Five Steps for a Perfect Baseball Swing

A decent baseball swing sets the momentum. The momentum may be competitive or weak. The player must know their batting skills. At the beginning of baseball, little information was available in terms of how to make a good swing. This has changed over the years and now there are sources teaching people on how to make better swings. The following is a complete guide on how to achieve this important aspect of baseball.

 Five Steps for a Perfect Baseball Swing

Top 5 Steps to the Perfect Baseball Swing

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Proper positioning (loading)

In this step, what the player is supposed to do is to make sure that they are standing properly waiting for the ball. Different great players approach this particular step differently. There are different things that the player ought to pay attention to this particular step. First, the position of the legs and knees must be able to aid the player load energy for proper swings. Second, the hands must be ready for swing by properly strategizing on the incoming task.

For the above two preparations to be effective, here are some of the suggestions. First, it is important for the player to be strategically placed in a manner in which their legs are apart and facing the direction of the bat. The parting of legs enables one to have enough stability because a good swing needs a stable body. The hands should be at the stage relaxed and waiting for the next step. The correct general body position should be the right-hand front.

Put the focus on the ball

Good players understand the art of observing. Good observation skills can make one to either be competitive or be an average baseball player. The main importance of this stage is to shows the opponent that you are ready for a challenge. Different players in the baseball history have done this stage differently but there are some basics that when paying attention to the pitcher and the ball.

The most important aspect is to look at the pitcher’s eyes. This is because the baseball, in this case, is just a medium of competition. Look at the opponent’s eye and by doing this, you can influence how they will throw the ball and therefore have an advantage over them. Putting the focus on the pitcher also gives you the required concentration away from many fans that maybe from the other team. This process, however, cannot come before the positioning step.

Synchronize the body and the bat

This step is what makes or breaks a good swing. The bat is just a tool and putting it to good use requires one to have some background on how to make hits and more importantly a background with bats. If the player has enough experience on bats, it is simple to synchronize the tool with the skill that you have as a baseball player.

While empowering the tool to make the hit, you must pay attention to some things. When doing this step, the player must avoid their head unlike their lower body in motion. Another important thing to pay attention to is the movement of the elbow. The movement of the player’s elbow must be synchronized with the correct motion of the grip.

Ball contact

After the body is set on a relationship with the equipment that in this case is the bat, the next step is the real contact with the baseball. Although this is what swing is all about, it is not a “destination” but a “journey” of the above steps. The player is expected to transfer the energy needed for better play. Many baseball couches call this stage as “finishing swing” and there are some expectations that be done by the player in this stage. The elbows of the baseball player in this particular stage of playing must be well stretched. This enables the player to out all the energy built in the previous stages.


After hitting the ball, it is a growing tradition in MLB to extend the ball. This is a confusing concept and if done wrongly can lead to foul. For one to know if they had a good swing, they must always know that the indication of a good wing should make the hand stop on the player’s shoulder.

It is vital as one is using the above five steps to perfect on how effective to hit the baseball, to develop hitting own philosophy. The philosophy, in this case, helps the player to know what they are capable of and not just imitate other players just for the sake of it.

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