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How to Choose Right Baseball Bat

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Below is a review of the best bats available in the market according to the various bat categories present.

Best Baseball & Softball Bats Reviews

best Big Barrel (-10) Baseball Bat

Best Youth BBCOR Baseball Bats

The abbreviation BBCOR stands for Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution. BBCOR regulates the amount of energy lost when the bat comes into contact with the baseball. The higher the amount of energy a bat registers while testing, the more the trampoline effect the bat will have. There are several regulations all BBCOR bats follow.

First, the barrel diameter size for all certified BBCOR bats should not be more than 2 5/8 inches. While the drop weight of these bats should not be more than -3. Nevertheless, the similarity of BBCOR bats does not rule out the fact that not all bats have equal quality. Here is a list of the best youth BBCOR bats available in the market.

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Best Youth Big Barrel Bats

When searching for a  big barrel bat, the first thing to consider is the category of the big barrel bat you require. Big barrel bats are divided into three categories. The three categories are senior league big barrel bats, youth big barrel bats, and junior big barrel bats. Each of these categories comes with specific rules that players require to follow when using or buying the big barrel bats.

The first most important rule in any league is that the best big barrel bat you obtain must have the USSSA approval stamp, which makes it certified for play in leagues. Secondly, the size of the barrel should be between 2 ¼ inches and 2 5/8 inches. There are other aspects to consider the weight, length and the drop weight of the barrel bat.

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Easton 2014 S400 SL14S400
Louisville Slugger Youth Armor Baseball Bat YBAR152

Best Little League Bats

Little league bats are referred to as youth baseball bats in baseball. The bats are used by players in the little league baseball games. These bats have distinct features and measurements unlike other category bats in the market. The most basic feature of a little league bat is its 2 ¼ inches barrel diameter. They also have a drop weight of -8 to -13.

With the wide variety of bats to choose from in the market, making the right decision when it comes to buying the right little league bat can be difficult. Here is a list of the best little league bats you can obtain for your little league baseball players. The number one on the list is the Easton S500 Youth Baseball Bat, Wilson DeMarini NVS Vexxum Baseball Bat, and DeMarini CF6 WTDXCFL Youth Baseball Bat among others. Each of these bats meets the set requirements for play in the little league tournaments.

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Best Senior League Bats

Bats used in any senior league require to be powerful and have a feature combination, which suits older and more experienced baseball players. However, picking the right senior league bat may prove difficult even to the most experienced baseball player.

Here is a list of the best senior league bats available in the market. The best overall performance at bat is the DeMarini Voodoo Raw bat. The bat is known for its power, comfort and the technology behind its making. Secondly, we have the DeMarini CF8, which has better hitting power than the DeMarini Voodoo Raw bat.

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Easton JBB17MK12B Mako Beast 2 3/4 12 Junior Big Barrel Baseball Bat
NEW JUGS T review

Best Batting tee

The quality of a batting tee is very simple. It only requires a low maintenance and durable. The batting tee should not damage the baseball bat and it should not interfere with a player’s visibility or swing of the baseball. Here is a list of the best batting tee available in the market.

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