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Most young people would spend hours on video games but still, the importance of playing sports like baseball cannot be undermined by this techie generation. In fact, the youth are into baseball now because nothing really beats being outdoors and engaging into physical team sport.

When buying a baseball bat, you can’t just pick anything off the rack. You have to consider a lot of factors about the bat and also the player. You have to take into account the baseball bat’s manufacturer, weight, materials; among others.
Also, you need to put into consideration the player’s age, height and weight.
You see, you can’t just buy a bat without considering all these things especially the player’s specifications. An adult’s bat is different from a youth baseball bat. Youth bats are designed for players ages 12 and below. You should be at least 13 to get an adult baseball bat.

Apart from the age, your player’s comfort level with the baseball bat is crucial to his or her overall performance on the field. The player’s preference will have the most bearing when choosing the best baseball bat that fits specific requirements.

Baseball bats would differ in design or style, colors, materials, weight, and height. The options could be overwhelming but you would have to put aside the aesthetics and focus more on the quality and flexibility factors of a baseball bat. You would want to look for a baseball bat that is durable and would be a performer once you’re out in the field.
Baseball bats aren’t created equal so you need to find a bat that actually fits you to the core and is a good match for you overall. For any youth baseball bat, you would always want the bat that matches you perfectly – or anywhere near that mark.

If you feel confused or rather overwhelmed with all the baseball options to choose from, we will help you trim down your choices with this honest review on the best baseball bats that can optimize winning steaks!

Easton PRO Stix Plastic Baseball Bat & Ball Set

The Easton Pro Stix Training Set is ideal for kids and teens that are training for baseball or playing wiffle ball. It’s customizable and has a great finish. This 33-inch long baseball bat and ball set has the look and feel of a professional bat.

It’s actually a great option for beginners or for those who are still training for baseball. This is durable enough to handle regular wiffle bags and also light balls. It’s made of superior quality plastic material that is durable yet very light and designed with a professional baseball bat in mind.

It’s available in the following colors: red, black, white, navy blue, red, orange, purple, gray, yellow, pink, and silver.

Good Reputation

The brand name itself has an excellent reputation in terms of integrity and quality in producing the top-notch baseball bats that are primed to win. It’s an industry leader. This is in fact a top favorite among seasoned and popular baseball players because it continuously bags several wins one year after another.


One of the winning points of this baseball is its price tag. It gives a bang for your buck. It’s very reasonably priced yet very high quality. The manufacturers made sure that buyers won’t be shortchanged with this bat as it’s one of the lowest-priced bats in the market. The price is certainly unbeatable at its price range now which is undeniably one of the cheapest bats out there.

Construction and Durability

This is very durable and if longevity is a must-have for you, then this is definitely the right baseball bat for your kid. This is ideally played with wiffle balls but can also handle light balls.


If you are the artistic type and would love to personalize your stuff then this is a great find for you because you can spray-paint it or add accessories to make it entirely your own.

Performance and Versatility

Easton’s brand name certainly hits the spot. It needs no further introduction or validation because this is one of the top brands in baseball bats or sets. This bat is the real deal for baseball that is great at any weather conditions and versatile with any type of baseball hitters.


  • Ultra lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Seamed finish
  • Superior quality material
  • Durable
  • DryLite technology keeps you cool
  • Designed for the youth and beginners
  • Credible and established manufacturer
  • Versatile and customizable
  • Great performance on the field


  • Not advisable for hard balls

This premiere baseball bat is a stunner and a hard-hitter too at that. This is made with a very durable North American maple hardwood that is very dense and can take on long swings like a pro. This is a great choice for contact and gap hitters because it’s a reliable bat on the field.

Stunning Design

This baseball is a looker because it is intricately handcrafted in the United States. It features an intuitive design with medium barrel and standard knob. This is made of maple wood. It’s rock-solid yet has that soft spot. This also has than excellent pop and increased velocity whenever you hit the ball.


This has always been described as a reliable baseball bat preferred by most hitters. Well, that’s mainly because its resin coating makes it extra durable as compared to other baseball bats in the market. The heavy resin coating adds up to its rugged look and feel which makes it as hard as metal.

Speed and Performance

The resin coating on the handle is able to increase its swing speed. It’s made of premium hardwood which is an ideal bat for contact and base hitters. Maple wood is undeniably the best wood for boosting power and contact which is an edge for this baseball bat.

Trusted Manufacturer

Apart from the premium quality material and excellent performance, this baseball bat is manufactured by a highly reputable brand. Easton is a popular choice for many baseball players because of its power and durability factors.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Durable
  • Stain-resistant
  • Excellent in speed and performance
  • Stunning design
  • Premium quality
  • Trusted brand


  • Handles could be a bit slippery after a couple of rounds

This 35-inch baseball bat is a classic choice for many coaches. It has a high gloss finish and very lightweight for easy handling especially by kids. This is most commonly used in baseball trainings or practices and available in yellow and black color combination


This baseball bat is considered high-end and is made of Japanese White Ash Poplar that is ultra lightweight and very easy to swing. This is the reason why it is used by many major league baseball teams.

Lightweight Construction

This is highly recommended for hitters because it’s made of a lightweight material that enable quick and easy swinging. It’s very easy to handle and control.

Unique Design

This boasts of a unique design or shape that makes it very easy to control and swing repeatedly without wearing you out. It features an end-weight design that allows you to swing to great distances with minimal effort.


  • Lightweight
  • Durability
  • Easy to control
  • Boosts speed and performance levels
  • Unique Design and finish
  • Great pop


  • No warranty

This youth baseball bat is patterned from the 271 profile to create that balanced look and feel. This is made of high gradient materials and handcrafted from California in the United States. It’s made of North American Ash wood with a thin knob and handle. It integrates the durability and versatility factor of Easton metal bats at which it was patterned from.

This is also composed of lightweight ash which provides that easy flex for reaching great distances. This is suitable for hitters who would want precision in every game. This is also designed primarily to boost speed and performance in all levels and with a slim margin of error.

This also features a 7/8” handle with leather knobs and cupped ends that provides that rustic yet solid appeal. It is priced just right for its quality, durability, and aesthetic features.

A wooden bat can be very challenging or rough to handle for a young player especially at the beginner level but this baseball bat makes that transition quick and easy.


  • Good price
  • Durability
  • Durability
  • Powerful design
  • Easy to control and flex
  • Lightweight


  • None

This youth baseball bat is great for the little league because it’s easy to control yet has a professional look.

It’s made of high quality Adirondack Natural Ash Wood that has a natural suave finish, flame-treated, and with strong timber quality.
This boasts of a laser-engraved knob which stands out from the rest of other brands. It has a large-sized barrel and features a 21/32-inch handle for easy navigation and control.

This has that steady mix of soft and strong feel or materials that actually provides that hitting power each and every swing. It has a unique or signature design that makes it fairly easy to customize.


  • Professional and sleek design
  • Easy to control
  • Built for top-notch speed and performance
  • Easy on the hands


  • Not so durable with hard hits

What to Look For in a Youth Baseball Bat

There are tons of options to choose from when it comes to baseball bats for your kiddo. The more, the merrier. But, in this case, having so many options and types of wood bats can be confusing. It is recommended to seek the advice of a baseball coach to know the best bats that are appropriate for the youth and what is legitimate to use in games.

Not all bats can be legally used in leagues. Some would allow the use of wood bats while other leagues wouldn’t. Generally, the use of youth wood bats is suitable for baseball practices or for beginners. As a player add up in age and experience, he or she could transition from an alloy bat to a wood bat or perhaps in combination. This happens when a player moves from being a beginner to the professional leagues; the bat also evolves in that direction.

Weight and Size

The weight and size of the bat matters because there are people who would work efficiently with a lighter bat while some would prefer the heavier bat. In general, most small players also prefer a light stick to have better control and swing power while the big players would want a heavy stick to enhance bat speed and power.

Legalities and Rules

You must always check into your league association’s ground rules regarding the types of bats that are legally allowed in the game. There are varied types of leagues with different standards set in using baseball bats.

Barrel Materials or Construction

You have two choices – aluminum alloy or composite. Aluminum bats are cheaper and more durable in comparison to composite bats. However, it could be a bit painful on the hand when swinging a couple of times.

On the other hand, composite bats are preferred by hitters because it tends to have that trampoline effect as the ball reaches far as compared to aluminum alloy bats. This can be pricey compared to aluminum bats but provide more leverage on your swing.

If you want a mix of both, then go for a hybrid bat. It provides players a combination of both aluminum alloy and composite in one barrel. You can have the luxury of having the best of both worlds in one bat.


One of the vital factors that you need to closely look into is how durable a bat is. There are many ways to check or verify durability. One of that is thru the manufacturer or brand name. Does it come from an authority in the industry or one who has an established track record in the business? If so, then this would be a mark of durability and good workmanship.

Baseball bats would always have a warranty period (some won’t have it though). You can always return it in case of damage but you will receive a replacement bat that is marked as No Return (NR). To avoid damage, you must always keep your baseball bats in a bat bag to avoid exposure to harsh weather conditions that can deteriorate your wood bat.

Allow Break-In Time

You have to buy a baseball bat at least 2 to 3 months before the game to allow some time for you to break in the bat. There are some bats that are labeled “hot out of the wrapper” or has already been broken-in. If it has not been broken in then the player will have to do so. It’s helpful to even out all sides of your bat. This should be broken in with the use of real baseballs.

Hot bats or those that have already been broken in should never be used in practices and are reserved mainly for tournaments. Bats have an expiration date or a lifespan to respect so you can’t waste the hits on practices. You have to make each one count in tournaments.

Balanced or End-Loaded?

Hitters would usually prefer the end-loaded type of bats because it can swing to far distances and has that magical pop added to it. On the other hand, a balanced bat provides you a lightweight bat that is evenly distributed and is easier to control.


It is advisable to set a budget for a baseball bat before you shop around. You have to do this so you would stay within your limits yet get more value for your money. You have to understand that it’s not necessary to spend more and get more because there are cheaper alternatives that can provide you top-of-the-line value in terms of performance, look, construction, and speed.
There is always a bat that will look better on the shelves the following day, week, or year so you need to know exactly what you want and stick to your requirements and preferences. Do not settle for less but always be practical in your selection of a youth wood bat. It has to serve its purpose and yet be able to deliver more value over the long haul. Do not choose a bat just because it’s popular but choose one that fits your needs.

Looking for the right youth wood bat is a challenge because personal preferences vary. So, one wood bat may work for you and can be rejected by another. Yes, it’s a subjective choice.
Individual differences factor in to your choices. There are different considerations to follow when choosing the right youth baseball bat for you. You should not choose a baseball bat just because it looks cool or stylish. Go in-depth and look for the plus factor in your purchase in terms of value.

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