DeMarini CF7 Baseball Bat Review

The DeMarini Cf7 was designed for the youth. It can, however, be used by a wide range of ages, except those that are younger than the recommended age. It is a little bit more expensive than other bats of its range. However, anyone who has tried a few swings with the bat will confirm that it is an experience you cannot afford to dismiss.

The DeMarini CF7 is a new addition to their line of DeMarini bats that they have been producing Reflex-hitting bats for the past two decades. This new bat promises to give youthful players a much better player experience and performance than any bat from DeMarini yet.

Designed for players seeking a bat that gives them no limitation in the field, the DeMarini CF7 is lightweight, balanced and gives that extra pop you have been looking for. The DeMarini CF7 bat scores high marks on almost all performance variables. From comfort to speed and distance, it outperforms most bats of the same range.


One of the things that you will get with this bat is the comfort. The bat is designed to be lightweight but powerful. The CF7 utilizes the Paradox™+Plus composite barrel. It is manufactured from strong composite carbon fibers. This gives the bat a comfortable swing weight, while at the same time giving it the strength needed to produce that extra pop.

You’ll also notice that the DeMarini CF7 has minimal vibration every time it connects to the oncoming ball. Any discomfort on your hand has been minimized to zero. This is thanks to the two-piece composite barrel. The two-piece barrel maximizes on the trampoline effect of the bat. This makes it ideal for contact hitters and those who particularly detest the vibration that comes with one piece barrel or poorly designed two-piece bats.

As though the two-piece barrel is not enough, the handle is also designed to provide extra comfort for the player. Using their D-Fusion flame tempered handle, the DeMarini CF7 reduces vibrations even further. This is unlike most bats where the energy transfer is not efficient.

DeMarini CF7 Baseball Bat Review

Some of it will ultimately find its way back to your hands and wrists.
To avoid this, the DeMarini Bats has a handle that has been fused together with the flame-tempered technology. The bat, therefore, redirects the energy from the ball back to the barrel.

The flame-tempered design adds speed and distance every time you hit the ball. This in effect gives more power for the hit, while at the same time provides extra comfort.

The RCKTM(Really Cool Knob) knob is designed to add comfort to the bat so that you can practice for longer without the risk of getting blisters. The RCKTM knob is essentially a dual density flat end cap on the far side of the handle. It is ergonomic and makes the bat fit perfectly in your hand. Your grip is more comfortable and this adds more points to your performance.

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Balance of DeMarini CF7 – 

The bat has been highly acclaimed for its balance. This is evident when you hold it in your hand for the first time. The balance partly comes from its overall shape and design.

It does not have an extended barrel like other competing bats like Easton Mako. The lightweight composite material gives it the ideal weight that is balanced from the handle to the tip of the barrel.

The dual density low pro end cap is a special design that is meant to maintain the balance of the bat as you swing the bat away. It ensures that the swing weight is always balanced. This ensures there is some additional balance for the bat.

Power of DeMarini CF7 –

The bat is made of composite carbon fibers that give maximum power and strength. Composite bats can achieve high speeds, while maintaining the ideal swing weight for the player. DeMarini’s composite plus design ensures you get the maximum power and distance every time you hit the ball.
Additionally, the excellent balance that this bat has adds to its power. Balance is important if you are to achieve the highest swing speeds.

Top Features of DeMarini CF7-

D-Fusion Handle: Cancels out vibration and noise so that the bat feels comfortable in your hand as you the bat encounter the ball. The handle redirects energy so that you get the best pop.
Paradox™+Plus composite barrel: The best composite design from DeMarini. The composite fiber gives the bat a comfortable feel, as well as maximum distance and power.
Rotation Index System: Is a system that will keep you informed as to when you need to keep rotating the bat. Ensures maximum durability of the bat.

Half + Half™ two-piece hitting system: A two-piece system designed by DeMarini. It redistributes the energy throughout the bat to maximize the swing weight and to ensure that players can swing it faster with more energy.

RCK™ knob: Designed to ensure that the bat fits comfortably in your hand.

FT™ (flame tempered): The flame-tampered technology that has been used to fuse the barrel to the handle ensures that the handle provides optimal stiffness and strength during play.

Approved: Approved for Play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF.

Pros: The best bat yet from DeMarini. It is designed to provide maximum balance, speed, power, and comfort. The bat promises to give excellent pop every time you swing it, all this while minimizing the discomfort you get from a mishit. It makes it perfect for practice and is ideal for players who are looking for a bat that will not limit them in the field. It has the most recent and advanced DeMarini patented features yet. It is definitely a high-performance bat with an excellent design.

Cons: The main disadvantage of the bat is its cost. It is a little pricey compared to other bats of the same range and design. However, if you choose to buy this bat, you can be sure you will get value for your money. In fact, the price is the only significant disadvantage of the bat.

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