Best Youth Baseball Bats Reviews

With the numerous numbers of bats out there, it can be a daunting task to settle for the best youth baseball bats but I love to do that for you. The internet offers an unlimited number of reviews for various baseball bats that you can choose from but you should have to be very careful to finalize your decision.

However, this does not make choosing a bat any easier. This critique takes time to sample out some of the youth baseball bats that you can find in the market. The good news is that these bats are affordable & excellent. You must fall in love with one of these bats.

 Better 3 Youth Baseball Bats of 2017-18

DeMarini CF8DeMarini$$$4.9
Easton Mako XL YB16MK10Easton$$$4.8
Easton s500cEaston$$$4.8

Easton Mako XL YB16MK10

Easton Mako line of bats has for the longest time dominated the Little League World Series primarily by contract and also by releasing their high-performance bats. And the company’s 2016 bat has quickly proven to be one of the best bats for youth players. This particular bat features an end loaded design that offers a low swing weight and big sweet spot, making it a favorite for power hitters. It also has an upgraded grip with extra cushioning.

Easton S500C-

Easton discovered a niche for an economy bat that still delivers stellar results. They then filled that niche with the Easton S500C youth bat. This high-performance bat features all the advanced features that can be found on higher end bats, but it is sold on an affordable budget for parents and players that cannot afford expensive bats. Easton engineers used aircraft aluminum to design a lightweight bat, which fosters impressive bat control as well as tremendous balance, extensive sweet spot, and durability. The bat also comes in an assortment of grips and weights to serve various youth hitters.

Best 3 Youth Baseball Bats of 2016

DeMarini CF7DeMarini$$$4.9
DeMarini Overlord FTDeMarini$$$4.8
Easton S1Easton$$$4.8

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DeMarini CF7 –

Often dubbed as having the ‘lightest swing’ on the planet, the DeMarini CF7 has got some of the top youth baseball bats reviews from little leagues sprawled out across the country. Aside from its desirable lightweight which in turn translates to great bat control and balance, the DeMarini CF7 is available in every imaginable size. The light swing weight combined with the bat’s massive plate coverage make CF7 one of the best youth bats among little league players and even professional players.

DeMarini CF8

DeMarini CF8 fastpitch bat is looking to be a heavy contender as one of the best youth bats of 2018. DeMarini engineers have spent some valuable time upgrading the bat’s best-known features by combining some savvy innovations with top-notch technology. The balance of this bat is amazing. Its barrel size is considerably bigger than the 2015 version. The bat control and speed are important aspects in hitting the ball and getting it to the base, and the CF8 succeed at improving both. And of course, you can expect a fantastic pop.

DeMarini Overlord FT –

Demarini Overlord FT is a serious upgrade from the previous CF6 bat. Using a combination of the best technology and performance, this version is light in weight and highly durable in comparison to the other Demarini line of bats. Made from compact carbon material and Half and Half technology, this bat provides just the right amount of balance between the bat and the handle. The bat also has a thermo-fused grip, which maintains all the power within the sweet spot. The handle is stiffer to muffle the vibrations on impact.

Easton S1-

The Easton S1 has been getting some of the best reviews from users. While this two-piece composite youth bat sounds just like any other bat from the Easton line of ideal youth baseball bats, it has its own unique specifications that make it a favorite for hitters. On this bat, two great technologies have been merged together to create a durable, lightweight and perfectly balanced bat. The composite well-cushioned handle absorbs the vibrations on impact reducing any sting on bad contact with the ball. The bat also has a massive sweet spot to help get the ball wherever you want.

Ideal 3 Youth Baseball Bats of 2016-17

Easton XL1Easton$$$4.9
DeMarini VexxumDeMarini$$$4.8
DeMarini CF6DeMarini$$$4.8

Read About 3 Top Rated Youth Baseball Bats of 2016-17

Easton XL1 –

Easton XL1 leads the list of the top-notch youth baseball bats. To begin with, no other bat beats its performance. It has been rated as having the best pop, which has been proved by testing. Its balance point and weight distribution have no match in any of the other bats in the market including MAKO and DeMarini CF6. The THT Composite Barrel places it farther at the top from the rest youth bats.

DeMarini Vexxum-

The Demarini Vexxum takes the slot of the top youth bats in the aluminum category – and not for simple reasons. Many youth baseball bats reviews have considered the resale value, string dampening and durability of the bats before they arrived at their decision. Retailing at $179, it can be sold at $115 in the wrapper and $80 after light use. The balance for bat swing is very good.

DeMarini CF-

If I were to draw a list ranking all my best bats, the DeMarini would be top of the list. The price might scare you away, but it is definitely worth the expense. The value that this bat offers to a user is its strong grip. It also does not vibrate when hitting the ball. Various online reviews have also ranked the DeMarini CF6 highly, and its quality certainly fits its price tag. Therefore, if you are out looking for a good bat at a price that is equal to its utility, then DeMarini would certainly fit your profile search.

Some Best Little League Baseball Bats for the Money:

Easton Yb14s500 s500Easton$$4.9
Marucci Chase Utley Cu26ybMarucci$$$4.8
Easton LX73 ReflexEaston$$4.6
Combat Maxum MAXYB112Combat$$$4.8
Anderson Youth Ignite XP-11Anderson Bat$$$4.8
Axe Bat 2014 L134B EliteAxe$$$4.7
Louisville Slugger 125 Prime AshLouisville Slugger$$4.5
DeMarini Youth Wood CompositeDemarini$$4.6
Easton Mako YB15MKEaston$$$4.7

Read About Some Top Notch Youth Bats for the Money

Easton Yb14s500 s500 –

Ambitious young players learn fast when they have the right equipment, and this bat gives young players control because of its pro tack Grip. The design of the handle allows the player to firmly hold and use it comfortably. The bat is made of alloy material, which gives it a high swing speed. The length to weight ratio of 13 ensures that taller kids are not locked out of using this amazing tool. For a player to perform exemplary, the swing weight should be balanced. This is something the bat offers. It ensures the player has sufficient time when hitting the ball.

Marucci Chase Utley Cu26yb –

Judging from user reviews online, this is probably one of the best bats for youth players that you can obtain. The advantage of this bat is the fact that it is wooden. This makes the bat durable in comparison to other bats. Consequently, the bat can save you a lot of cash, which most people incur, because of costs related to repair. Another advantage about this bat is that when using it, the ball hits the bat without sliding (now you can make those home runs). With all its amazing specs, the Marucci, in my opinion, is undoubtedly the top bat for youth gun.

Easton Mako 11oz YB15Mk –

The bat is made from thermo composite material. This makes it strong and durable. The patented two piece CXN Connexion Technology gives the bat a sturdy feel by maximizing on energy transfer. When the bat hits the ball, the technology ensures that the vibration does not reach the hands, and the energy is transferred to the sweet spot for a mad pop and a great trampoline effect. Another outstanding characteristic of the bat is its ultra-thin composite handle, which has a performance diamond grip. The length to weight ratio is eleven. This bat is not only attractive, but has an outstanding performance.

Easton LX73 Reflex –

For starting players yearning to learn baseball in the best way possible, Easton Reflex bat is among the best youth bats that they should definitely check out. One of the most striking aspects about this bat is the fact that it has a great weight on it. This makes the bat easy to use for a newbie since it is more flexible to handle. The grip of the bat is also good, which will give you a good swing and certainly an enjoyable game. The lightness of the bat makes the ball to move at great speeds. As a learner, you should be able to catch up with the pros within considerable time, if you use this bat.

Combat Maxum MAXYB112 –

Another bat, which should be recommended to the young upcoming super league dreamers, is the Combat Maxum. The outer look of the bat is quite striking as the Louisville Slugger. It also has an incredible swing and good weight on it. It is also well balanced with a long handle. The price of the bat is fair. This is another aspect which makes it worth taking home is.

Anderson Youth Ignite XP-11 –

If you passionately dislike bats that hit and vibrate, then the Anderson Ignite XP should be in your MUST BUY list. The swing that the bat offers make the game interesting. It is also a great bat for learners to start with. Don’t dwell too much on the price tag, but rather what you can accomplish with the bat. If you have been buying bats for a while, you do understand that cheap is expensive. Do not shop for a bat which would make you regret your decision making. With Anderson Ignite, you would be getting the most out of the money you used.

Axe L134B Elite –

Finding the perfect bats for a young players is not an easy come by, but Axe Elite is a place to start on that journey. Using the bat would give you the feeling of being a future professional baseball player. The handle of the bat gives it a good grip. The best thing about the bat is the fact that it is reasonably priced. This does not mean that it is substandard. NO! Let’s just say for its quality, it is relatively inexpensive.

Louisville Slugger 125 Prime Ash Wood –

This is yet another bat which will strike you right from the first glimpse. It is designed in a unique way as compared to other bats. The professional weighing of the bat also makes it to stand on top list. This bat can be used for up to 6 months without having to tape it. Its grip is strong. This makes the game enjoyable while playing. This is the bat that you cannot mind to order it over and over again. It is what I would describe as dependable –never lets you down.

DeMarini Youth Maple Wood Composite –

This bat is popular among young kids because of its edgy look with a blend of black and brown color. Just like the other bats mentioned above, it is also well balanced, which makes it a good bat to add to your list. It is a good choice for parents, who want to satisfy their kids without digging too deep into their pockets. It is long lasting, which means that a buyer would be saving a lot when buying. DeMarini has a great pop, while playing the baseball game.

Single Assorted Wood –

Something interesting about this brand is that you would be taking home 3 bats at a good price. This implies that you would be saving some money for other purposes. If you have two or three kids then this brand would be best pick for you. The durability of the bat also makes it worth buying. Single Assorted Wood would not disappoint in any way. The next time you are shopping for bats to play with, don’t forget to list this in your shopping basket.

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How to Choose a Best Youth Baseball Bat?

Choosing the perfect size bats for youth calls for some knowledge, not only the player’s league rules, but also the ability of the player to hit the ball.Some leagues need to see the logo of the official supplier on the bat before the match. This is to ascertain that the material, length, and size of the barrel are of the required standards.

Most of the best youth baseball bats are light and therefore easy to swing. Apart from being lighter than wood bats, metal bats don’t break easily.

However, most wood bats have more hitting power.You should consider the length before deciding on the perfect bat for your child to buy. You can always find recommendations for various sizes of the players to go with a range of sizes of the bats.


Types of Bats

Wood – Makers of wood bats usually use Maple, Ash, Bamboo or Composite Wood. Among the best bats, the Bamboo type is the strongest of them all and it is more durable than the rest, while Maple is stronger than Ash. It is also harder and denser than Ash.

However, Ash is softer, allowing for good flexibility when swinging. It is, moreover, produces an excellent whip during hitting resulting in a better control of the bat.

Composite Wood bats are made of a combination of wood and composite materials. Although durable, they are not allowed in most leagues.

If you are a power hitter, the bat you can probably pick according to many reviews would be Maple bat for its ‘hard and stiff’ qualities, which can allow for the possible force on the ball.

Alloy – Alloy bats have been considered as one of the powerful bats for years, going back to the 1970s. They were introduced for the purpose of providing an alternative to players who were not comfortable with wood bats since they have more performance.

Made of metal and aluminum, the bats have more durability than composite ones. When playing with an alloy bat and you happen to hit a rock, all you get is a dent. You, therefore, can still use it.

Presently, alloy bats are of light-weight although composite bats are still lighter.

However, they have a high bat speed with a combination of a powerful swing. Due to their light weight and strength, alloy bats still retain a position among the best bats list, since they have a trampoline effect which speeds up the ball travel.

Composite – Composite bats are some of the best bats according to the many online reviews by users & our experts. They are considered to have better performance than aluminum bats due to their swing weight, bending vibrations, trampling effect, bending stiffness, and sound.

Composite bats hit a low when in use in cold temperatures. Since polymers are used during the making of the bats, use in cold temperatures can easily result in cracking. Although composite bats still rank on top, they are a danger to pitchers due to the high speed of the ball when batted.

However, regulations have been put in place to ensure that the trampoline effect of composite bats is under control.

Half and Half – They are also referred to as hybrid and have won the place in youth bats reviews as one of the best bats. The handle and the barrel of these bats come separately and then they are joined together.

This design helps a great deal in creating a trampoline effect from the barrel since there is flexibility at the point where they meet. Users & our expert team have also put forward the quality of half-and-half bats in the creation of minimal vibration in the handle since it’s separate from the barrel. This, consequently, lessens the chances of the player getting hurt.

Youth Baseball Bats Buying Guide:

Shopping Tips to Take Home

Before signing off, it is imperative that you get to know some of the best shopping tips while looking for perfect youth bats. This will act as a guideline to ensure that you end up buying the best products in the market. Remember, there are thousands of brands out there and finding the best might prove to be a hard nut to crack. Below are some shopping tips to keep in mind:

Choosing wooden vs. metallic bats

A buyer can decide to settle for either metallic or wooden bat. Well, the best bats are normally metallic, since they are quite light as compared to wooden ones. Metallic bats also do not break easily. Moreover, they are easy to swing which implies that they provide more power on the baseball. Wooden bats are also good. Pro players normally consider them as ideal when training. If you are out buying for your kid, it is important to ask them whether they prefer wooden over metallic or vice versa. Different people have got different tastes with regards to baseball bats. Doing this guarantees that you buy the top bat for your kids.

The length of the bat

Another important tip to keep at your fingertips when carrying out your shopping is the length of the bat. This depends on the age and height of the child. The last thing that you should do is to buy a bat too big for your child. It is like attempting to discourage him from the game because he or she would struggle to swing it. It is also wise to remember about the weight of the bat. If it is too heavy then playing using it would also be cumbersome. Try and find something which fits the size and age of your kid. You can also opt to take them with you while shopping. This is even easier since you can do the testing while making the purchase.

The barrel

This refers to the section of the bat used to hit the ball. A good bat should have a sizable barrel. The advantage of a well-sized barrel is that it can give the ball good contact. This tip is good for learners since they will not be missing the ball frequently. Nonetheless, bats will smaller barrels are ideal for those with experience in the game. Smaller barrels make the bats lighter, thus the swing is also faster.

Settle for a bat with a good handle

The handle of the bat should be chosen wisely. Depending on your child preference, a thin handle can be a good choice. This gives your child a good playing experience. The grip of the handle should also be firm. Settle for something which not makes the hands of your child keep sweating every time. A slippery handle will only drive away your child from playing the game. The good news is that the best bats mentioned above have good handles. Hence, you can decide to settle for any which suits your budget plan.

Lastly, shopping for the perfect bats for youth players is not as hard as you might be thinking. With the shopping tips mentioned in the critique, you will certainly find it easy to take home one of the best bats in town. The list of the bats included in the article should also give you a hint on what to look for. The most important thing to remember is to always settle for a brand which will not disappoint. To get this information simply go through links above & read user reviews there about best youth baseball bats.

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