Best Youth Baseball Sunglasses

If you are gearing up for the little league season, don’t forget to buy a pair of the best youth baseball sunglasses. There is more to this sporting accessory than meets the eye. Not only does it provide protection, but it also allows for accuracy and adds style to any player’s game.

A great set of sports eyewear is an absolute must to help to improve performance. Other than making it easier to swing at or catch balls when there is a glare, baseball sunglasses also protect your kids’ eyes from powerful UV rays and possible damage. There are even some pairs that have been specially designed for kids who need to use prescription lenses.

Take a look below at our guide on finding the best youth baseball sunglasses. We will provide answers to the following common questions which typically arise when choosing a pair to buy, as well as review some top quality products currently available on the market.

  • What features to look for when buying baseball sunglasses?
  • What are the benefits of wearing youth baseball sunglasses?
  • Which are the best brands to buy from?
  • Features, pros, and cons of top products on the market

What Features To Look For In Baseball Sunglasses

Choosing the best youth baseball sunglasses can be difficult as there are so many different products and options out there. Here are some important things to note when buying a pair of sunglasses to use on the field.

Lenses and UV Protection

Sunglasses would be pointless if they didn’t do a good job of blocking out the sun. Protecting our eyes against sharp rays and potential sun damage is exactly why we wear sunglasses in the first place. When buying a pair of sunglasses for your kids, make sure to pay extra attention to the lens quality.

As these glasses are to be used for extended periods of time on sunny baseball pitches, you will need to make sure that they offer optimal UV protection for the player. The best glasses out there should be coated with UV400 for protection against 100% of harmful UVB, UVA, and UVC rays.

Great lenses also work to restore the natural colors and block any harmful blue light. Having the best quality lenses you can get will help to protect the eyes, as well as improve performance during a sunny baseball match.


Great frames are the other major part of the best youth baseball sunglasses. The frames for sports-specific pairs need to be made of a durable, lightweight, and comfortable material. This is usually a kind of tough plastic.

You also want the frames to be shatterproof and slightly flexible (if not completely flexible). This is because softer frames with some flexibility are safer to wear in case of any contact during the sport.

Comfort and Fit

As baseball is extremely active, sunglasses for your young baseball players need to be very comfortable! The last thing anyone needs to be worrying about when they are running, swinging, pitching, or catching on the field, is their eyewear.

Make sure that the pair you choose offers complete comfort as well as a solid fit. You certainly don’t want the sunglasses to fall off when the player is in motion. Some products come with additional backstraps, and some wrap around the head more than regular glasses. These help a great deal with keeping them positioned snugly on the face with little movement.

Comfort can also be maximized by the type of materials used, for example, the nose pad and any extra soft fittings. The best youth baseball sunglasses should be so comfortable that your kid forgets that they are even wearing them during practice or for a game.


Durability ultimately comes down to the kind of materials that are used to make up the glasses. This is a highly important factor, as it can affect the safety of the person wearing them, as well as the lifespan of the product.

Sports sunglasses need to be more durable than most, so make sure that this is the case. The best youth baseball sunglasses are made using tough plastics that are shatterproof, as this adds a level of safety for the user.

Are They Polarized?

Some of the best youth baseball sunglasses for kids are polarized, and others are not. There is not necessarily a better option here, it is rather just a matter of personal preference.

Polarized glasses are specially designed to reduce glare. They make it easier to distinguish colors and objects in bright light situations, which is often the case on the pitch.

However, there are certain instances where the lenses make it impossible to read or see certain displays. Generally speaking, they are also more expensive than their non-polarized counterparts. Additionally, you will hear some people say that polarized glasses are better suited to activities which involve less head movement (such as fishing or driving).

Half-Rim or Rimless?

When choosing a pair of glasses to use on the field, you want to make sure that they don’t obstruct the player’s vision in any way. This is why you never see sports glasses that use a full-frame. The best youth baseball sunglasses will use either a half-rim or a rimless frame. It is simply a matter of personal preference as to which you choose.

Sweat Resistance

It is natural to perspire while taking part in a sports game. Well designed and though-out baseball sunglasses have a rubberized nose and temple pads which help to keep them in place on the player’s face when they are sweating. This can be a big bonus during long runs in the sun or heat.

Benefits Of Wearing Baseball Sunglasses

Many people often overlook purchasing a great pair of sunglasses when helping out their child for baseball season. This can be a bad mistake, as wearing a pair out on the pitching mound can provide the player with plenty of benefits.

First of all, the best youth baseball sunglasses will help to improve vision in serious sunlight. Sometimes there can be harsh glares and bursts of direct sunny rays coming through on the pitch, making it difficult to see. The glasses help to filter the light out.

Sunglasses are also vital for protecting your child’s eyes and vision. Exposure to UV rays can damage the eyes, and it is important that kids are protected against these. Make sure that your child has a good pair of UV blocking glasses during sunny games to help their eyesight in the long run.

Baseball sunglasses can also provide relief against other elements. Playing in the wind or rain which can irritate a player’s eyes or blur their vision, is far easier with glasses on. They can also add a level of protection over the eyes in the case of any contact with the ball or bat.

Best Youth Baseball Sunglasses Reviews

Now that you have an idea of the features to look for when buying a pair of glasses, here are some reviews to help you narrow down your search further. Read on to find out more about five of the best youth baseball sunglasses that are available on the market right now. We have sorted them according to price, from highest to lowest.

If you are looking for some of the best youth baseball sunglasses available, then Oakley is certainly a brand to consider. This brand is known worldwide for its top quality sports eyewear. It is no different when it comes to baseball, and is a regular top seller in the category.

The Oakley Youth Boy’s OO9200 Quarter Jacket glasses are made using the brand’s famous Plutonite lenses. This is definitely a big drawcard to this product. These lenses work to block 100% of all UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, as well as harmful blue light up to 400mm.

Oakley’s lens prizm technology enhances color, contrast, and details on the field to boost the abilities of the player. The Prizm lenses are designed to help the player track the ball against the textures and contrast of a field, by boosting colors and filtering distracting colors. Lenses are also interchangeable, meaning you can swap them out or replace them if needed.

The frames are made using impact-resistant, lightweight O matter. Not only does this provide great strength while playing active sports, but also makes the glasses extremely comfortable. Both frame and lenses are made using durable plastic to provide better safety and protection while on the field.

Unobtainium earsocks and nose pads improve the product’s grip during perspiration, and Oakley’s clever three-point fit system provides precise optical alignment and helps eliminate uncomfortable pressure points when wearing them. Contact is only made on the bridge of the nose and behind the temples.

If you want to give your kids the kind of quality that Oakley adult eyewear is known for, then consider the Quarter Jacket. They offer excellent protection, comfort, and are perfectly durable for all kinds of busy sports. Beyond the safety and comfort factors of these sunglasses, they also look great!

Main Features

  • 100% UV protection coating
  • Non-polarized iridium
  • Plastic lens and frame
  • Special comfortable design


  • Great sunblocking capabilities
  • Excellent UV protection
  • Made with lasting quality
  • Comfortable


  • One of the more expensive pairs of baseball glasses

Under Armour is one of the go-to names when looking for the best youth baseball sunglasses. The brand produces top quality sporting goods that are made with practical design in mind, and this particular pair of sports sunglasses for kids are no exception.

The Nitro L eyewear features impressive lenses for maximum protection. Under Armour makes them from polycarbonate for superior optical performance, and uses an impact-resistant design so that they are safer on the playing field. Furthermore, the lenses are coated to offer 100% protection against UVA, UVC, and UVB rays, making them ideal for sunny conditions.

The durable ArmourFusion Grilamid frames are also perfectly designed for baseball use. They are made with cam hinges and a unique airflow technology which provides optimal comfort and practicality for the person wearing them. This particular frame is one of the brand’s most successful youth frames, and is used on the UA Nitro pair in addition to this one.

The frame of these glasses wraps around the head more than regular glasses. This allows for a more comfortable fit, as well as a better grip during active sports. The rubberized temple pads are also designed to provide optimal traction during perspiration and will stop the glasses from slipping off.

As one would expect from a popular brand like Under Armour, these sunglasses look great too! They offer superior style that is bound to make anyone who wears them feel happy. They are also extremely comfortable, with lightweight frames and soft forehead padding.

These are a great choice for those who are looking for premium protection and quality for their little baseball star! Each aspect of these sunglasses has been designed and manufactured with sports in mind. The end result is a product that is perfectly suited to baseball.

Main Features

  • Plastic frame and lenses
  • Polarized
  • 100% UV protection coating
  • Impact-resistant and durable


  • Great UV protection
  • Polarized glasses
  • Stylish design
  • Tough and durable
  • Comfortable to wear


  • On the more expensive side

These glasses by Torege are certainly some of the best youth baseball sunglasses out there. Their clever design, stylish appeal, and overall sun protection work together to make this an ideal product for kids to wear on the baseball pitch (or for use during other sports too).

The frame is one of the best examples of how these glasses are perfectly suited for sports that require unobstructed vision. They have been designed using a special three-dimensional surround design which works well in an active environment. The frame is light and thin to make them as comfortable and unrestrictive as possible. It is made from flexible and impact resistant GRILAMID TR90 material for long-lasting use.

Tri Acetate Cellulose (TAC) lenses are made using UV400 REVO polarized material. These specially coated lenses have 7 layers and are made to block 100% harmful UVA and UVB rays. The layers include a polarization layer, two bonding layers to ensure durability, followed by another two for UV protection and to absorb UV light. Finally, the 6th and 7th layers are the shatterproof layers making them safe for the baseball pitch.

The lenses also restore true color and eliminate reflected light. This means that they work amazingly well to protect your child’s eyes from the harmful sun, as well as to help them to play a better game.

A soft rubber nose pad and slightly flexible frame makes them comfortable and easy to wear while playing baseball. They also come in a really wide range of different color options – allowing your kid to have a bit of fun picking out the pair that suits them best.

Finally, Torege offers a 34-day money-back guarantee for all of its customers, as well as a lifetime breakage warranty on the frame.

Main Features

  • UV400 REVO polarized lens
  • Durable polycarbonate frame
  • Soft rubber nose pad
  • Comes in a variety of different color options


  • Great UV protection
  • Many different color options to choose from
  • A comfortable fit
  • Durable frame and lenses


  • Sizing can be difficult

If you are after some of the best youth baseball sunglasses available at an affordable price, then be sure to check out this pair by ACBLUCE. They have been cleverly designed for kids to use on the baseball pitch, or for a number of other sports activities.

First, let us look at the lenses. These are strong triacetate lenses, which are coated with 100% UV400 protection to block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. 9 layers of Swiss technology are incorporated into the glasses to make them both safe, protective, and polarized. The lenses restore true color and eliminate reflected and scattered light which can be distracting on the pitch.

One of the great things about this pair of kids sunglasses is how well the frame is suited to baseball. The TPEE frame is made using very soft and flexible, skin-friendly TPEE material. It is this durable material which makes the eyewear both flexible as well as extremely difficult to break. You can easily throw the glasses into your kid’s sports bag, or have them come into all kinds of contact during a baseball match and they will hold up.

The sunglasses also come with a clever adjustable strap which is attached to the frame through anti-slip hooks, making sure that the glasses won’t fall off! After adjusting the strap, there is no tail left sticking out at the back. This gives your young player more comfort and security as well as fewer distractions during a match.

These awesome baseball sunglasses for kids tick all the boxes they need to. They are super durable, comfortable, practical for sporty use, and offer superior protection against the sun. Your kids really don’t need much more when they are out on the pitch.

Main Features

  • Triacetate lens
  • Polarized glasses
  • Soft and flexible frame
  • 100% UV400 protection
  • Ultralight


  • Completely flexible
  • Offers 100% UV protection
  • Lifetime breakage warranty
  • Ultralightweight
  • Includes a useful strap


  • Sizing can be difficult

The Cherubs Kids Style and Sport Sunglasses offer a fantastic solution to any little ones out on the pitch! They are specifically designed with sports in mind – giving you a product that is completely functional and practical for playing baseball.

These sunglasses offer excellent value for their functional design. While they may seem simple at first glance, they are made with quality lenses and have a well-built frame. The frame is made from safety tested polycarbonate plastic which is extremely tough and perfectly suited for sports.

In addition to being optometrist approved and extremely tough, the frame also provides flexibility as well as strength. It houses and protects the shatter-resistant lenses, making the glasses safe for use on the baseball pitch.

The lens is a UV400 REVO polycarbonate design that is also optometrist approved. The lens is safety rated, meaning that it will help to protect the player’s eyes from potential sun damage while playing baseball. Note that the lenses on this pair are non-polarized, which some will say is better for sports with lots of head movements.

The measurements of these glasses are 37 mm high, 132 mm wide, and 132 mm in lens width, making them perfectly suitable for younger children.

Beyond the practical nature of these glasses, they also look good. Your child should be happy to wear them on the pitch, as they are comfortable and simply designed.

Overall, the glasses were created by optometrists with the mission to protect their children from sun exposure through safety-rated lenses. This is exactly what these do, making them some of the best youth baseball sunglasses out there.

Main Features

  • Safety tested polycarbonate frame
  • UV400 REVO polycarbonate lens
  • Non-polarized
  • 132 mm lens width


  • Strong frame build
  • Durable lenses
  • Excellent UV blocking capabilities
  • Comes with a great case


  • Only available in one color option

Final Thoughts

Investing in a great eyewear for your kid’s baseball matches is a wise decision. It will improve their game, protect their eyes from all kinds of harmful rays, as well as allow them to have a more enjoyable time in sunny conditions. Just make sure to check in with the coach or specific league to see if you are allowed to wear sunglasses, as this can sometimes vary.

Buying the best youth baseball sunglasses may seem overwhelming, but we hope that this guide has helped to steer you in the right direction! Reading reviews on the products you are interested in buying always helps to make a better informed decision on the matter.

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