Top 10 Best Youth Catcher’s Mitt Review 2023

Date Last Updated: 2023-11-13

The best catcher must have several things in order for them to succeed, but the most important is the best youth catchers mitt. Our team at Bat Sleeves has researched all things youth baseball so you can be confident in our recommendations. We have buyers guides on everything from the best youth sunglasses to the best youth baseball batting gloves. First on our list of the best youth catchers gloves is an excellent choice for catching the ball, giving you the most impressive receiving skills on the field and of course a great looking catcher’s mitt.

Best Youth Catcher’s Mitt 2023

  • Mizuno Prospect GXC112 Youth Catcher’s Mitt
  • Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Youth Catcher’s Mitt
  • Easton NATY2000 Natural Youth Series Catcher’s Mitt
  • Rawlings Renegade Mitt Series
  • Rawlings Gamer Youth Pro Taper Mitt Series
  • Mizuno Supreme GXC94 Youth Catcher’s Mitt (33.5-Inch)
  • Mizuno GPP1075Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove
  • Mizuno Samurai Catchers Baseball Gloves Gcx95y 2-Piece Closed
  • Wilson A600 Baseball Catcher Mitt, Right Hand Throw, 32.5″, Black
  • NEW Catcher’s & Fielder’s Inner-Glove / Palm, Finger & Wrist Padded Lightweight Moisture Wicking

Youth Catcher’s Glove Comparison Table

Check out the table below that sums up our research on the best catching gloves for youth athletes in 2023. You can check price on Amazon by clicking any of our links.

Product ImageProduct nameBrandPriceRating
Mizuno Prospect GXC112 Youth Catcher's Mitt Mizuno Prospect Mizuno$ 4.7/5
Easton NATY2000 Natural Youth Series Catcher's MittEaston NATY2000 Easton$ 4.2/5
Rawlings Renegade Glove SeriesRawlings Renegade  Rawlings$ 4.8/5
Rawlings Gamer Youth Pro Taper Glove Series Rawlings Gamer Rawlings$4.8/5
Wilson A600 Baseball Catcher Mitt, Right Hand Throw,Wilson A600 Wilson$ 4.8/5

Mizuno Prospect GXC112 Youth Catcher’s Mitt

Mizuno Prospect GXC112 Youth Catcher's MittWhen it comes to developing skills and passion in the baseball world, Mizuno is among the leading companies. Mizuno has for years developed baseball equipment for players of all ages. The Prospect GXC112 is one of their youth catcher mitts series. This mitt is designed to perfectly fit a players hand.


Like all Mizuno prospect series mitts, the batt has a size of 31.50 inches. It also comes with a power close feature. The power close feature helps younger players to close the glove while catching the ball during a baseball game. The mitt is easy to close and requires no break in time since it is softer than other youth mitts in the industry.

The mitt also comes with a Notch V design that helps initiate the easy closure of the mitt. With the mitt, young players can actually catch balls without having to force the mitt to close. Its padding has a ParaShock feature, which helps absorb the shock from catching the ball. The padding also provides extra comfort to the wrist and hand.

Finally, for left-handed catchers, there is a Prospect GXC112 mitt just for you.


  • Has a great enclosure pocket
  • You can easily adjust the size for a smaller hand
  • Its features are a great value for money
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Does not require any break-in time
  • The mitt has a conventional open back perfect for catchers who desire to improve their skills


  • Not for kids with faster pitches

Mizuno years of experience in the baseball industry help them produce a product that cares for all your baseball needs. You do not have to worry about your child losing interest as a catcher.

Learn more about youth batting gloves here. We also have a great post on little league baseball cleats here.

Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Youth Catcher’s Mitt

Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Youth Catcher's MittFor any young baseball player who desires to improve their catcher skills, this is one of the catcher’s mitts to acquire. The glove is perfect for youth players who have no desire of taking time to break into their catcher’s mitt. All you need to do is pick it and start playing.


The first and most noticeable feature of this glove is its power close. The power close enables younger players to close the mitt and catch the ball easily. The size of the glove may be slightly larger than the normal mitt but there is still plenty of room for young players to use.

The glove has a fletch v notch design that initiates easy closure for young players. The padding of the mitt is made from a ParaShock pad, which helps absorb the impact from catching the ball. It also further reinforces the mitt protection and comfort.

The glove is perfect for use by both the right hand and left-hand catchers. The weight of the mitt is also perfect for youths seeming the mitt is not too heavy or light.


  • Requires no break in for younger players
  • Has an excellent padding feature
  • It is easy for younger players to catch a ball and close the mitt easily.


  • The size may be a little large for younger players to use
  • The leather of the mitt is not durable

Despite the cons, the mitt surely guarantees that your young baseball player will have fun in not only developing their catcher skills but also playing baseball. The price of this mitt is affordable.

Easton NATY2000 Natural Youth Series Catcher’s Mitt

Easton NATY2000 Natural Youth Series Catcher's MittEaston is not only popular when it comes to the manufacture of professional baseball bats but mitts as well. The Easton NATY2000 is part of a youth catcher glove series, made to ensure that players in the youth category receive the necessary comfort they need when on the pitch.


The Easton NATY2000 is a youth catcher’s mitt, crafted for a youth baseball player with small hands. This mitt has small hand openings that enable a small-handed catcher to fit perfectly in the mitt without it falling off. To prevent the sting that comes from catching the ball, the glove has a Pad with VRS technology.

The technology helps to ensure the player does not feel the sting from catching the ball. The size of the mitt is 32 inches. The mitt’s leather has a steer ready hide that requires the player to break-in for a period.

The glove’s pocket size is perfect for youth baseball players. The mitt comes with an extended glove web with a closed back. The closed back of the mitt helps provide extra protection to the catcher’s wrist.


  • Has an extend web with an index finger sleeve, which proves perfect for providing space to the catcher’s fingers
  • The mitt is durable since it is a full leather mitt.
  • Perfect for small-handed baseball players


  • May require the catcher to break-in the mitt

The Easton NATY2000 is perfect for all baseball players who desire to become professional catchers in their teams and as professional players. Its durability is perfect for playing a full baseball season.

Rawlings Renegade Glove Series

Rawlings Renegade Glove SeriesIt does not take studying rocket science for any baseball player to figure out that Rawlings Renegade is among the leading baseball company when it comes to baseball equipment. Their Renegade mitt series is an example to the excellence they provide in the game.


The glove is made from the best full grain leather material available for glove manufacture. Rawlings oil-tan the leather for the renegade series to ensure the quality and durability of the glove. The leather material of the glove makes it possible for youth players to break in the glove for it to become easy to wear.

The mitt is a one-piece and closed web design that forms a deep and nice pocket. The pocket allows players to make catches, control, and scoop the ball with ease. The pads on the mitt located on the fingers and palm sections act as additional protection from the impact of the ball.

The mitt comes in a range size of 31.5 and 32.5 inches ensuring that different hand sized children can wear the glove.


  • Can be worn by both left-handed and right-handed catchers
  • The leather material of the mitt retains its shape for a long time
  • It has straps that are adjustable to fit your child’s hand
  • Additional protection to protect your child from the impact of catching the ball


  • It may be expensive

With the company’s long-standing history of perfection when it comes to manufacturing baseball equipment, the Rawlings Renegade Glove Series reinforces their stronghold in the industry.

Rawlings Gamer Youth Pro Taper Glove Series

Rawlings Gamer Youth Pro Taper Glove SeriesChildren are constantly growing. This means that they will eventually outgrow the baseball equipment you acquire for them at this age. The Rawlings taper mitt series is an excellent match for those growing hands. You do not have to worry about a new glove every baseball season.


The Rawlings taper glove series has a design with a smaller hand opening accompanied with lower stalls for fingers to fit your catcher’s growing hand. The size of the mitt is 11 ½ inches, which is an excellent fit for your baseball players growing hands.

The glove has a smooth and soft leather full grain shell that helps the baseball catcher’s break in the mitt quickly. The material is also durable meaning that the mitt can stay for long without damages or wearing out. The leather also allows it to maintain its shape and quality.

The mitt has a Tennessee tanning leather rawhide lace that adds to the strength and durability of the glove. The Rawlings Gamer Youth Pro Taper Glove Series also has a web with a conventional back ideal for not only catchers but also pitchers and second and third baseball men.


  • Has a long-lasting durability due to its leather material
  • The glove is reinforced with protective padding to prevent the catcher from experiencing the after-effects of catching the ball.
  • The leather laces add to the quality of the mitt.


  • The mitt requires breaking in before using it.

No mitt can beat the excellence and quality of the Rawlings Gamer Youth Pro Taper Glove Series for those growing baseball catcher’s hands. After all growing hands mean an increase in catcher skills.

Mizuno Supreme GXC94 Youth Catcher’s Mitt (33.5-Inch)

Mizuno Supreme GXC94 Youth Catcher's Mitt (33.5-Inch)The Mizuno supreme series has again outdone itself when it comes to the development of youth baseball catchers’ mitt. The Supreme series is excellent when it comes to high performance and a transitional mitt for baseball catchers. The mitt suits the needs of any player in a given field position within the pitch


The Supreme GXC94 has a no finger channel design with a reinforcement of heavy padding in the palm to help in the reduction of the sting that comes when catching the ball on the pitch. The mitt also has pockets that are shallow to help catchers quickly catch and throw the ball. The webbing of the mitt is close and it allows catchers to catch the ball with ease.

The mitt is also made from a full grain high-performance leather, which helps in the durability of the mitt along with its quality. The size of the mitt is excellent for the transition of a youth player because of its fingerstall size. The glove comes with a feature lock technology, which enhances the ability of the catcher in securing the ball.

The glove also has a soft lining on its palm for long lasting durability and additional comfort to the catcher.


  • The Supreme GXC94 disperses shock thanks to its patent shock grid design
  • Right-handed and left-handed catchers can use the Supreme GXC94 glove
  • Its lining provides additional comfort
  • Easy to break in


  • The mitt may be a little heavy for some youth baseball players

The allure of the Supreme GXC94 does not disappoint. You get more value from the mitt despite its high price. With the mitt, your child transitions smoothly from one baseball stage to another.

Mizuno GPP1075Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove

Mizuno GPP1075Y1 Youth Prospect Ball GlovePrice should never be a determining factor when it comes to picking the right mitt for your catcher star. At times, the most expensive item becomes the most intolerable item to use. However, if you are looking for an inexpensive high-quality mitt to purchase then look no further


The youth Mizuno GPP1075Y1 mitt has a full-grain leather that enhances the mitt’s durability and quality. The leather also provides an excellent protective layer for your little catcher. The additional palm shock pad helps prevent your young catcher from feeling the effects of the ball.

Its palm liner helps increase the additional comfort the mitt offers to the catcher. Its additional MZO lining absorbs any sweat on the skin. This allows your young catcher not worry about the buildup of sweat in the mitt when playing.

Its power close technology helps players break in the mitt with a short time. Its lacing feature enables the mitt catchers to loop the web increasing the flexibility of the mitt. It allows your players to personalize the break-in period of the mitt.


  • Has an additional MZO that absorbs the catcher’s sweat during every play
  • It has smaller hand openings and finger stalls to fit players perfectly
  • Has an excellent web design that enables catchers to experience comfort when doing what they do best.


  • The mitt is a bit stiff

What makes a majority of players purchase this mitt, is because of its great performance. The great performance of the mitt comes from its snap action.

Mizuno Samurai Catchers Baseball Gloves Gcx95y 2-Piece Closed

Mizuno Samurai Catchers Baseball Gloves Gcx95y 2-Piece ClosedThe Samurai Catchers 2-Piece Closed mitt is a new addition to the Mizuno collection. Like previous collections of the Mizuno youth series mitts, the design of the 2-Piece Closed mitt is efficient for youth catchers. They ensure they reinforce its design with appropriate technology to help you improve your skills.


It has a leather material that is oil-treated and full of grain that helps the mitt maintain its durability and quality for long. The 2-Piece Closed samurai mitt features a patented ParaShock technology, which enables the mitt to absorb shock while playing continuously. The technology also provides a less bound feature to the mitt.

It is also ideal for more protection and extra comfort. The 2-Piece Closed samurai is a mitt design suitable for transitioning your little catcher. The size of the mitt is 33 inches and it is the perfect size for your little catcher. Furthermore, like its name suggests it has a 2-Piece Closed design, which reinforces the comfort of the mitt.

The back is open and it has a thumb protection to help the catcher’s hand spread easily in the bat.


  • Perfect for both left-handed and right-handed players
  • Thumb protection, which is only available in the samurai catcher’s mitt
  • To absorb the ParaShock technology is effective in preventing injuries when catching the ball.


  • Maybe the most expensive mitt among the Mizuno youth mitt collection

Look no further for a mitt that caters for every need your child needs while on the field. You can count on this mitt to improve the performance of your child.

Wilson A600 Baseball Catcher Mitt, Right Hand Throw, 32.5″, Black

Wilson A600 Baseball Catcher Mitt, Right Hand Throw,It is a sure fact that baseball is a game that requires the improvement of certain skills. The only way to develop these skills especially a catcher’s skill is providing them with the right equipment. The Wilson A600 mitt is one of the equipment they require to improve their skills.


It is a glove that is perfect for starters and it comes at a great price. The leather of the glove is of better quality. It also ensures that it preserves the bat for a longer time and it improves its quality. Despite their tough nature to break in the mitt is perfect to teach your child how to take care of a mitt

The mitt also has a web design that is perfect for providing your child with the additional comfort they require. It has a closed back for extra comfort and support to their wrist and hand. The padding of the mitt is sufficient to ensure they do not feel the impact of the ball


  • The price of the mitt is affordable
  • Perfect for starter catchers


  • It may take time to break in the mitt

NEW Catcher’s & Fielder’s Inner-Glove / Palm, Finger & Wrist Padded Lightweight Moisture Wicking

Who said that mitts have to be boring when it comes to their design? The new Catcher’s mitt helps change this popular notion. The nature of this mitt is different from the standard mitt available in the market. With this mitt, any youth catcher experiences not only style but perfection as well.


best baseball glovesIt has a protective feature, which is perfect for not only a catcher but a fielder as well. The mitt has extra padding that helps protect the wrist and fingers from the ball’s impact. It also has a lightweight moisture pad that absorbs excess moisture during the game.

It is perfect for both right-handed and left-handed players.


  • Affordable price
  • Incredible design
  • Additional padding to help protect the catcher’s hand


  • Takes time to break in the mitt

How To Choose the Best Youth Catcher’s Mitt

With the many models and brands available for catcher’s mitt, it may be impossible for players to make the appropriate choice. What exactly does one look for in a youth catcher’s mitt? The first thing to look at is the design of the glove. The glove’s design has to keep the catcher’s fingers close.

Secondly, the mitt has to have a closed webbing. The webbing provides additional support to help the catcher during those quick catch moments. The backside of the mitt has to be either a closed back or an open back. A closed back offers the catcher wrist protection and ample support. While the open back is perfect for mobility.

You also need to look at the glove’s padding. The more the padding on the glove, the better protection you get. You also can look at the leather for the glove. The leather of the mitt depends on the level of the players. Finally, you also need to look at the break-in time for the glove and its size.

Having the right equipment is essential when it comes to playing baseball. When it comes to reliability, style, comfortability, quality, and performance improvement, the above youth mitts guar.antee exactly that.

However, you have to ensure you are precise when it comes to selecting the right mitt for your young catcher. The glove you purchase will make a huge difference in the performance of your little one in the field. Ensure you are acquiring quality that will help challenge your child to achieve more in baseball.

Baseball Catching Beginners Tips & Guide

Learning fundamentals is essential to get better at all sports including Baseball. You’d need to learn fundamentals if you want to enjoy the game to its fullest. And catching is the most fundamental part of the sport called “Baseball.” If you are a sports lover in general, you’ll know if you want to enjoy something becoming good at it is the best way for enjoyment.

The same goes for baseball as well and getting better at catching is the first step to get better at the game. But if you are a beginner, you’ll have a hard following other, and for people like you, we’ve shared 10 tips for improving your catching skill.

10 Baseball Catching Tips

Below are some of the 10 baseball catching tips we’ve put together to improve your catching skills even if you’re a beginner.

Losing the Fear Factor

Some kids are afraid of getting hit by the ball regardless of others intentions. The first thing to do when someone wants to learn to catch a baseball is to get rid of their fear of getting hit. If you are new to baseball and to get better at the game getting better at catching should be your first priority. However, if you want to get better at catching the ball, you have to keep practicing, but your first priority should be getting rid of the fear of getting hit by the ball. There are various ways to do that, but the best way is to start with something practicing catching with softballs.

Start with softball or along the line

Although some people are fearless but getting hit by a baseball will hurt, and their fear will increase as a result of getting hit. If you are starting out, you should start with catching big balls like vinyl softballs or volleyballs to get used catch the big balls start practicing baseballs, and you’ll lose fear gradually.

Practice opening and closing the glove

The most basic of catching a baseball is to know your way around the glove you’re wearing. If you don’t know when to close or open the glove when a ball flies to you the change you’ll drop the catch is big. So, you should start to practice the timing of opening and close the glove. Keep in mind, if you close the glove too late too early hundred percent the ball will leave your hand. Keep practicing and get a feeling when to open and close the glove in various catching situations. After getting used to the sense of various timings, you should start playing some live game. As they say “nothing beats a real game.”

Start slow

If you’re starting to know the game of baseball and you want to perfect your catching skill, start off slow. If someone throws a ball in bullet speed, suddenly you’ll most likely get injured. In short, practicing catching slow balls and increase the speed as time goes on. Gradually, you’ll get used to the variations of the speed of a baseball. Once you get used to the speed, you can participate in regular baseball games to hone your catching skills further.

Hand and Eye coordination

Just as mentioned above, when starting out you should drop off the speed of the ball to get used to various speeds gradually. Because if you were not a sportsman before you would need to improve your hand and eye coordination. Simply, when the balls come to you and when you should catch the ball. Because catching a ball all the time with only vision is not possible all the time. So, you have to keep practicing until your body can see and catch the ball naturally. It will take time, but if you stick with the game, you’ll improve.

Aim high

The easiest place for a child to catch a baseball is right above their head on the glove side according to Randazzo. But that goes same for an adult too if the person is just starting out and learning to catch a baseball. If you are absolutely no good at catching, you should request someone to show you where to position your hand and throwing the ball right into the position so you can catch the ball without moving the mitt. The goal is to throw soft strikes, and improving your catching skill gradually.


The best opportunity for catching a ball clearly is with good footwork. If you have good footwork, you will have the chance to catch a ball no matter how it was hit or thrown. New players or youth league players always focus on improving their footwork to catch a ball quickly. Because if you can’t catch up where the ball is falling there’s no way you can catch the ball. You can improve your footwork with regular exercises such as side-shuffling, hopping, charging, and dropping straight back. Improve your footwork to improve your catching skill.


You are almost intuitive to catch any balls hit or thrown around you. And control over hand is important to catch the balls. Whether it’s the overhead shot on your glove side or even a backhand can seem natural motion if you are good with your hands. But if you’re a beginner, even the straight catch will seem hard for you. To become better at catching balls you should improve catching the straight balls first, and there are some simple ways to improve your straight catching skills.

Use pinkies and thumbs to practice catching easier

These two ways are most used to teach kids when are starting out their baseball career which is relatively simple and you can use as well. The two methods are pinkies, and thumbs or known as pinkies catch and thumbs catch.

Any ball hits towards you that is below your waist is called a pinkies catch which means to catch the ball you’d need to put your pinkies of each hand together in a side-by-side manner. Spread out your fingers and form a big basket— one bare hand and one glove hand.

Any ball hits toward you that is above your waist is called a thumbs catch. Unlike the pinkies, this requires you to put the thumbs of each hand together in a side-by-side forming a two-handed basket with proper hand placement for both catching and throwing.

Keep practicing with your new catchers mitt

Just like any other training, practice makes perfect. Keep practicing your catching skill until you get better at it. Make sure to practice the fundamentals to prevent bad habits from forming. Take your time and don’t slack with your practicing, you’ll get proficient at catching any ball gradually. Just like you need to choose the perfect mitt for your hand, check out this guide on picking the best youth baseball bats.

Having the feeling to get better at baseball is natural if you are a person who loves the game passionately. And improving your catching skill is the first step to becoming better at the game. Start implementing the tips in the article and improve your catching skill to enjoy the sports of baseball more than ever.

Note that in years past the best brands and gloves for catchers that we reviewed were: wilsons a360 catchers mitt, models catchers mitt, allstar youth, rawlings renegade series catchers mitt, Joe junior, easton mako youth, wilson a1000, steerhide leather, star young pro series, akadema agc98 prodigy series glove, parashock palm pad, framer series, pro series, prodigy seriesakadema agc98, wilson a2000. Many of these brands are still great and we would still recommend them, however over time many of the youth baseball catchers mitt improve quite a bit so we have the most up to date research in this article. Many things are improved each year by the various brands, such as: price, break in time, grain leather, comfortability, and the palm padding. Contact our research team if you have any questions on the older catchers gear.

Youth Catcher’s Mitt vs Adult Catcher’s Mitt

The youth and normal catcher are similar and different in several ways. Their similarities include both the youth and normal catchers are mitts. This is because both enclose your fingers when playing baseball. Both catchers come in different sizes and designs.

For their differences, a youth mitt is more sophisticated in design, unlike a normal catcher’s mitt. The upgrade of its design ensures the catcher has more protection during pitching and catching moments. The padding in a normal mitt is less as compared to the padding in the Youth mitt. The youth mitt is more costly, unlike the normal catcher’s mitt.

Youth Catchers Mitt Sizing Chart

Best Youth Catcher’s Mitt 2018

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