What is Your Favorite Baseball Team?

Every neighborhood has a hero. Every state has a hero too. We all have favorite things in life. Since baseball is more than a sport to most people around the world, people have favorite teams. The preference in which team is dear to us is mainly influenced by our upbringing and the early childhood memories we hold dear. Maybe it is that game that parents took us while we were young or maybe you played baseball and you look up to a certain player’s style of play. Personally, I do not have only one specific baseball team.

I have several teams that are my favorites and this is mainly influenced by their consistency over the years, legends that have played for these teams as well the places I have lived over the years. The following is a list of favorite teams over the years and the reasons why these teams are phenomenal.


Yankees top the list of the favorite team not just in the baseball world but also in all sports. With a long history, the consistency of this team is amazing. The Yankees enjoy support from fans around the world because they are consistent in winning titles over the years. The Yankees fans are both the senior citizens as well as millennials. One thing that stands out in this teams is the number of baseball heroes they have been able to nurture over the many years the club has been in existence.

The Yankees have one of the best records over the years in general performance. All the baseball fans love to win and this is the most important thing that this team has been able to achieve. With over forty appearances in the major league, the winning ratio is high in comparison with other teams. Going by the statistics produced by major bodies on the sports loyalty among fans especially baseball, the Yankee support base is always more than the locality loyalty of the fans. This paints the bigger picture of what impact Yankees as a team has among baseball fans across the globe.

The final reason why this is a favorite team among many baseball lovers is the fact that they are able to both nurture and attract best baseball players. The remuneration rates of Yankees are incomparable to other sports as well as other baseball teams.

Red Sox

The Red Sox have started to gain popularity among the mainstream fans, as well as more, enlighten baseball fans. The main reasons why the Red Sox are becoming darling to many are on their consistency over the last twenty years and the fact that the team scouts always give the fans some undiscovered baseball talent. The reason why a team such as Red Sox is more determined in finding players from junior leagues is probably that unlike other baseball giants, they have a small budget.

Red Sox Angels Baseball

Most baseball pundits refer to this team as underdogs in the world dominated by teams with huge budgets. There is a huge section of baseball fans that support certain clubs for the fact that they are just underdogs and the fact that they give all their best especially against big teams such as Yankees. Although the team compared to other baseball giants such as Yankees remunerate players relatively lower, they have been able to go against the money baseball as most critics refer to big teams with a big budget and still be competitive.


The two teams represent the two perennial issues in baseball: budget and competitiveness. While it is true that most teams gain huge fans from their localities, the main issues that attract fans are the team able to be competitive as well as their gross financial strength. Finances ensure that the players are well paid and are competitive. Contrasting the two teams, one is a well-known team and has huge budget while the other is more of an underdog but still competitive. It is correct that baseball has no limitation on how much a single player should be paid and this according to some opinion makers in baseball is a contentious issue because it makes specific teams have an impact on which players they can have. However, to some people, this raises the level of competitiveness in the overall baseball fraternity.


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