Best Senior League Baseball Bats Reviews

After doing depth research, I got a list of the best senior league baseball bats that I gonna share with you. Most of these bats come from the best baseball bat companies like Easton, Demarini, Louisville etc. Here you can see a lot senior league baseball bats list. Let’s read the post & ask me if have any question.

Top 10 Best Senior League Bats Reviews 2020

One of the most successful and highly rated baseball bats in 2020 is the Louisville Slugger Prime 918. Even among so many of their lineup, the Prime stands out as a complete baseball bat that has all the features a player would want. It’s still being used by many players this season. Louisville Slugger engineer team developed this bat to perfection so you can play with this bat while staying at the best of your form throughout the whole season. 

Louisville Slugger Prime 918 -10 Senior League Baseball Bat
Photo: Louisville Slugger Prime 918 (-10) 2 3/4″ Senior League Baseball Bat

The Louisville Slugger Prime 918 has a three-piece and 100% composite design and MicroForm barrel design for lighter swing and premium pop. The barrel is large but without any extra weight added to it thus maintains a balanced swing weight. In addition, it’s built with the patented TRU3 technology that reduces vibration in case of mishits and provides ultimate feel on contact. When it comes to USSSA approved end cap the Prime comes with the RTX End Cap that helps expand the barrel while improving the durability of the bat. The custom lizard skin grip provides premium comfort to players hands while holding. 

The Louisville Slugger Prime 918 features a 2 ¾” inches barrel and a drop -10 to length to weight ratio. It also comes with the 1.5 BPF certification stamp of USSSA so it can be used to play for most major leagues. It’s undoubtedly one of the best senior league bats for a player looking to improve their contact rate and base hitting rate.

  • 100% composite MicroForm barrel for a lighter swing and maximum pop.
  • TRU3 technology reduces vibration on hands and provides an excellent feel on contact.
  • RTX end cap for a longer barrel shape.
  • Custom lizard skin grip provides premium comfort while holding.
  • High price compared to other senior league bats.
  • With various models in the market, it could be difficult for first-time shoppers.

After CAT5 and CAT6, the global bats’ manufacturer Marucci brought out their younger sibling which became one of the most popular senior league bats in the market, the CAT7. And this one has a lot of similarity to its predecessors just double the power and performance. Marucci has done a fantastic job of developing this bat, increasing the spectacular design every year. It became prevalent amongst youngsters as soon as it was released. 

Cat7 Senior League Baseball Bat
Photo: Marucci Cat7 Senior League Baseball Bat, 28″/20 oz

The big difference between the CAT7 and its predecessor lies in the material the bat is constructed from. It’s made from AZ4X alloy that dramatically improves the durability and strength of the bat. This bat offers an optimized barrel design that is more responsive and a sweet spot twice as large compared to its previous model the CAT6. Thanks to Marucci engineered team’s extensive research while consulting with their advisory board that consists of many experienced professional players Marucchi determined the most common complaints among amateur players is the vibration on their hands when hitting. 

They solved the problem by adding the AV2 (Anti Vibration) knob that is also known as second generation anti-vibration knob. The AV2 knob reduces any negative feedback in hand and provides excellent feel when holding. Furthermore, the ring-free barrel technology allows the bat to provide excellent performance continuously. The Marucci CAT7 features a 2 ⅝” inch barrel along with a drop -8 length to weight ratio and comes with the USSSA 1.5 BPF certification stamp. The CAT7 has a lot of positive responses from players, parents, and coaches alike who liked this bat a lot. Notably, players looking to up their performance at the plate praised this bat a lot.

  • AZ4X alloy improves the durability and strength of the bat.
  • Massive sweet spot thanks to the optimized and responsive design.
  • Second generation AV2 knob that reduces the vibration in player’s hands.
  • Ring-free barrel technology allows the bat to show consistent performance throughout a season.
  • Ring-free barrel technology allows the bat to show consistent performance throughout a season.
  • The drop weight can be uncomfortable with some players.

Rawlings is a leading baseball bat manufacturer, and they are known for producing top-quality one-piece of bats. Among the countless bats, they have made the Rawlings 5150 senior league baseball bat can be said to be one of the best. One of the most iconic one-piece alloy constructions Rawlings ever made The 5150 has provided players and teams with championship level performances throughout its lifetime. An excellent bat for youth looking to hit balls out of the park and up their power hitting. 

Rawlings Sporting Goods 5150 Alloy Senior League Baseball Bat
Photo: Rawlings Sporting Goods 5150 Alloy Senior League Baseball Bat (-5) SL755

The Rawlings 5150 Alloy Senior League Baseball bat is constructed from Rawling’s most radically responsive aerospace-grade 5150 alloy which provides the bat with premium ping and unbelievable durability throughout the season. The Precision-Optimized Performance (pOp) 2.0 technology has been added to the barrel to ensure players can make the most out of the bat. This isolates the excess weight of the bat to smaller regions while helping to enlarge the sweet spot for a larger hitting surface; as a result, increasing consistency at the plate. This bat is very popular and has been used by high school, college teams in the World Series title games. 

5150 Alloy Senior League Baseball Bat Review
Photo: Rawlings Sporting Goods 5150 Alloy Senior League Baseball Bat

The 5150 features a 2 ⅝” inch barrel along with a drop -5 length to weight ratio and comes with the USSSA 1.5 BPF certification stamp. The best thing about this bat is that it’s very cheap and affordable. If you are looking for a bat high in performance with the right features that complement power hitting while under a tight budget this bat will be perfect for you.

  • Aerospace 5150-grade alloy provides premium ping and durability throughout the season.
  • A massive sweet spot makes up a larger hitting surface.
  • Precision-Optimized Performance (pOp) 2.0 technology within the barrel.
  • -5 drop weight makes it perfect for power hitting.
  • Very affordable within any age group.
  • Lacks many features of a high-performance and expensive bat.
  • The drop weight makes it difficult for some players to lift and swing the bat.

Easton is known to develop high-performance and innovative baseball bats that help with player’s batting performance at the plate. The Easton Mako Xl is one such that shows the originality of Easton and how much they are obsessed with creating the complete bat in the game. With many features and showing consistent performance throughout the season this bat captured the heart of many players and fans. This goes to show again Easton’s capability to bring out top quality bats every season in the market. 

Easton Senior Mako XL Baseball Bat
Photo: Easton Senior/Youth SL16MK8 Mako XL Comp League Big Barrel Baseball Bat, 29″/21 oz

The MAKO is constructed from the TCT Thermo Composite Technology which is also the key to the bat’s fast swing speed, large sweet spot, and excellent feel on contact. Also, the barrel and handle are comprised of this innovative material that is then connected by Easton’s patented 2-PC ConneXion Technology. Easton wanted up user performance; thus, the handle was isolated from the barrel with the connection joint. By doing this energy, transfer was maximized while also reducing vibration in player’s hands in case of mishits. The MAKO Xl offers a larger barrel than a standard MAKO series making up a bat with a perfect end loaded swing weight for maximum power and distance when hitting.

This bat has a drop -8 length to weight ratio, 2 ⅝” inch barrel, and a 1.2mm Hyperskin bat grip that offers premium comfort while holding. Also, the MAKO Xl comes with the USSSA 1.5 BPF certification to play for in most major senior leagues. Ideal bat to improve your contact rate and hitting skills overall.

  • TCT Thermo Composite Technology for a massive sweet spot and fast swing speed.
  • Durable and show consistent performance throughout a season.
  • 2-PC ConneXion Technology for optimized feel and maximizing energy transfer.
  • Hyperskin bat grip for premium comfort when holding at the plate.
  • Some players may find it hard to cope with the swing weight.
  • Can be slightly expensive to some.

Louisville Slugger has been in the industry for more than a century. They have always worked to improve baseball bats year in and out to help players become the best they can be. Although they are best known for developing wooden bats for the highest level of the game (MLB), Louisville Slugger produces quality bats at other levels as well. And one of their successful models is the Louisville Slugger Catalyst Senior League Baseball Bat. This particular bat attracted a lot of attention after its release, and it’s still popular among many young players. 

Louisville Slugger Senior League Baseball Bat
Photo: Louisville Slugger Senior League Catalyst 17 2 3/4″ (-12) Baseball Bat, 27″/15 oz

The Catalyst is constructed from the high performing C1C composite material that gives a lightweight feel to the bat. Additionally, the drop of -12 paired with the lightweight material makes Catalyst one of the light senior baseball bats in the market. This one-piece fully composite bat was developed with young players in mind to hit with maximum swing speed. And there’s the ⅞ inch tapered handle along with a durable synthetic grip and large sweet spot makes it a bat perfect for hitters looking improve their contact and base hitting rate. 

The Louisville Slugger Catalyst Senior League Baseball Bat features a 2 ¾” inch barrel, -12 length to weight ratio, and comes with the USSSA 1.5 BPF certification stamp. An excellent baseball bat for younger players looking to maximize swing speed. 

  • One-piece lightweight construction allows for maximum speed and better control.
  • C1C composite material makes up one of the ultra-lightweight bats in the market.
  • Massive sweet spot for more contact.
  • Durable synthetic leather grip for comfortable feel when holding the bat.
  • Ultralight -12 length to weight ratio.
  • The lightness will take some time to get used to for players that are using it for the first time.
  • Synthetic may not last long if not maintained properly.

Demarini is one of the best bat manufacturers in the world, and some of their bats are the very best in the market rivaling even bats from Easton, Louisville Slugger, or Rawlings. Demarini is also the first choice of many players because of their dedication to high-performance baseball bats. For the 2020 season, the Voodoo bats of Demarini is back better than ever. This is one of the most versatile among Demarini’s lineup and became one of the most popular senior league bats of all time in the game. 

DeMarini Senior League Baseball Bat Reviews
Photo: DeMarini 2018 Voodoo (-5) 2 5/8″ Balanced Senior League Baseball Bat, 30″/25 oz

The 2020 Voodoo has a hybrid two-piece construction and delivers the sound of a traditional alloy bat with the smooth feel of a composite bat. It’s made from the durable X14 alloy that utilizes the enhanced variable wall thickness of the bat for better performance at the plate. Also, the premium alloy distributes the weight evenly throughout the barrel for precise hitting and better control. Then, there’s the 3Fusion for great weight control and feel along with a lightweight 3Fusion end cap that optimizes the sweet spot, sound, and feel of the bat. In addition, the 3Fusion handle reduces negative vibration in player’s hands and provides more flex on contact that helps to transfer negative feedback to the barrel for great pop. 

The Demarini Voodoo features a standard 2 ⅝” inch barrel along with a drop 5 length to weight ratio, and the USSSA 1.5 BPF certification stamp for USSSA approval. Truly the ideal bat to boost younger players confidence and improve their batting skills by leaps and bounds. Demarini makes it all possible with this high-performance 2020 Voodoo senior league baseball bat. 

  • X14 alloy distributes the weight evenly through the barrel.
  • 3Fusion handle for great weight control and feel.
  • 3Fusion end cap optimizes the sweet spot, sound, and feel of the bat.
  • -5 length to weight ratio with a lot of pop.
  • It could be somewhat heavy for some players to lift comfortably and swing.
  • Somewhat pricey for a senior league bat.

Marucci is a household name when it comes to baseball bats, and each of their bats is handcrafted and fine-tuned by length, weight, and barrel diameter, so you’ll find a bat that suits your taste in the market. But one of the best models of the Marucci which complements all features a batter would want is the Marucci Hex Alloy. It’s also one of the most popular and highly rated by youths and parents alike. You’d love this bat if you are a player looking to improve your hitting skills.

Marucci Hex Alloy USSSA Baseball Bat Review
Photo: Marucci Hex Alloy 2-10 USSSA Baseball Bat (2 3/4″)

The Hex is comprised of the newly developed AZ105 alloy that makes up a thin barrel and provides increased performance without sacrificing durability. Many bats tend to abandon the durability and focuses on features, but Marucci focuses on both in this bat. There’s also the patented Ring-Free Barrel Technology which helps to provide consistent performance at the plate with zero dead spots through the barrel. Also, a multivariable wall design inside the barrel makes up a large sweet spot, large sweet spot, and extended barrel length. 

The Marucci Hex features a drop 10 length to weight ratio, 2 ¾” inch barrel, and the USSSA 1.5 BPF certification stamp on the taper. Also, it comes with the micro-perforated bat grip that provides premium comfort and a sting-free knob with an ergonomic design that reduces sting in players hands. The Hex will boost your confidence with a bat that will provide comfort and excellent control in real games. 

  • AZ105 alloy for a thin barrel with increased performance and durability.
  • Marucci patented Ring-Free Barrel Technology for consistent performance at the plate with zero dead spots across the barrel.
  • Micro-perforated bat grip for premium comfort.
  • Sting-free knob with ergonomic design.
  • A bit too expensive compared to other senior league bats.
  • The end cap may not last long if handled too roughly.

As one of the top baseball bat manufacturers, Easton has always thrived on producing only the best of bats, and they release high-performance bats in the market every season. Some of their bats have been very successful in the game, and one such is the Easton Ghost X Hyperlite. It’s a bat that represents Easton in every way, their ingenuity, passion, and desire to produce the best baseball bat ever. This became popular as soon as it was released and it’s still one of the most sought senior league bats in the market. 

Ghost X HYPERLITE Senior League Baseball Bat Reviews
Photo: Easton USSSA Ghost X HYPERLITE Senior League Baseball Bat 2 3/4 (-12), 28/16 oz

Technical, powerful, and beautiful, the Ghost can be described this way. This bat is guaranteed to deliver a feel and speed, unlike any other. Easton has always thrived on developing best innovative bats through sports engineering and in a way this bat reaffirms that goal of theirs. The Ghost is a one-piece bat EXACT carbon constructed that provides excellent durability, high-performance, and incredibly smooth feel on contact that’s few levels better compared to other composite bats. It also comes with the X advanced carbon technology that has insane vibration reduction and an optimized sweet spot for a large hitting surface. 

The biggest reason what sets the Ghost different from other bats is the huge barrel that’s also known as the X-tended barrel design. The huge barrel makes up the longest composite barrel in the game. The Easton Ghost X Hyperlite features a drop 12 length to weight ratio along with a standard 2 ¾” inch barrel and the USSSA 1.5 BPF certification stamp on the taper. There’s also the 1.4mm Hyperskin grip for extra cushioning in case of mishits.

  • One-piece EXACT carbon for increased durability, performance, and smooth feel on contact.
  • X advanced carbon technology for vibration reduction and optimized sweet spot for a larger hitting surface.
  • Huge X-tended barrel design.
  • 1.4mm Hyperskin grip for extra cushioning.
  • It’s ultralight, and it could take some time for first timers to get used to.
  • The price can be a little too much for some players.

The Rawlings VELO has the reputation of being one of the lightest and fastest swing speed bats in the market. In particular, this new model surpassed all expectations and brought out even better results than its predecessors. Even among the wide lineup of senior league baseball bats, the VELO has become a popular addition, and younger players love to swing the bat to their heart’s content. But you don’t have to take all our words to face value you’ll know how good this bat is when you see the features it comes with.

Rawlings Sporting Goods Velo Hybrid  Baseball Bat
Photo: Rawlings Sporting Goods Velo Hybrid Senior League Baseball Bat (-10) SL7V10


This bat is so light that a player can react to a 90+ mph than any other bats with precise accuracy to boot. You don’t have to worry about mishitting because there’s no margin of error when hitting with the VELO. The game is focusing on speed more and more as time goes by, so, naturally, a bat should be fast. And this bat serves the purpose of swing with maximum speed really well with its fiber-reinforced Silver Comp Lite composite end cap that removes excess weight from the end of the barrel. Furthermore, the barrel of the bat is comprised of acoustic alloy that offers resounding ping and enhanced pop off the bat when hitting. 

The acoustic alloy barrel improves the durability of the bat while offering the loudest ping in the industry. It comes with Rawlings pOp 2.0 technology that increases the flexibility of the bat and trampoline effect for better hitting. The VELO features a standard 2 ⅝” inch barrel, -10 length to weight ratio, and the USSSA 1.15 BPF certification. Many features with extreme balance, explosive power, and premium pop the VELO has become one of the most popular and successful senior league baseball bats. 

  • One of the lightest bats in the market.
  • The VELO offers extreme balance, explosive swing speed, and enhanced pop off the bat.
  • Fiber reinforced Silver Comp Lite composite end cap.
  • pOp 2.0 technology that increases the flexibility of the bat.
  • Acoustic alloy maximizes the bat’s strength and loud ping.
  • The lightness may be uncomfortable to some players.
  • Loud ping can make it hard to practice indoors.

The MAKO BEAST XL is one of the most popular senior league bats in the market the next version of MAKO BEAST. This bat has the biggest and most powerful composite barrel Easton has ever made. The difference between this model and its predecessor lies in the fact that XL offers more of an end loaded swing weight that has more power at the end of the barrel which allows for a higher and powerful performance resulting in the ball flying far than a standard bat. 

Easton Composite Senior League Big Barrel Baseball Bat Reviews
Photo: Easton SL17MK8 Mako Beast XL 2 5/8 8 Composite Senior League Big Barrel Baseball Bat

The BEAST XL is an absolute beast that offers maximum swing speed in the game along with the powerful barrel that provides consistent performance at the plate. It provides one of the lowest swing weight index among countless bats in the market. This is a model that generates explosive power as a result of fast swing speed courtesy to low swing weight index. The big and extended barrel is the result of Easton’s TCT Thermo Technology a result you get a barrel design for more coverage at the plate and a massive sweet spot. 

The extended barrel is connected to the handle by Easton’s patented two-piece ConneXion Technology. It also maximizes energy transfer while minimizing sting on player hands for optimized feel and comfort. Additionally, it comes with the 1.2mm Hyperskin grip to provide a premium feel on contact. The BEAST XL features a 2 ⅝” inch barrel, -8 length to weight ratio and the USSSA 1.15 BPF certification stamp on the taper. 

  • TCT Thermo Technology makes up an extended barrel design along with a large sweet spot.
  • Low swing weight index for faster swing speed.
  • Two-piece Connexion technology help maximizing energy transfer while reducing sting on hands.
  • 1.2mm Hyperskin grip for premium comfort when holding the bat.
  • Ultrathin 29/32 inch composite handle.
  • A bit too on the pricey side.
  • It may be a little heavier for some players.

All Time Best Senior League Baseball Bats Reviews

Easton 2015 SL15MK9 MAKO
Louisville Slugger SLCT152 Review
Combat Youth Maxum Senior League -12 Baseball Bat Reviews
Louisville Slugger SLP915X reviews
Easton 2015 SL15MK8T MAKO
Louisville Slugger SLS7158 review
Easton Mako Xl reviews

The Easton SL15S310B S3 ALUM is a one-piece alloy bat designed for ultimate speed. Easton has established a reputation for high-quality bats built for performance. This particular one features a massive 2 ¾’’ barrel and a super light matrix alloy that provides a wider sweet spot. If you are looking for a professional bat with fast swing speeds and low MOI (moment of inertia), the Easton 2015 ALUM is certainly a great choice for senior league. Easton 2015 SL15S310B S3 ALUM review

  • Super thin handle measuring 29/32’’.
  • Performance diamond grip.
  • Massive barrel measuring 2 ¾’’ in diameter.
  • Low MOI and fast swing speed.
  • USSSA 1.15 BPF certified.
  • Most alloy bats tend to dent faster.

A powerful bat which will give you very comfortable hitting & this bat is top selling bat of Demarini. You will get 100% back for how much you are spending. It has awesome D-Fusion handle with Carbon Reinforced Paradox Composite feature &  it’s Patented Thermo Fused Taper extend the sweet spot to get super batting display. It’s half & half construction will give you very much advantage on the game. You can read more details about this bat here.

DeMarini 2014 CF6 WTDXCFX senior league bat reviews

DeMarini 2014 CF6 review

Easton is known for its high-performance bats built from some of the best technologies and the Easton SL15MK9 MAKO is no different. With a 2 5/8’’ barrel diameter, this bat features patented CXN two-piece conation technology that boosts energy transfer and offers a feel of the ultimate performance.While the bat may be on the larger side, its balanced weight distribution allows for comfortable and speedy swings, especially for the younger players.

Easton 2015 SL15MK9 MAKO

  • 2 5/8’’ barrel diameter.
  • Balanced weight distribution.
  • -9 length to weight ratio.
  • Conation technology boosts energy transfer.
  • Two-piece design.
  • Super thin 29/32’ diamond performance grid.
  • TCT Thermo composite.
  • Some MAKO bats lack a pop.

The Louisville Slugger SLCT152 is carefully designed with CIC composite for high performance. The technology used to build this bat serves to mitigate negative vibrations and boosts the trampoline effect of the barrel. The Louisville Slugger SLCT152 is a classic one-piece design that features a super lite weight and a massive sweet spot, elevating your game to the next level. Other great features that make the Louisville Slugger a much better bat than its predecessors include a 360 composite handle and a composite barrel.Louisville Slugger SLCT152 Review

  • Super light bat with weight distribution to maximize swing speed.
  • Tampered handle measuring 7/8’’ with the synthetic grip that minimizes the effects of miss-hits.
  • C1C composite is carefully infused with epoxy resin for durability and performance.
  • Louisville Slugger® Pro Cup®, a patented end cap minimizes vibration and facilitates energy transfer toward the ball.
  • Higher in the price range.

The Vexxum line is known for producing two-piece hybrid bats featuring an aluminum barrel and a composite handle and the DeMarini 2015 NVS Vexxum is no different. The DeMarini  has been consistently rated as one of the best value bats in terms of price, durability, and performance. It features a lightweight swing thanks to its new velocity system technology. It also comes with an updated alloy barrel material, which is now blended with a special aluminum for an ultra-lite performing bat.

DeMarini 2015 NVS Vexxum reviews

  • New Velocity System barrel design increases speed and performance.
  • X12 alloy barrel for a super-thin barrel wall that allows for a wider sweet spot and lighter bat weight.
  • C6 composite handle with wide weave pattern for stability.
  • Low profile D cap minimizes vibration and keeps swing weight low.
  • Not suitable for players looking for an end loaded swing or a handle loaded swing.

The Combat Maxsl112 is built with a precision molded seamless design that extends the length of the barrel and sweet spot by as much as 40% allowing you to swing more efficiently. The bat also comes with a low and balanced swing weight, a fully composite design and a handle wrapped with premium Lizard Skins® for comfort.

COMBAT MAXSL112 reviews

  • One-piece composite design for ultimate performance and stability.
  • Massive sweet spot enlarged by 40%.
  • Anisotropic composite technology reduces sting and vibration.
  • Up to 23% weigh reduced for swing precision and speed control.
  • Premium Lizard Skins® handle for the comfort.
  • Higher on the price range.

The Louisville Slugger SLP915X boasts a rare blend of balance, speed, and strength. This premium bat features a composite barrel, a patented three-piece design and a stiff handle technology that make the Prime 915 light on the swing. The ultimate design technology also offers the bat a massive sweet spot and greatly reduces vibration while improving barrel flex. The result is a premium feel as the bat is brought through the zone.

Louisville Slugger SLP915X reviews

  • Full composite design.
  • 2 ¾’’ barrel.
  • 7/8’’ tapered handle.
  • 3-piece bat construction using Tru3 technology.
  • 30-day performance guarantee.
  • End loaded.

The Easton  MAKO bat continues to receive praise for its exclusive Torq technology that offers maximum stability, control and swing performance. The 2015 Easton Mako is a big barrel two-piece bat built with patented CXN technology that links the handle to the barrel to minimize vibration. The CXN technology also redirects the energy back to the handle upon contact. If you are looking for a lightweight bat made from advanced technology, the Easton 2015 Mako bat is an excellent choice.

Easton 2015 SL15MK8T MAKO

  • 360 Torq handle technology allows you to attain more pitches.
  • Thermo Composite Technology (TCT) provides a large sweet spot and incredible bat speed.
  • Patented two-piece conneXion technology boosts energy transfer for optimal feel.
  • Super thin 29/32’’ handle, fully composite with gauze grip.
  • One year warranty.
  • 2⅝” Barrel Diameter.
  • The handle may be a bit wobbly for some users.

The Select 715 hybrid baseball bat is among the best value bats in the Louisville Slugger line. This particular one features high-composite material with the barrel built from the durable AC21 alloy. The handle and barrel are connected using the TRU3 technology to minimize vibrations. Meanwhile, a 1’’ flex band in the barrel keeps the Select 715 bat in line with league certification and does not compromise performance or wall thickness.

Louisville Slugger SLS7158 review

  • TRU3 technology for 3-piece bat construction.
  • Fully composite handle.
  • AC21 allow barrel.
  • 2 5/8” barrel.
  • 7/8’’ handle with tapered design.
  • 30 Day Performance Promise.
  • One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • Not suitable for those who prefer composite barrels.
  • Not suitable for those who prefer a very light swing.
  • Higher in the price range.

Easton Mako XL Senior League Baseball Bat features a massive sweet spot and unbeatable bat speed to take your game to the next level. The Easton Mako Senior League bat, like others in the Easton line, features the signature Thermo Composite Technology that elongates the barrel to give you a greater hitting zone and incredible bat speed. The bat also features the classic two-piece ConneXion technology that facilitates the transfer of energy for an optimal feel.

  • Thermo Composite Technology offers massive sweet spot and bad speed.
  • ConneXion technology for energy transfer maximization for optimized feel.
  • 29/32’’ composite handle.
  • Hyperskin grip.
  • 2 5/8’’ barrel.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • A little heavy and loaded on the end.

Different leagues and their bat requirements

It’s essential for you to know the necessary information of the different leagues and division before buying a bat, below are different divisions of different leagues and the bat requirements for the said leagues.

Tee Ball

This is the startline and players aged 4-5 plays in this category while the bat’s requirements are as follows:

  • Barrel diameter 2 ¼” inches.
  • Drop between -9 to -12.
  • Maximum allowed length of the bat is 33 inches.
  • A tee ball bat requires the 1.15 BPF certification from the USSSA.

Minor League

The age requirement for this category is between 7 to 11 years old, and the bat requirements are:

  • The barrel of a bat in the minor league must be 2 ¼” inches
  • Drop is required to be between -9 to -12.
  • Length of the bat must be within 33 inches.
  • A minor league bat must come with the USSSA 1.15 BPF certification.

9-10 Division

In this division, players age is required to be 9 to 10 years old. Requirements of a bat should be: 

  • The barrel of a bat in 9-10 division is required to 2 ¼” inches.
  • Drop must be between -9 to -12.
  • The maximum allowed length of a bat in this division is 33 inches.
  • Bats in this category are required to come with the USSSA 1.15 BPF certification.

Major Division

The players play in this division is aged between 9 to 12 years old, and bat requirements are as follows:

  • Barrel diameter of the bat is required to be 2 ¼” inches.,
  • The drop must be between -9 to -12.
  • Maximum length of the bat is required to be 33 inches.
  • The bat should come with the USSSA 1.15 BPF certification.

Intermediate 50/70

Age requirement of this category is from 9 to 13 years old, and the bat requirements are:

  • There are two options when it comes to barrel diameter. A player can choose 2 ¼” inches or 2 ⅝” inches.
  • Drop is required between -5 to -12.
  • The maximum length of the bat is 34 inches.
  • It should come with the 1.15 BPF certification from USSSA, and if it’s a composite bat, it should have the BBCOR certification.

Junior League

The player’s age requirement is between 12 to 14 years old, and the bat requirements in Junior League is:

  • Two barrel options of 2 ¼” inches and 2 ⅝” inches.
  • Drop must be -5 to -12.
  • The maximum allowed length is 34 inches.
  • The bat is required to come with the USSSA 1.15 BPF certification, and if it’s a composite bat, it must come with the BBCOR certification.

Senior League

Players age should be between 13 to 16 in the senior league and the bat requirements are as follows:

  • A bat’s barrel diameter must be 2 ⅝” inches.
  • The drop must be -3.
  • Bat’s maximum length is 36 inches.
  • A bat used in the senior league must be BBCOR certified.

Big League

Players must be aged between 15-18 and bat requirements in the Big League are:

  • Bat’s barrel diameter must be between 2 ⅝” inches.
  • Length to weight ratio of the bat is required to be only -3.
  • The maximum length of the bat is 36 inches.
  • A Big League bat must be BBCOR certified.

What is the difference between Senior and Youth baseball bats?

Although baseball bats can be said to be similar to how they are shaped or the materials used. But they can be very different depending on the age and many other factors. One of the major differences between senior league bats and youth bats is that the former has a slightly bigger barrel compared to the later; hence, senior league bats are also called youth big barrel bat. However, there are also some other differences between the bats used in these two categories. 

It’s essential to get the right bat for a player to swing properly and show effective performance. Also, getting the wrong bat may bar the young player from participating in his or her league. Therefore, it’s only right you get the right bat for your younger player. Below are some of the notable differences between the bats in these two categories. 


  • Both youth league and senior league baseball follow strict length regulations. The length restriction for youth bats is 36 inches. They can be shorter; however, they cannot exceed the limit of 36 inches. 
  • Same goes for senior league bats, but their length is typically between 25 inches to 33 inches, shorter than youth bats but with a slightly large barrel. 
  • The reason behind the lengths is probably because youth league tends to make it a little easier for younger players whereas senior league bats make it a little harder to hit forcing players to focus on hitting accurately and precisely.
  • Note that there are no rules to distinguish weight when it comes to bats in these categories. However, there is a general practice. Senior league bats typically weigh between 14 to 28 between, but youth bats don’t have any hard and fast weight range. 
  • There’s one thing in common when it comes to choosing the right weight bat is connected to the height and weight of the player. For example, for a taller and heavier player choosing a heavy bat will be the right choice whereas, for a short and light-weight player, a light-weight bat will be right for him. 
Barrel Diameter
  • The most notable differences between the bats in the two categories lies in their barrel diameter. A typical youth baseball bat has a barrel diameter of 2 ¼” inches, and some leagues stipulate that this limit should be followed and doesn’t allow any larger barrel than this. On another hand, some leagues allow a larger barrel diameter than the above one, which is senior league bats.
  • Senior league bats or also known as youth big barrel bats comes with two barrel options, 2 ⅝” inches or 2 ¾” inches. Senior league bats have a bigger barrel and extra hitting surface that allows players to hit with more power. This allows players to improve their hitting skills in the age category and game level. 
  • The reason youth baseball bats have smaller barrel is to help younger players, a lightweight bat helps players swinging the bat better; as a result, improving the hitting rate. Youth bats do this with their small barrel that diminishes the overall weight from the bat. 
Drop Weight
  • The drop weight is yet another major difference between the bats in the two varieties. In case you don’t know what drop weight means, the difference between the length of the bat and weight is the drop of that bat. For example, a bat with a length of 32 inches and weighs 20 ounces has a drop of -12.
  • When you see senior league bats and youth baseball bats in the market you’ll see much difference between their weight and length options. This also results in a difference in weight drop. Since drop weight is the length to weight ratio of a bat, the lower the drop weight of a bat, the heavier it is, and higher drop means light bat. In general, youth bats have a higher drop weight compared to senior league bats. 
  • Senior league bats have a drop weight of between -5 to -12 whereas youth baseball bats drop range between -10 to -13.5. Younger players that like lightweight bat should go for youth baseball bats with a high drop. On the other hand, players who like to play with power and prefer heavy bats should go for big barreled and low drop weight senior league baseball bats.

Why are senior league bats essential?

Many think why senior league bats are essential with all other bats in the market. There are many reasons why senior league bats are essential, and we have listed some of the main reasons below. 

The main reason is very simple, and it’s the most important as well. To improve young players batting skills. If you don’t understand, stay with us, and you will soon understand. 

Senior league bats are not BBCOR certified to play adult games; hence, they come in various length to weight ratios. This difference in drop weight helps younger players develop their skills. For example, from their early life, young players play little league or youth league with a lighter bat when they are only beginning their careers and developing their skills. When they learn to start to get the mechanics and techniques, they would naturally need to transition into different bats like senior league bats that are somewhat heavier than the bats they have used previously. 

So once the player starts to swing heavy bats, they naturally get stronger and efficient over time. Also, unlike lightweight bats that made hitting balls easier using senior league bats to hit balls accurately and precisely would require a skill. In short, senior league bats will help younger players improving their overall hitting skills over time. 

Also, keep in mind that BBCOR standard for adult bat’s barrel size is 2 ⅝” inches in diameter and most baseball bats used in senior leagues meet the requirement. However, you will find senior league bats in the 2 ¾” inches as well. They are called big barrel and not allowed in other leagues. You will not want to purchase a new bat only to find out that it isn’t allowed in the league you are participating. Your or your child’s coach can help you with pick a bat that’s appropriate for the league you or your child is participating.

What is BPF?

In most senior league bats or youth bats, you’ll see a specification when you go buy a bat, this specification is BPF. The “BPF” stands for Bat Performance factor that measures how fast the ball comes off the bat that also brings in a trampoline effect. The standard is 1.15 and was established by the USSSA, is also known as the United States Specialty Sports Association. This was established in order to protect pitchers or other players from exceeding ball speeds. 


Every senior league bat requires the 1.15 BPF certification from the USSSA to play. On another note, this value is met by most wooden bats and aluminum bats, but composite bats – not so much.

Types of senior league bats

In hindsight, there are two types of senior league baseball bats. In fact, most baseball bats fall into these categories. One-piece baseball bat and a two-piece baseball bat. Although recently there are a third option three-piece bats, however, they are considered two-piece bats as well.

One-piece baseball bat

These types of bats use the same material throughout the whole bat. The primary advantage of one-piece bats is that you get a stronger and stiffer bat that is capable of hitting the fall far with sheer power. That’s why one-piece bats are preferred by power hitters looking for as little as flex as possible. 

Two-piece baseball bat

Usually, there are two materials used in two-piece bats. The handle is constructed from a different material than the barrel and then connected through the joint. Most of the time, the barrel is made from an alloy while the handle is composite providing the best performance of those materials. These types are also called hybrid bats (bats that have two materials and joined together). 

The primary advantage of two-piece bats is that the design of the bat allows the barrel to flex at the point of contact creating a trampoline effect off the barrel. Also, two-piece bats have less vibration on hands due to the fact that the handle and barrel are separate from each other.  

Senior league bats: alloy, composite, and hybrid
  • Alloy baseball bats are constructed as one-piece and aluminum is the primary component used with other materials to make the bat stronger. This allows the bat to have thinner and responsive barrel wall.
  • On another hand, composite bats are made from a mixture of carbon fiber, graphite, fiberglass, and kevlar sometimes. Keep in mind to check the rules of your or your child’s league before purchasing composite bats as some leagues restrict the usage of them.
  • Hybrid bats come with a two-piece design in which a barrel made from alloy are joined together to a composite handle. This makes the handle lighter and allows the alloy barrel to be longer than a traditional alloy bat. 

Even if you are a beginner at buying a bat with this guide, you’ll be able to buy the best senior league baseball bats for your or your child.  

Senior league Bat Sizing Chart

It can be difficult picking the right bat size for you or your child if it’s your first time shopping. Below is a simple bat sizing chart to help you choose the right bat when you purchase a bat. 

Senior league Bat Sizing Chart
Photo: Senior league Bat Sizing Chart
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