK knob is designed to provide the user with a comfortable feel and optimized game. Furthermore, the D-Fusion 2.0 handle reduces vibrations and redirect the energy into the barrel for better hitting. Also, the DeMarini CF Zen has a length-weight ratio of -3 for better pop up, 2 5/8″ Handle, and Certified by BBCOR with a 12-month manufacturer warranty.


Rawlings is a brand known to make some of the best baseball bats in the market, and this one is one of them. The Rawlings Velo Hybrid Balanced BBCOR High School/Collegiate Baseball BatRawlings Velo Hybrid Balanced BBCOR High School/Collegiate Baseball Bat has earned a reputation of being the lightest and fastest swinging bat in the market. There’s no margin of error to consider in the game of baseball where 90+ mph pitches come to the batter box and the batter has little time to react in the highest level of the professional league. Rawlings has made this bat with keeping speed in mind so batters can hit even the fastest of pitches.

The Velo’s Silver Comp Lite composite end cap that is reinforced with fiber. Unnecessary weight removed from the end of the barrel makes it one of the lightest and fastest swinging bat. The increased swing speed paired with excellent cosmetics proves very useful on-field and along with enhanced pop and resounding ping from the acoustic alloy will let the player know how better he is hitting.

Rawlings Velo Hybrid Balanced BBCOR High School/Collegiate Baseball BatRawlings acoustic alloy enhances the durability of the Velo and makes the loudest ping in the market while hitting. Also, the precise pOp 2.0 creates a trampoline effect and increase the flexibility of the bat. The velo provides 3 combinations as one of the best with extreme balance, fastest swing speed, and massive pop. Rawlings Velo Hybrid Balanced Baseball Bat has a length-weight ratio of -3 for enormous pop, 2 5/8″ Handle, and is BBCOR certified to play in the high school and college levels.

The one-piece alloy construction is offered in ½ sizes and comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty.


Marucci MCBC7 Cat7 BBCOR Baseball Bat ReviewsMarucci is a relatively new brand but is making good impressions with some amazing bats in the market. Marucci MCBC7 Cat7 BBCOR Baseball Bat 2023 is one of the cat series and similar to its predecessors Cat 5 and Cat 6, just double the power. It’s a bat that symbolizes affordability without compromising the quality. The two-piece bat is manufactured in the United States and comes from Louisiana.
The best feature of this bat is the power it generates. The manufacturer has done an excellent job raising the ante from year to year and improving the already great design to its current state. What makes the Cat7 different from its predecessors and other bats is the AZ4X Alloy that dramatically improves the durability and strength of the bat. Also, the optimized barrel design is responsive and offers a sweet spot twice as big as its predecessor the Cat 6. The advisors and researchers of the Marucci determined that the biggest complaints in the amateurs level games are how much vibration a bat produces while hitting. The Cat 7 changed in that prospect as well.Marucci MCBC7 Cat7 BBCOR Baseball Bat
The av-2 knob, also known as the second generation anti-vibration knob offers a comfortable feel and much less vibration feedback on a player’s hand while hitting the ball, making it an optimal choice in amateur games. Also, the ring-free barrel technology provides unmatched performance with no dead spot at all. The combination of these features results in a traditional, comfortable feeling, one-piece and all alloy, balanced, and most explosive hitting bat available in the market.
The Marucci CAT 7 BBCOR Baseball Bat: MCBC7 has a length-weight ratio of -3 making it a great bat with pop. Furthermore, it has a 2 5/8″ Handle, and BBCOR certified to play in the high school and college level games. In addition, Marucchi offers a 12-month warranty for this bat.


Yet another brand with a reputation for manufacturing quality baseball bats in the market. The Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat is another of their product that is known for its performance and efficiency during its lifespan. Made with modern technology the Omaha 518 retains the feel of a tradition bat that many players prefer. There is a reason that the Omaha 518 has been the first choice of bat at the highest of levels of amateur games for years.
Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat
It’s a bat that boasts a high level of durability along with its one-piece construction provides long-lasting and consistent performance in batting. The ST 7U1+ alloy construction provides a stiff comfortable feel on contact and a wide sweet spot to make it easier to hit a pitch. Furthermore, the new 6-star premium end cap design extends the barrel while distributing weight, maintaining a balanced weight score of 2.3. Also, the end cap is designed to help for a smooth swing and better bat control. Also, the Omaha 518 comes with a tapered grip that for greater comfort and fewer stings on the hands for any mishits.
This is an ideal bat for players at all levels. Whether it’s to raise one’s hitting skill or improving performance in a real game the Omaha 518 is one of the best BBCOR bats in the market with an enormous sweet spot and consistent performance throughout its life expectancy. The Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 (-3) Baseball Bat has a drop -3 length-weight ratio, 2 5/8″ Handle, and BBCOR certified for high-school and collegiate levels. It also comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty so you can swing your bat with no worry.


As the name suggests, the Easton Beast X Speed BBCOR truly is a beast and one of a kind with fast swing speed to make batting easier for players at low to mid levels. Easton is one of the best bat manufacturers in the world, and they come with innovative designs to make batting easier and fun for the players. As per user research and user testimonials on the market, this is one of the best bats Easton has ever made. Loud – Powerful – Brute Strength can sum up the Easton beast, but for users, it’s necessary to know the comprehensive details.Easton Beast X Speed BBCOR - High School/Collegiate Baseball Bat -3
As always Easton has gone above all expectations and delivered a bat with one of the best alloy design of all time. When hitting this, the bat makes a large sound when coming into contact with a ball. The reason behind this is the Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction also knowns as ATAC, which gives the Beast explosive sounds, premium power, and incredible strength along with unbelievable bat control when hitting. The Easton X barrel is made of with the patented Z-CORE internal core technology which gives it an enormous sweet spot and one of the extended aluminum barrels in the market. Furthermore, hyperskin grips provide a comfortable feel.
Baseball Bat selection Chart
The Easton Beast X Speed features a drop -3 lengths to weight ratio along with 2 5/8″ Handle, a thick 31/32-inch handle. It’s an ideal bat that comes with a balanced swing weight that generates fast swing speed and more control in the zone. It’ also best for contact hitters and BBCOR certified to play in the high school and collegiate level. The Easton X is truly one of the best even amongst others. It also comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty.


Another quality bat made by the world-class manufacturer Louisville. The Louisville Slugger 2023 Omaha 519 boasts a high amount of resilience and durability in its lifetime. One-piece construction made of ST 7U1+ alloy along with a light swing weight and an enormous sweet spot gives the Omaha 519 both speed and power an ideal baseball needs. The 6-star premium end cap extends the barrel while keeping weight distribution in check so the player will seldom swing wrongly, also, making it one of the longest aluminum barrel bat in the market.

Louisville Slugger 2019 Omaha 519 (-3) 2 5/8
The weakness of its predecessor is covered up by the revolutionary Vibex Technology to reduce the negative vibrations on mishits and giving excellent control white batting at the plate. It’s an excellent bat for contact hitters and to increase one’s hitting average. The Louisville Slugger 2023 Omaha 519 (-3) 2 5/8″ Baseball Bat features a drop -3 length ratio for a great pop up, 2 5/8″ Handle, and the BBCOR certification in the high school and college levels. It’s one of the best bats to take a young player’s hitting skill to the next level.
The Omaha 519 also has the LS Pro Comfort Grip technology to keep the player’s hand locked in position when gripping the bat for precision swinging and a comfortable feel. The one-piece alloy construction made of ST 7u1+ along with other unique features makes this a stand out among other BBCOR line up. Power, speed, comfort everything can be found in this one bat of Louisville Slugger 2023 Omaha 519. In addition, it comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty so players can use the bat to their heart’s content.


A bat that boosts a players confidence when standing at the plate that is the Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat. An excellent product of Louisville one of the best bat manufacturers in the world made for players of high-school and college level improving their batting skill. Louisville is known for their innovative designs, and they have certainly succeeded at beating themselves with designing this elegant and innovative baseball bat.
Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat
A one-piece construction made of Louisville’s proved ST 7U1+ alloy that gives the Omaha 519 a massive sweet spot for better hitting along with a better feel on contact and excellent durability in its lifetime. In result, it provides reliable power, excellent bat control, and consistent performance through a season. Furthermore, the bat generates a lot of swing speed with a balanced swing weight along with improved control that all batter desires. Also, the slick design, along with custom lizard skin premium performance grip provides both comfort and style while batting. It also reduces negative vibration and sting in case of mishits as well.
The Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 features a -3 drop for great pop along with a 2 5/8″ Handle, and a 31/32- inch tapered handle for comfortable feel. In addition, it has BBCOR certification to play in high-school and collegiate level. This is a bat ideal for players at low-mid level leagues looking to improve their hitting skill and batting average.

The Omaha 517 also comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty so you can play without any worry.


Many may not know much about BBCOR bats. Some common knowledge about them is listed below.

What is a BBCOR Bat?

BBCOR or known as The Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution is a standard of measuring how fast a ball leaves a bat made of alloy or composite materials after the initial contact. When these bats came to play in the high school and college level games it was immediately noticed that balls flew off these bats faster than others and that created problems. The National Federation of State High School Associations and the National Collegiate set a standard called BBCOR for the sake of players safety in mind especially pitcher in lower-mid level games.

All Time Best BBCOR Baseball Bats 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

DeMarini 2015 Voodoo Overlord FT BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3)
Voodoo overlord is one of the best bbcor bats.This is a BBCCOR certified bat. It also has a 2 5/8 inch barrel in terms of diameter. This bat has been engraved with an Ion-V end cap that offers a comfortable grip which minimizes vibrations.

Pros, Cons & Review of this Bat

Pros: It produces great pops. The shipping process is swift and smooth. The bat has a large sweet pot and generates fewer vibrations when hit. It’s cheap hence affordable.
Cons: This bat dents quickly.
Review: DeMarini Voodoo Overlord FT offers excellent services. In most cases the warranty period is long and caters for bats bought in different states.

Louisville Slugger BBCOR Omaha Baseball Bat
This is a 2 5/8 inch alloy barrel baseball bat. It has a synthetic grasp that offers ultimate relieve. It is best suited for young players aged between fourteen to fifteen years.

Pros, Cons & Review of this Bat

Pros: The bat is light, cheap and durable. It has an elongated sweet pot that produces great pops. What’s more is that it suits college players and has a soft comfortable touch.
Cons: The shipping process is only limited to American individuals.
Review: The bat is affordable and worth buying especially for both college and high school players.

This is an alloy baseball bat. It has a 2-5/8 inch diameter barrel and a 31/32 inch narrowed handle. This awesome bat is suitable for young players aged fifteen years old and below. It comes in different colors such as black, grey and green.

Pros, Cons & Review of this Bat

Pros: This bat is cheap. The shipping process is easy and swift. It produces great pops when playing. It has full swing speed and is light and durable.
Cons: The product is not available for baseball fans outside America. This is quite a challenge.
Review: The bat offers a great performance at a realistic price.

Easton 2015 BB15S3Z S3Z ZCORE -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat, 32-Inch/29-Ounce Revirew
This is a 2 5/8 inch barrel baseball bat. The bat is BBCOR certified with a diamond grasp. It is much preferred by high school baseball players.

Pros, Cons & Review of this Bat

Pros: This bat is cheap and durable. It produces swift swings. The bat has an enormous sweet pot that generates many pops. It has a comfortable grip due to the alloy material. Further its weight is evenly distributed.
Cons: Easton 2015 BB15S3Z -3 produces a lot of noise that is so irritating.
Review: This is a nice bat that is worth your money.

Marucci 2014 One Black Bbcor
This is an aluminum bat that is BBCOR certified. The bat is black in color and is approximately 33 inches and has a 2-5/8 diameter barrel.

Pros, Cons & Review of this Bat

Pros: The bat has a large sweet pot that produces lots of pop. It is balanced, cheap and has a comfortable grip. Marucci Black Bbcor produces fast and full swings. It’s also light and durable.
Cons: This bat wears and tears quickly. It also produces large vibrations that maybe be challenging to any practicing baseball players.
Review: This is a great bat for young players transitioning to adult baseball players.

Rawlings Adult 2016 Velo Balanced

This is an alloy made the baseball bat. It has been fitted with a leather grasp on its handle. Further, the bat has the latest care optimized performance tools.

Pros, Cons & Review of this Bat

Pros: There are no shipping costs for this particular bat. The delivery process is swift and smooth. It is evenly balanced and light. The bat produces astounding pops. What’s more, it has good ping sounds.
Cons: This bat is rather expensive and dents quickly in a few months.
Review: Rawlings Adult Velo is quite expensive, but worth the experience. Truly the familiarity is nice and comforting.

DeMarini CF8 (-3) BBCOR (EA)
DeMarini CF8 is a BBCOR certified composite barrel bat. It has a diameter of about 2 5/8 inches. This bat is ideal for young players.

Pros, Cons & Review of this Bat

Pros: The bat has an incredibly fast speed. The delivery process is swift. It has less vibration and is light in terms of weight. The one year warranty is a guarantee that the product is authentic. Its appearance is also appealing. It can be obtained in different colors such as silver, white and gold.
Cons: This product is very costly.
Review: It is a good quality bat that is worth the price.

Easton MAKO COMP 3 BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat

This is a great bbcore bat made for adult players. It has a 2 5/8 inch barrel diameter and a 31/32 inch composite grip.

Pros, Cons & Review of this Bat

Pros: The bat has been bestowed with great technology that reduces the transmission of energy. It is light and has unsurpassed bat speed. Clients are offered a one year warranty after buying this product. The bat has a balanced weight and has great pops. It also has an appealing appearance.
Cons: It tears out fast.
Review: This is a great bat with unsurpassed benefits. The DeMarini CF8 is a product that every adult player should go for 

What Materials are BBCOR Baseball Bats Made of?

These bats are made of a wide range of materials that includes aluminum, composite, alloy, hybrid, and wood. The materials associated with BBCOR bats have been listed below.
You may wonder why to pick an aluminum BBCOR bat over others. The reason is simple; these types of bats are relatively easy to use and comes with a trampoline-effect. When a ball comes into contact with an aluminum bat the trampoline effect, the bat flexes its barrel inside giving the ball a push great enough to make the ball bounce off the bat at high speed.
Furthermore, aluminum bats are hot out of the wrapper and don’t need breaking in making them better than their composite counterparts. Also, aluminum bats are light in weight, making swinging easier. Aluminum BBCOR bats are preferred by many hitters in all level of competition.
Composite BBCOR bats are constructed by combining graphite and carbon materials with resin. These bats are best known for their distance capabilities and very popular in the low-mid level leagues.
Unfortunately, composite bats require breaking in because they are not hot out of the wrapper. The good thing is that after fully breaking in overtime, the bats show magnificent performance. Due to the massive up in performance, composite bats are banned from some leagues.
One downside of composite bats is that they can’t withstand very high temperature. Furthermore, they become brittle and prone to damage when used in cold temperature. One of the best composite bats in the market is DeMarini 2016 CF8.
Alloy bats are very much similar to aluminum ones. The reason is that an alloy bat is made with diffusing aluminum along with other materials meaning these bats have a trampoline-like effect as well albeit reduced. This process makes alloys bats eligible in the standard of BBCOR.
Unlike other bats which have weather and temperature restriction (ex – BBCOR composite bats) alloy bats don’t have those restrictions. The best part of alloy bats is that they are highly durable and long-lasting compared to other bats due to the large amounts of metal used in construction. One of the great examples is the Rawlings 5150 alloy BBCOR, which is one of the top alloy bats in the market.
Hybrid bats are as the name suggests manufactured by combining aluminum and composite materials which gives them the characteristics of both types. Usually, a hybrid bat comes in a two-piece or third piece design with a composite handle and aluminum barrel. These bats give great feel because of their composite handle and easier to hit because of the strong barrel with a large sweet spot.
Hybrid bats are hot in the wrapper just aluminum; hence, doesn’t require breaking in. Furthermore, these types of bats are the most expensive BBCOR bats in the market, along with exceptional durability and strength.
The oldest material to make a bat is wood and wooden bats go way back to the time baseball was originated. In the past, wooden bats only included made out of hickory but now there different kinds of wooden bats in the market.
The best kind of wooden bats have the highest density, and the woods are they made of maple and white ash. If you are a person looking to play in the Major League Baseball, then you should practice to get the hang of wooden bats because other bats are illegal by their standards.
Bamboo bats are also another kind of wooden bats, and they are the hardest and durable amongst others but require BBCOR certification before usage. Now you know the variety of materials used in this bat. Let’s get into other aspects of a BBCOR bat. 

What Leagues Use BBCOR Baseball Bats?

Almost all youth associations including Little League, Pony Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball, Babe Ruth Baseball, and AABC use BBCOR bats. Keep in mind that, Major League Baseball deems BBCOR bats as illegal hence they are not used in the league. If you are looking to participate in MLB, it would be better for you to practice with wooden bats.

What Things to Look When Choose a BBCOR Bat?

You may wonder what factors to look into before buying a BBCOR bat. We have collected a list of the things you will need to consider when deciding to purchase.

01. Materials

The first aspect to consider when choosing a BBCOR bat is the material of the bat you want to purchase. Different kinds of materials are used to make different bats, and we have provided each of the 5 material to construct a bat pros and cons above. Which one is the best? One thing is for sure is that there is no definite winner. We cannot decide which material BBCOR bat will be best for you.
It all comes down to your budget and preference. If you want to purchase a light BBCOR bat, then you should go for an aluminum bat or an alloy bat. If you are looking to hit a ball into long distance, composite is the one you are looking for. Lastly, a wooden bat should be what you practice with if you want to play in the MLB.

02. Bat dimensions

The dimensions – the weight and the length of the bat are extremely important when choosing a bat. You don’t want to purchase a bat that is too heavy or short/long for you to handle.

03. Weigh

BBCOR bats are weighted in ounces. The lightweight ones offer a fast swing speed while heavyweight ones provide great power and strength.
There are two things to keep in mind when it comes to weight, first, the dead weight – the overall weight of the BBCOR bat in ounces and second the swinging weight – the difficulty of swinging the bat because of weight.
Moment Of Inertia (MOI) is used when measuring the swing of a bat. Keep in mind that the lower the MOI, the faster the swing speed.

04. Length

A BBCOR bat maximum length of 36-inches is allowed in a game. You can measure a bat ‘s length yourself easily in order to determine if the bat is suited for you.
The difference in weight to length ratio gives a bat drop weight, and a BBCOR bat has a drop weight of -3, which gives it a great pop.

05. Barrel

The part of a bat where the ball touches and bounces off is known as the barrel. This is the area the ball comes in contact with when hitting. It is also the most important and game-changing factor to consider before purchasing the best BBCOR bat.
How strong you will the ball is directly connected with the material and the overall construction of the barrel your bat. So you need to choose carefully before buying. Heavier bats have a bigger barrel which helps put greater force behind a hit, and lightweight bats have smaller barrel which makes them best for contact hitters.

06. Taper

The handle of a BBCOR bat is known as taper and has a large impact on the performance of a player. Usually, the taper has a diameter of 31/32 inches. The taper may be thinner or thicker depending on the bat. Thicker ones give minimum vibration, whereas thinner tappers give fast swing speed.

07. Grip

If the feeling of the handle is bad, then a player will not be able to give their all in a game. Grips are placed on the handle of a bat to ensure comfortable feel while hitting. Furthermore, grips are placed to keep the user safe from injuries and burns. Different materials are used for grips, and Combat BBCOR bats usually have lizard skin grip whereas Easton bats have hyperskin grip.
Grips are used in aluminum bats commonly to absorb the shock when the balls come in contact with the bat. Rubbers and leather grips are also commonly used as grips.

08. Knob

You’ll see there’s a tiny round piece connected to your BBCOR bats. The circular piece is called a knob. Do you know why knobs are attached to a bat? It’s to keep a firm grip on the bat when hitting a ball hard. It also prevents the bat from slipping from your hand.
There was a time on the past where bat flew everywhere from a batter’s hand and hit another player. But time has changed as a knob ensure the bat doesn’t slip from a batter’s hand and keep you safe along with others in the field.
There are different types when it comes to knobs as well, traditional knobs, rectangular, oval,  and tapered knobs are most popular.

09. Bat construction

There are two types of bat construction one-piece and two-piece.

One-piece bat construction

One piece bats have a one-piece construction where one kind of material is used to make the bat. For example – wood bats have one-piece construction where they have only wood as a material. These bats also have less flex while being stiffer.

Two-piece construction

Two-piece bats are usually constructed with two types of materials are joined together with two main parts – the barrel and handle. Typically, an alloy barrel is joined with a composite handle. These types of bats have a strong connection and reduce vibrations while hitting.
Two-piece bats are usually durable and long-lasting because the barrel and handle are joined together with two different materials. They are also stronger and high in performance. The durability comes from the alloy barrel while the comfort comes from the composite handle. Furthermore, these bats have the connection technology, which is proficient at transferring maximum energy while hitting.

10. BBCOR certification

BBCOR certification requires a ball-bat coefficient of restitution of 0.50, which is a little higher than a wooden bat. This helps in having a trampoline effect on non-wooden bats, which helps with hitting with more power and strength.
Furthermore, a certification requires a bat should have a diameter of 2 ⅝ inches and a drop weight of -3 (length to weight ratio). If a bat that has any features lower or higher than the specifications above are disqualified for BBCOR certification.
Now, let’s look at what kind of bat one-piece or two-piece suitable for you.

Which BBCOR Bat is the best - One-piece or Two-Piece?

BBCOR bats are constructed one-piece or two-piece.
One-piece: One-piece bats are made using one solid metal, and power hitters prefer these kinds of bats as little power is lost when the bat comes in contact with a ball.
Two-piece: These types of bats have two parts where a handle and barrel are firmly connected together.
In summary, it depends on the player to which is the best kind of bat for them. Next, it’s time to look at the 5 most known and popular bat manufacturing brands in the market. Little information about each of these brands is described below.

Top 5 Best BBCOR Bat Brands by Our Rating.

Just as baseballs has improved, BBCOR bat manufacturers have developed over the decades as well. There are a lot of companies flourishing by selling these bats. If you are not sure from which company to check out the top 5 best BBCOR bat brands by our rating.


Demarini sports is one of the best baseball and softball equipment manufacturer. They specialize in making all kind of baseball uniforms, bats, and gears.
Demarini wasn’t always a prominent manufacturer, and they had a very humble beginning. They didn’t have any proper retailer or advertisement campaigns. It was in 1992 that Demarini started to have success after they established their headquarters. They grew massive afterward.
Demarini is also the first company to manufacture the first ever multi-wall bat – the Marini double wall which is undoubtedly a significant accomplishment in the world of baseball. The bat was a game changer for them with the large sweet spots beating their competitors. They also paved the way for other manufacturers to produce quality baseball bats and equipment.
The company, with their belief in innovation, brought many changes and technologies in manufacturing bats. Especially the half & half technology became their unique weapon.
Till this day, Demarini has created many top quality and high-performance BBCOR bats in the market including their CF8 series, 2016 Insane BBCOR series, and Voodoo series. With the release of these amazing bats, Demarini has earned themselves not only one of the baseball bats in the industry but also one of the best when it comes to BBCOR bats as well.


Based in Canada, Combat is another sports group that is known for manufacturing top-quality bats. The difference is that they are most famous for producing composite baseball and softball bats.
Combat bats are also well known for their three major technologies, which include seamless construction, precise molding, and maximum technology. Many famous players use bats made by combat. One of the great examples of such is Jeff Mcgavin, who uses combats bats.
Combat boasts that their lineup maxum BBCOR bats have 40% greater hitting surface that is a larger sweet spot compared to their competitors. The seamless construction gives the bats more power and strength while the maximum technology offers a trampoline-like effect, which helps player hitting with more power.


When it comes to naming one of the best baseball bat manufacturing brand, no one can leave Easton out of it. Easton is a giant even among all the companies producing baseball and softball bats. Over the years, this company has developed much top quality and high-performance baseball bats with amazing features and technologies.
Easton produces baseball and softball equipment like bats, balls, gears, and accessories. They are also one of the leading brands when it comes to producing top-quality BBCOR bats. Their MAKO Torq and Z-Core series have gained much popularity in the high school and collegiate level play. They are made using Easton’s unique TCT Thermo Composite Technology and 360° Torq Handle Technology to give the bats consistent performance in real games
Keep in mind that due their high-quality Easton BBCOR bats are somewhat expensive compared to their counterparts.


Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, Inc. is famous for manufacturing quality bats for US players. But they are not a brand for only producing bats and balls but also other baseball equipment such as batting helmets and gloves.
Rawlings is also a leading brand for developing top quality BBCOR bats. Their bats include Velo Balanced, 5150 Alloy and TRIO 3-Piece Hybrid Balanced baseball bats which are considered top quality even among other quality BBCOR lineups in the market. Rawlings Precision-Optimized Performance gives the bats faster swing speed, massive sweet spot, and high performance.

Louisville Slugger

Finally, the list of 5 best brands ends with Louisville Slugger that everyone who plays baseball probably heard about. They are a veteran maker who has been in the industry for about 120 years, and they are still leading the market as one of the best bat manufacturers. Louisville Slugger produces wooden bats that are used in the MLB which gives them a little edge over their competitions.
Their unique TRU3 3-piece technology provides a greater trampoline effect for great feel and reduced vibration upon contact with the ball. The 7050 Alloy that they use in their BBCOR bats gives the bats more durability compared to their competitors.
Also, the maple woods bats made with top-quality woods is considered one of the top-quality bats even in the MLB standard. Most of the time, the bats made by Louisville Sluggers have Lizard Skin Grip on the handle which keeps the player’s hand comfortable while preventing injuries.
Now that you know the best 5 brands on the market, we will move to the pros and cons of BBCOR bats.

BBCOR Baseball Bats Pros, Cons, Terms and Conditions

It’s natural to wonder the pros and cons of a bat before purchasing it. Below some of the advantages and disadvantages of BBCOR bats are listed.

Pros of BBCOR Baseball Bats

We start off with the pros of a BBCOR bat. All of these bats have similarities regardless of their brands or technologies used. The pros of BBCOR bats include but not limited to

Trampoline Effect

Because of the trampoline effect of BBCOR bats, they usually have large sweet spots, which makes it easier to hit a ball. If you are looking to hit home runs and improve your hitting skill at the same time BBCOR bat is right for you.

Durable and Long-lasting

Due to the fact, these bats are checked and tested multiple times for errors and other faults they are usually more durable and long-lasting than other bats. There are little reports of a BBCOR bat getting damaged or broken.

Increased Performance

BBCOR bats are best known to increase player performance because previously only hitting led to greater shots where the bats had high performance. But now bats do not outperform the players. Players need to have appropriate hitting skill and experience to hit the ball in the right spot for a good hit.

Showcase Hitting-skill

As mentioned above, one needs to have enough skill for a good hit, unlike before, when a good bat was all a player need. But with the introduction of BBCOR bats skill has become more essential for a good hit. Now, these bats can separate hitters from non-hitters. Using a BBCOR bat, players can showcase their hitting skill and impress their teammates.


No matter the game safety of the players come first and with the introduction of BBCOR standard has led to the creation of BBCOR bats. These bats ensure players safety and reduce injury for a better game. Now everyone can play without any worry using these bats.

Cons of BBCOR Baseball Bats

Just like pros, even the quality and high-performance BBCOR bats have cons as well. The drawbacks of these bats include:

Homerun Reduction

One of the biggest cons of BBCOR bat is the reduction of home runs after the introduction of the standard. The drastic decrease in home runs saw a lot of players becoming unsatisfied with the bats.

Lesser Popups

Although a BBCOR bat has great pop up, many voiced their dissatisfaction because the pop up was still lesser than what was heard before. This upset powerful hitters who loved to hit balls with great pop-ups.


It is largely known that these bats are much expensive than other bats which gives the ones with a budget run for their money.

Terms and Conditions of BBCOR Baseball Bats

It was the NCAA who introduced the BBCOR standard which was known later that this gave the association the upper hand. Furthermore, the authorities of the organization have been providing the terms and conditions by themselves, creating a kind of monopoly in the industry.
Next, we’ll move onto the BBCOR bat size guide now that you know the pros and cons of these bats.

BBCOR bat size guide

The first thing to keep in mind when purchasing a BBCOR bat is that if it’s size is appropriate for you. You must consider buying a bat according to your height and weight.
We have provided a comprehensive bat size guide below to help you choose an appropriate bat for you. When it comes to choosing a proper size bat, the combination of your height and weight is essential too.
Measure yourself properly without mistake before consider purchasing a bat. If you are an adult, determine your height by starting from the center of your chest to the tip of your finger. If you are buying a bat for children, then measuring is simple, take a bat and make it stand next to the kid. Also, make sure the bat reaches the child’s hip. And weigh yourself or the kid you are buying for with a precise and accurate weighing machine.
Generally, a kid who weight less than 60 pounds, a length of between 26 to 29 inches will be the ideal length for a bat. If weight more than 70 pounds, a bat length of between 28 to inches is best and likewise, if you are buying a bat for a kid of 10 years old the length should be between 28 to 29 inches.
Yes, the length of the bat plays a crucial role and connected to better performance if you buy a bat with the right length for you. Oppositely, if you purchase a bat size that doesn’t fit you or makes you uncomfortable while playing your hitting performance will drop. In conclusion, bat size is an important factor when choosing a BBCOR bat.
Now let’s see how BBCOR bats fare against other bats.

BBCOR vs other bats

There are many kinds of baseball bats in the market. Even though BBCOR is one of a kind that is growing in popularity in low-mid level play, other types of bats are also popular among many in the industry. It’s necessary to compare this category of bats with other bats to determine if BBCOR bats are truly worth the money.

BBCOR Bats vs big barrel bats

Big barrel bats are used in youth leagues and also known as senior league bats. These kinds of bats follow a different standard. Most youth players will find it difficult to swing around a BBCOR bat opposite to a big barrel bat which is easy to swing. The big barrel standard says that the drop weight should be around -5 to -12, which helps young children lift lighter bats that are certified. Big barrel bats are also allowed to be 2 ¾ inches whereas BBCOR bats cannot be any lower or higher than 2 ⅝ inches in diameter.
Now, in the high-school or collegiate level makes the difference where BBCOR bats dominate. The BBCOR standard also applies if you bat is composite and alloy in the high-school or college level plays. You should note that a variety of materials are used to make wooden bats so they are considered composite and must follow the BBCOR standard. This standard was created to help players improve their hitting skill while protecting them from injuries and keep the playing field level for everyone as well.
In short, big barrel bats are designed for young children and suited for youth leagues whereas BBCOR bats help players improve their skills while minimizing injuries in the high-school and collegiate level plays.

BBCOR Bats vs Wood Bats

BBCOR bats and wooden bats both are equally popular right now. Some players prefer playing with BBCOR bats, and some prefer wooden bats. It’s simply the difference in preference. But still, both of these types of bats have their unique aspects where player likes. We’ll draw a comparison between the two here to give you an idea about both bats.
When it comes to BBCOR bats, the first question that comes in mind is that why even these bats were needed? The reason behind it is simple, with the latest technologies and innovations BBCOR bats, especially the composite ones started to outperform wooden bats. The number of home runs was increasing as days goes by, and the chance of players getting injured were increasing as well because of fast incoming balls.
Wood bats didn’t have the fast hitting speed compared to BBCOR bats; hence, they lagged behind. To decrease the performance of the bats that showed overwhelming performance, the BBCOR standard was created. This also allowed less injury for players on the field. After the standard was introduced the performance of the two became somewhat equal although some experts claim that these bats performance was the same and there was no need to introduce the BBCOR standard.
Both types of bats are best at what they do, and there is no final winner of this matchup. Some feel best playing with BBCOR bats, and some feel comfortable playing with wood bats. Because of the comfort and large sweet spot BBCOR bats are preferred at high-school and collegiate level whereas wood bats are used at many professional leagues including Major League Baseball (MLB). Keep in mind that these bats are not allowed on MLB. So if you want to play at MLB you should choose wood bats otherwise it would be better to keep going with the bats you have been playing.
Some additional questions and answers for you to understand BBCOR bats better.

Are You Looking For Best Batting Tee?

Genarel FAQ About BBCOR Baseball Bat

How BBCOR Baseball Bats and BESR bats are different?

BBCOR and BESR are different in how they detect and score a bat’s performance differently. In short, they are both similar, but the main difference is their way of calculation. BBCOR bats have lower performance than BESR bats because of the minimum 0.50 score according to their standards.

Can BBCOR Baseball bats be used in USSSA?

Bbcor bats are very popular, and they are still growing in popularity because of these bats large sweet spot and comfortable feel. But can these bats be used in USSSA? Check it out.
USSSA, also known as United States Specialty Sports Association regulates, organizes, and promote a variety of sports in the US, including baseball and softball.
Starting from January 1st, 2012 the organization changed its rule, and the document states that leagues for 15u to 19u youths, bats that are legal to NFHS are considered legal to USSSA as well. These include some wood-composite bats,  wood bats, and -3 BBCOR bats.
Furthermore, for youths of 9u to 14u in addition to bats accepted as legal by NFHS as well as 1.5 Stamp and Small barrel bats are considered legal.
Long story short, BBCOR bats can be used in USSSA, but confirm beforehand if these bats are legal for HS. If HS deems them illegal, you will need to purchase a different bat.

Can you use BBCOR bats on cold weather?

You know that BBCOR bats are available in different types of materials such as aluminum, alloy, composite, hybrid, and wood. Each of these types of BBCOR bats has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. But if you want to use these bats in the cold weather, you need to know the property of the materials first.
Many top brands including Easton that provides aluminum bats says these bats shouldn’t be used in temperatures below 50 degrees because they may become brittle or damaged. But as a matter of fact, the temperature does not make impact your bat a lot instead makes the ball denser which put more pressure on your bat, in turn, may damage your bat.
If you are considering buying an aluminum bat with thinner walls and may have to use the bat in cold weather, you may want to change your mind and buy a wooden bat instead.
You should keep another thing in mind is that do not tamper with your BBCOR bat in any way as such is considered illegal. If you do so, it may lead to the disqualification of your bat and dissatisfaction from team and fans which may harm your baseball career.
As they say, practice makes perfect. The best way to break in a bat is to play often and hit often with the bat. There is no need to rely on techniques that are considered illegal, which may harm your career as a baseball player.
In summary, it’s not recommended using BBCOR bats in cold weather and opt for a wooden bat if it’s vital for you to do in that kind of condition.
It’s essential having the right bat to improve one’s skill in baseball. You can enjoy your game and up your hitting skill by picking the right BBCOR bat. We hope our guide helped you choose the best bat for you so you can improve your batting and start hitting home runs.

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