Best Big Barrel Baseball Bats Reviews 2023

Big barrel bats are exemplary bats that are easy and fun to use for every youthful player. They come in diverse shapes, sizes, colors and even prices. The bats offer players full swings and are better equipped in terms of technological advancements. What is even better is their free and swift shipping. In the year 2015, the Easton MAKO big barrel, the DeMarini’s Drop 5 CF7 barrel bat, the Easton XL1 and the Combat 2 drop 12 were ranked among the top best big barrels globally. We have tested some bats ourselves & below are some of the best big barrel bats review by us.

Pros & Cons of Big Barrel Bats

Pros: Big barrel bats have top-notch technology, which enable players to swing the ball at the end of the bat. This takes care of both low and high swings. The barrels are standardized meaning they are legit; this in turn helps them to achieve ultimate powers.

Cons: Big barrel bats do not distribute weight evenly across the bat, unlike smaller barrel bats. This limits players’ concentration, since they must keep an eye on both the ball and the bat as well.

The barrels have proven to be very hectic for young players, especially those under the age of ten years since they lack the necessary energy to make a full swing.

Top 5 Best Big Barrel Bats Reviews 2023

Easton MAKO Senior League Baseball Bat

An exceptional baseball bat developed by one of the best manufacturers in the industry, Easton. It’s the Easton Mako Senior League Baseball Bat SL16MK10B known for its top-notch quality, performance, and power. Having been in the market for a while, it garnered a lot of attention and became a popular addition among the wide lineup of senior league baseball bats. 

Easton Mako Comp 2 3/4 Big Barrel (-10) Baseball Bat
Photo: Easton Mako Comp 2 3/4 Big Barrel (-10) Baseball Bat

The MAKO has a large sweet spot along with incredible swinging speed, and great feel on contact thanks to Easton’s TCT Thermo Composite Technology. Both the handle and barrel are comprised of this innovative material and united by Easton’s own patented 2-PC Connexion Technology. This technology isolates the handle from the barrel with the connection joint; as a result, the energy transfer is maximized, and any unnecessary vibration is reduced. The MAKO makes up one of the best combinations of barrel and bat speed on the market. 

This bat features two-piece fully composite construction along with the ultra-thin 29/32 inch handle. Its composite handle is covered with a 1.2mm hyperskin grip and end-knob for better balance, comfortable feel, and better handling when swinging the bat at the plate. Furthermore, the MAKO has a barrel diameter of 2 ¾” to improve a young player’s skill along with -10 length to weight ratio for great pop and comes with the USSSA BPF 1.15 Certification. The Easton MAKO is one of the best bats when it comes to training a young senior league player’s hitting skill.


Easton S3 Senior League Baseball Bat

To make a young batter grow, an excellent bat is essential and Easton brought such a bat in the market which is the Easton S3.

Easton S3 Big Barrel Baseball Bat Review
Photo: Easton S3 2 3/4″ Big Barrel (-10) Baseball Bat

Confidence is the key when you step on the plate and hit a ball out of the park. Being confident lets you hit long or give everything you have and win a game for your team, or confidence behind your equipment, at least more than a hit that doesn’t have any confidence behind it. Easton has been around for a long time, and they know how batters operate, and all batters are different.

All of the characteristics that define a “contact hitter” can be found in the Easton S3 Senior League Baseball Bat SL16S310B. This bat is constructed from an alloy called HMX (Hyperlite Matrix) for an enormous sweet spot and massive trampoline effect that helps to enhance the hit power when hitting a ball. The HMX alloy also improves durability and typically lasts a long time. The single piece construction provides a traditional and stiff feel and makes sure all your energy is transferred to the bat when contacting the ball. The Easton S3 has an extremely balanced swing weight for better control and handling when swinging the bat. It also comes with a hyperskin performance grip for premium comfort and better balance at the plate.

The S3 features a 2 ¾” barrel diameter and -10 drop weight for great pop along with the USSSA BPF 1.15 Certification. When it comes to training your young senior league player’s hitting skills from early the Easton S3 is one of a kind. Especially so, if the kid is a contact hitter and he is improving his hitting skills to get on the base frequently. Amplify your power and hitting skill with the Easton S3.


The Marucci CAT7 is very similar to its predecessor CAT5 and CAT6, the difference is only that the CAT7 has double the power. You’ll intimidate the pitcher when you walk at the plate with this bat. That’s how much power this bat possesses. But if you think it’s only a bat that has power, you are severely wrong. Marucci has done a fantastic job improving the already wonderful design of the bat and upping the ante over the years. 

Marucci Cat7 Junior Big Barrel Bat Reviews
Photo: Marucci Cat7 Junior Big Barrel Baseball Bat, 25″/15 oz

Another big difference between the CAT7 and its predecessor is that it is constructed from the AZ4X alloy that dramatically improves the bat’s durability, strength, and resilience. Also, the optimized barrel design provides a massive sweet spot and twice as big as compared to the CAT6. Marucci is famous for their player advisory board comprised of big leaguers, through research and consultation with the board Marucci determined that one of the common complaints among amateur baseball player is the vibration in the hands. Therefore, their CAT7 comes with the AV-2 knob, also known as the second generation anti-vibration knob which provides exceptional feel and reduces vibration feedback in player’s hands. In addition, the ring-free barrel technology provides excellent performance with no dead spots. 

This bat has a 2 ¾” diameter barrel and -10 length to weight ratio for great pop along with the USSSA BPF 1.15 Certification. A bat that’s popular among young players to improve the rate they get on the base and hitting skills.


Rawlings Prodigy Alloy Senior League  Big Barrel Bat

Rawlings is one of the household names in the industry of baseball bat and best known for its one-piece construction bat. In the one-piece category, one needs to mention the Rawlings SLRP34 Prodigy baseball bat. The bat gained popularity as soon it was released on the market and still loved by many young players.  

Rawlings SLRP34 Prodigy Youth Big Barrel Bat  Review
Photo: Rawlings SLRP34 Prodigy Youth Big Barrel Bat Minus 10

One of the best in its category, this bat is constructed from high-strength, high-performance aerospace alloy. It packs a punch and you can expect to hear a loud ping sound when contacting a ball and see line drives are being sent all around the park. The alloy also generates a balanced feel for any type of batters whether they are power hitters or contact hitters. In addition, it has a huge 2 ¾” inch barrel surface that is further amplified with extended sweet spot technology. It also comes with the premium synthetic leather grip for comfort while holding the bat. The Prodigy focuses on helping young players develop their skills with a bat and build their confidence. If you are coaching young players in the senior league or you have a young kid at the age aspiring to be a baseball player with excellent hitting skills, consider purchasing this bat.  

The Rawlings Prodigy features a 2 ¾” barrel along with -10 length to weight ratio and the USSSA BPF 1.15 Certification. Furthermore, it comes with a full 12-month warranty from the manufacturer so your young player can practice with the bat however he wants.


Rawlings 2023 Prodigy USSSA Baseball Bat is one of the best big barrel bats known for its high-performance and quality. Of course, it’s constructed by one of the most recognized names when it comes to one-piece construction baseball bats. Liked by batters of all kinds whether they are power hitters or contact hitters, this is a bat needs to mentioned when one talks about a big barrel USSSA bat. 

Rawlings Prodigy Alloy USSSA 2-3/4 Enlarged Barrel Baseball Bat
Photo: Rawlings Prodigy Alloy USSSA 2-3/4″ Enlarged Barrel Baseball Bat, 26″/16 oz

It’s a single piece construction bat made from aerospace-grade alloy which dramatically improves its durability and strength while making the bat last a long time. The big  ⅔” inch barrel helps improve young player’s hitting rate; hence, the popularity amongst young players. Furthermore, the responsive touch the bat provides is ideal for both on-base and power hitters. In addition to the large surface, it’s further extended with the extended sweet spot technology to make contacting a pitch easier than ever. 

The Rawlings Prodigy features a 2 ¾” inch barrel, a -10 length to weight ratio drop weight for great pop, and comes with the USSSA approval stamp for using in all USSSA baseball leagues. It will be a great addition if your child is looking to play in a youth league and improve his hitting skills along with the contact rate or the frequency of his reaching the base.


Best Big Barrel Bats Reviews (2015 - 2018)

Easton SL15MK10B MAKO Youth Big Barrel Bat
Photo: Easton SL15MK10B MAKO COMP 2 3/4-Inch -10 Senior League/Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bat

Easton  is an exemplary high quality baseball bat that is endorsed for youthful players.

Pros, Cons & Review of this Bat

Pros: The bat is suited with the most recent technology which gives it unsurpassed bat speed. It has a slim 29/32 diamond clasp that provides faster and full swings. In addition, the diameter enhances a smooth transition for young players to adult players. The bat is quite expensive, but the results are rewarding. Its quality is incomparable.

Cons: The bat is heavy. As such, it not well suited for youngsters.

Review: People who have used it always remark that the bat provides a great bounce off pops.

Easton S3 ALUM is an exemplary high quality baseball bat that is endorsed for youthful players.

Easton S3 ALUM Senior League/Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bat
Photo: Easton S3 ALUM Senior League/Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bat
Pros, Cons & Review of this Bat

Pros: The bat is suited with the most recent technology which gives it unsurpassed bat speed. It has a slim 29/32 diamond clasp that provides faster and full swings. In addition, the diameter enhances a smooth transition for young players to adult players. The bat is quite expensive, but the results are rewarding. Its quality is incomparable.

Cons: The bat is heavy. As such, it not well suited for youngsters.

Review: People who have used it always remark that the bat provides a great bounce off pops.

This is a certified baseball bat encompassed with great technology for young players.

Mizuno Generation Big Barrel Baseball Bat Reviews
Photo: Mizuno Generation Big Barrel Baseball Bat (-10)
Pros, Cons & Review of this Bat

Pros: The bat has a cushioned aluminum coated grasp that is comfortable to handle. Mizuno bat is cheap. It is well packaged. What is more is the shipping process that is swift. Mizuno (-10) produces fewer vibrations in a full swing. It also has a balanced surface area.

Cons: his bat produces poor swings and annoying sounds.

Review: This bat proved to be a great product for many kids. It is light and easy to use. Worth the money

This 2 5/8 inch barrel baseball bat is awesome for all seasons. Its composite design is perfect for long-term use.

Pros, Cons & Review of this Bat

Pros: The bat has more pop than any other bat. It is light and has some good sound as well.

Cons: Poor delivery processes. The bat is availed with a chip on it sometimes. It wears out quickly than expected.

Review: This bat is awesome for use by young baseball trainers. It has a vast sweet spot. In addition,it produces great sounds that in turn revive the game. Louisville is great.

This 2 5/8 inch barrel is awesome for youthful baseball players. It has a slim 29/32 inch diamond composite handle.

Easton MAKO COMP 2 5/8-Inch -9 Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bat
Photo: Easton MAKO COMP 2 5/8-Inch -9 Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bat
Pros, Cons & Review of this Bat

Pros: The bat is incredibly cheap. The shipping process is smooth and shift. It produces great pops. Easton SL15MK9 evenly distributes baseball weight.

Cons: The bat produces funny sounds when hit. It always tends much faster than expected. It is big and heavy in terms of weight.

Review: The bat has a huge sweet and incredible speed. Further, its technology is unsurpassed. Easton SL15MK9 is fit for young baseball players transitioning to adult players.

This is a great bat from the Easton 2015 series. It has a thin 29/32 inch diamond grasp and conation technology for maximum performance.

Easton S1 COMP Senior League/Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bat
Photo: Easton S1 COMP Senior League/Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bat
Pros, Cons & Review of this Bat

Pros: The 2 5/8 barrel offers unsurpassed bat speed. The bat has a fantastic handle that reduces vibrations. Further, it has a great appearance and comes in a neat package. Its price is incredible.

Cons: The warranty period offered is quite small.

Review: This is a perfect baseball bat for kids over ten years. Its appearance motivates young place to endure the game. Easton SL155110 is truly worth the money.

This is the best baseball bat. It has a great 2 5/8 inch barrel diameter that gives players full swings.

Pros, Cons & Review of this Bat

Pros: The bat’s company is incredible. It offers clients a five hundred day warranty since the date of manufacture. It also has fantastic pops.

Cons: Combat MAXSL112 is elongated. This makes it hard for young baseball players to control and use it as well.

Review: The bat is well suited for children below the age of ten years. It is light and as such allows them to practice well. This is an extraordinary baseball bat.

This is a one-piece alloy baseball bat. It has a diamond-cushioned grip and a thin barrel that offer incredible bat speed.

Easton S3 ALUM 2 5/8-Inch -10 Senior League Big Barrel Baseball Bat
Photo: Easton S3 ALUM 2 5/8-Inch -10 Senior League Big Barrel Baseball Bat
Pros, Cons & Review of this Big Barrel Bat

Pros: The bat is evenly distributed. It is light hence produces faster bat speed. In addition, the bat has a nice grasp. The price is overwhelming but the product is worth it.

Cons: This bat wears out quickly hence has been said to be of poor quality. The defects suffered are irretrievable.

Review: This bat is better than a composite one. Young players are optimistic that this bat will definitely change their lives.

This is a 7046 aircraft alloy baseball bat well suited for youthful players. It has an incredible cushioned grip handle.

Pros, Cons & Review of this Bat

Pros: The bat is cheap hence affordable. This bat comes just in the right shape and size for each baseball player. The shipping process is fast. The same applies to the delivery process.

Cons: This bat chips off in a short time. It is very light for a quick smooth swing.

Review: The bat produces fantastic power when hit. It is a good starting point for young players aged between eleven to twelve years old.

This bat has is widely praised for its attributes. It is an incredible piece that has changed how young players view baseball.

DeMarini Youth NVS Vexxum Big Barrel Bat Reviews
Photo: DeMarini 2015 Youth NVS Vexxum Big Barrel Baseball Bat, 31-Inch/21-Ounce
Pros, Cons & Review of this Bat

Pros: This bat has an aluminum handle that makes it light. The handle gives a player an optimal feeling that is great to have. It also has a large sweet pot with less vibration. Further, it has a relaxed grasp.

Cons: The shipping process is limited to American citizens. This is quite challenging to enthusiastic baseball players across the globe.

Review: This bat shows exemplary results when used. DeMarini NVS is real.

How To Choose A Big Barrel Baseball Bat?

Big barrel bats are important for youth players for several reasons. In general, these types of bats come with a massive sweet spot to help a teen bat further and through wide angles. They also help young players to pick up the pace of the products and also help them bat better with other products. Big barrel bats are important for every young player who are looking to develop their hitting skills. 

Player’s play style

Although, a big barrel bat is important for a young player when you think it’s about time you get one for your kind you notice that the most challenging task is to choose the best bat for him with so many choices in the market. It’s not an easy task; however, it can be simplified if you know what to look for in a model. But it’s necessary you know about baseball in general because a big barrel baseball bat is only important if it fits the ability and playstyle of your player. 

Budget and The League of Player Participating in

There is another crucial aspect to consider before buying a big barrel bat, it’s the budget. Depending on your budget, the quality of the model and feature will vary. You’ll have to choose a bat that’s affordable to you while not forgetting the quality. Another thing to keep in mind is the league your young player participating in. Many leagues have strict regulations when it comes to bat and the last thing you want for the bat you purchased to be disqualified. So before buying know the rules and regulations of the league your kid is participating in.

Features The Bat Offers

After learning the eligibility of a bat for the youth’s league and establishing your budget range, you should check out what the bat offers. And if you are under a tight budget, you should consider buying a mid-priced bat that fits your player. There are a lot of mid-priced bats that provide many features while delivering excellent performance in real games. At least, you should check three elements of a bat before deciding to purchase it. 

The pieces used in the bat

The first thing you should check when purchasing a big barrel bat is the pieces used in the bat. In short, if it’s one piece or two pieces – most of these types of bats can be found, one of the two mentioned pieces. One-piece bats are typically made by using a single piece of material that contains nothing else. These models are usually not flexible but offer powerful hits, which makes them perfect power hitters.

On the other hand, two-piece bats are constructed by using two materials and joined together. The handle is constructed from a different material than the rest of the model. These types of bats are very flexible and often shows high performance because these bats contain the best materials that fit them. In other words, ideal for batters who are looking to increase their hitting rate and get on the base.

The type of bat you decide to buy depends on what kind of player your young kid is. If he likes to play with power and slug a pitch for a home run, then a one-piece bat will be okay. And if he is a player who wants to play for contact and trouble pitchers to no end, then a two-piece bat will be okay. Either way, pick one while consulting with the youth before purchasing. 

The materials used for constructions

It’s important you understand what kind of material is used to construct the best bat for your youth because every baseball association have some sort of restrictions or allows specific models built using certain materials. In general, baseball bats are constructed using alloy, hybrid, or composite materials. 

Composite bats are usually made using a mixture of different materials. The materials used are fiberglass, carbon fiber, and graphite most of the time. Sometimes other materials are also used depending on what the bat is specially made to offer.

Alloy bats are just as the name suggests bats made using alloys or materials that are metallic. The most common of this is aluminum alloy bats. Other metallic substances can be mixed and utilized when constructing these alloy bats. 

In general, hybrid bats are made using a mixture of a composite and an alloy material where the handle is usually composite because it’s light and rest are made using a different applicable material. 

You can choose the bat depending on the material and player’s playstyle. 

The length and weight

The most ideal bat for youth should be of right length and weight. The young player you are purchasing the bat for shouldn’t struggle with a longer bat or struggle to lift a heavy bat meant for someone bigger. Big barrel bats come in varying length and weight, so you don’t need to worry about finding no matter the kid’s height or strength. 

The length of the bat should always fit the player’s height. So when you purchase a bat measure the bat with the youth, you are buying the bat for. Let the player himself decide if it fits him and to check if the bat is long enough for your player places the end knob of the bat in the middle of his chest and stretch it together with his arm, ensuring that his index finger is at the same level with the bat’s barrel end when stretched out. The hand and index finger should be completely stretched out to make sure the bat is within that distance between the middle of the chest and end of the index finger. 

When it comes to weight big barrel bats comes in varying drop weights. So you can rest assured you’ll find a bat properly weighted for your player while not compromising their length. If the product’s weight is ideal for the youth, he should be able to hold the bat for 45 seconds stretched out at his side while his arms complete stretched out.

Big Barrel Bats VS Standard Bats

Many don’t understand how a big barrel baseball bat is different from a standard baseball bat and may confuse themselves when purchasing one. Some prefer big barrels, and some prefer regular ones, whichever you prefer you should take some factors into consideration before choosing to buy a baseball bat. 

Big Barrel Bats

  • Constructed from alloy, composite fibers, and hybrid materials. The components are extremely important and impact the bat’s performance. Some of the best bat of 2 ⅝” and 2 ¾” diameter brands in the market are Demarini’s CF7 and MAKO series by Easton.
  • They typically weigh lightly, and a material that contributes to the lightness is aluminum.
  • They are usually long-lasting. Notably, the ones made from alloy provides more strength to the bat, which increases their life span and durability while also increasing the resistance to corrosion. Also, they perform great throughout all weathers. 
  • Big barrel bats are shorter with length to weight ratio of 5:12 which makes them ideal for kids in youth premier leagues aged between 12 to 15 years old. However, big barrel should be discouraged among small kids who are aspiring to go pro because it may cause them to develop wrong swinging skills, which may lead to unnecessary big swings. 
  • These bats possess large sweet spot which gives young players to hit far and wide. In addition, the chance of hitting the ball increases. They also help improve a youth’s skill because the large surface is at the bottom of the bar’s barrel, which makes it hard to swing and control; hence, requires considerable skill.
  • Weight on the bat is not evenly distributed; as a result, speed is reduced during swinging and becomes difficult to control the barrel when hitting.
  • Many leagues have strict rules when it comes to baseball bats and restricts the use of big barrel bats. Always consider the league requirements before purchasing a bat. 

If you are looking to improve your kid’s swinging skill, then this big barrel bats will be ideal for you to purchase. 

Standard Bats

  • Standard bats are typically made from wood and light materials which help to reduce their overall weight. This helps players swing the bat freely; however, doesn’t generate the same power as big barrel ones. 
  • Weight is not evenly distributed; hence, perfect for kids below 8 years old. Standard bats are easy to swing and hit the ball. They help improve a young player’s eye coordination skills when playing. 
  • Standard bats typically have a shorter lifespan. The wood in the barrel reduces their life and limit usage during colder seasons. 
  • The barrel diameter is small, usually, between 2.25-2.6 inches, which makes it difficult to control when a player wants to hit the ball far and wide. These types of bats are recommended for experienced baseball players. 
  • They are approved to be used in almost all best baseball leagues due to their specifications, the ease and comfort while playing. Some of the best standard bat brands in the market are Rawlings Velo 110CV Maple and Marini DX243 Maple Composite Bat among many others.

Aluminum vs Composite Big Barrel Bats

There are many bat choice for baseball players in the market. That same goes for big barrel bats as well. Especially, understanding the differences between aluminum and composite big barrel bats can be difficult for even players. But some vital factors set both aluminum and composite apart from each other.

Aluminum Big Barrel Bats

The usage of aluminum bats began in the 1970s as alternatives to wood bats as they were cheaper and durable. Initially, they were seen as just a copy of wood bats, but that has changed with the advancement of age. The key points of aluminum big barrel bats are:

  • Ball speed is greater when hit off the bat.
  • They are light; thus, swing speed is much greater compared to composite bats, which are why aluminum bats are perfect for young players. 
  • The thin walls of the bat flex or deform when contacting the ball and some of the energy from contact is transferred to the ball, thus creating trampoline effect propelling it further.
  • These bats usually have a large sweet spot, which makes it easier for players to hit the ball further.
  • The more one uses these types of bats the more they get damaged. 

Aluminum barrel bats are perfect for beginners who want to get comfortable with the game and wish to focus on swinging.

Composite Big Barrel Bats

One of the most popular bats are composite and they may provide many benefits compared to wood or aluminum bats, but it’s a matter of perspective. 

  • Composite bats do provide many features which others don’t offer; however, these bats are made from premium materials thus more expensive and may not have the budget to purchase them. 
  • Most of the time, composite bats are considered more durable than aluminum bats. As a matter of fact, composite big barrel bats last longer than aluminum ones. 
  • Doesn’t provide the loud ping sound that often can be heard from aluminum bats, however, they provide control to the user.
  • Composite bats are one of the most popular options amongst softball players, but that doesn’t mean they are not preferred by baseball players. As long one has the budget, one can purchase a quality composite bat, and it’s highly likely it will last for a long time. 
  • They are much preferred by batters who likes to make contact with the bat and get on the base often more than power hitting; hence, many youth aspiring to be contact hitters like using composite big barrel bats. 
  • One of the downsides of a composite bat is that it must be broken in which can take up to a few hours and many may feel troubled by the process. But after the break-in process, you can enjoy your premium bat for a long time. 
  • Most of these types of bats have double wall construction, as a result, produces increased trampoline effect for effective hitting. 
  • One of the best parts of composite bats is that they dampen the vibration in hand when hitting a ball. That goes for the same in case of mishits. 
  • Swing weight is lesser than wood or aluminum, making them difficult to handle for fragile or weak kids.
  • There’s also another thing to point out. Composite bats are finicky about temperature. When the weather takes a turn becomes cold, or when night comes, their performances take a drop. And even though they are durable at the cold temperature, they are prone to damage or sometimes even break. 

Composite big barrel bats are ideal for players that want to hit harder and further with power. The thick metal body provides the necessary punch to hit the ball far.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Big Barrel Bats

More often than not it’s the lack of knowledge that prevents one from purchasing quality big barrel bats. Especially since there are so many varieties of bats in the market, the people who know the know-how of a model is on the minority. Below are some of the frequently and commonly asked questions regarding big barrel bats that would help you make a better choice when purchasing a product. 

Is there any difference between a Senior League bat and a Big Barrel Bat?

There is much confusion in the industry towards the terms of senior league and big barrel. Each manufacturer and vendor use them interchangeably. Typically, a 2 ⅝” bat that is not a drop of 3 is considered a senior league bat. On another hand, 2 ¾” bats are regarded as big barrel bats. However, don’t count on the manufacturer or vendors to determine the distinction. 

What is a junior barrel bat?

Junior barrel baseball bats that are 2 ¾” inches bats that are constructed for and used by smaller players. The maximum size of these bats is often 26 or 27 inches with a considerable drop weight. And these bats are usually not rated for playing pitch speed of 45 miles per hour. 

What is the best big barrel bat for 10 years old?

As we’ve mentioned many times that depends on the type of your child is or aspire to be. However, make sure he does not strain himself while trying to play a bat that is heavier or bigger than him, which might injure him. You can check out Marucci Hex Composite, Combat Vigor, Axe MB50, Rawlings Velo, and Demarini CF Zen. These are some of the most popular big barrel bats among 10-year-old kids.

Can you use a Big Barrel Bat in Little League?

You cannot use big barrel bats in the official Little League. They use USA bats in the league, and you can find information about the best USA bats here.   

Are all bats the same?

Obviously, not all bats are the same. Each and every bat is significantly different from each other with different features, whether they are made from different manufacturers. But if you are looking for a legit bat, then there are many top brands in the industry such as Slugger, Easton, DeMarini, Rawlings, Axe, Anderson, Marucci or Combat who sells legit bats that performs at peak powers. 

Are better bats always more expensive?

Bats that have high price tend to have more features than other bats such as larger barrels, more specific swing weights, and technological help that dampens hand sting. 

What have BPF 1.15 standards done for the market?

The BPF 1.15 standards have forced all manufacturers to the drawing board when it comes to innovation. It’s helpful for baseball in general when you see the large picture. 

What is bat drop or the drop mean on a bat?

Drop weight is only the difference between the length and weight of a baseball bat. In simple, term if your bat has a length of 27-inch and weighs 22-ounce, then the drop weight of the bat is 5. Drop weight is often given a negative number such as -5. In short, as the drop weight of the bat increases, it will be lighter in the opposite. Meaning, a bat of drop weight 5 will be lighter than a drop weight 3 ba, 8 drop weight is lighter than a drop of 5 and so on.

What does drop weight of 10 means on a baseball bat?

It means the length to weight ratio of the bat is 10. Meaning, if a bat has a drop weight of 10 and a length of 30-inch, that means the weight is 20-ounce. 

Are Swing Weight and Bat Load the Same?

Although many vendors claim a bat with end load has the same swing load is more often wrong than right. Simply, because a bat with end load doesn’t mean that it also has a high swing load or MOI (mass moment of inertia. Instead, the end load is one of the many factors that determine the swing weight of a bat. Also, when a bat has a handle or end load doesn’t automatically mean it has a low or high swing weight. Your young player may prefer an end load bat, but you can get a low swing weight bat by simply getting a bat of shorter size. 

Big barrel bats are close enough in shape and feel of high school bats, so there’s no issue at senior level. However, keep in mind kids who are starting out may develop bad swinging habits. Either way, you have seen some of the best big barrel baseball bats in this article, and with the helpful information, you will be able to purchase one that fits your kid the best.

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