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This season in the MLB has been an exceptional season so far. There has been an improvement to the top five teams in the MLB standing and this shows the level of competitiveness. The following is an overview of what has made the current MLB standing to be the way it is and any prediction of the current teams form based on the current competitiveness of each team. This piece is subject to injuries any team may have as well as the change of playing style.

New York Yankees

The Yankees, so far have the best league. Currently managed by Aaron Boone, who is on a three years contract with the MLB Giants, the trend is likely to continue and this has made many pundits predict that is going to be their massive comeback. With an incredible record of over 30 wins in May and just 13 losses, every Yankee fan expects the trend to continue and eventually be able to win the league again. The players’ collection is exceptional and comprises the best talent in the MLB. Compared to the 2017 season, the 2018 season is arguably their recent best and it will be interesting to see the MLB standing when the season ends.

Boston Red Sox

This is an improvement to the team. Compared to the 2017 season, the team has been able to improve on their winning percentage and this is recommendable. Currently managed by Alex Cora, the team is determined to reclaim the good results of their last championship that was in 2013. The team has one of the best players in the MLB 2018 season and it will be interesting to watch them until the season ends and probably see if they will put competitive results against the Yankees. The team has more wins (32) than the Yankees have but has also more losses (15 against 13) to Yankees. The Alex Cora side must minimize losses for them to reclaim the 2013 glory.

Houston Astros

Currently at number three in the standings, the A. J. Hinch managed team must be having a very rough season compared to 2017 where they were the champions. Compared to the above two teams, one thing is evident, that they have more losses and therefore less winning percentage. The team still has the best players any competitive team wishes to have such as Jose Altuve and George Springer and the only things that might need an improvement in their coordination and sharpening their skills, especially against good teams. Although the team has an amazing result so far of more than 30 wins and only 18 losses, this compared to the top two teams shows the need to minimize losses and improving on the wins.

Seattle Mariners

Managed by Scott Servais, the Washington based team is currently having a good season based on their current results. The team has far been able to have more wins compared to losses (27-18). These incredible results have made the team to have a higher percentage win compared to many teams of the same status. Compared also with the last season stats that had more losses than wins, this season can be termed as their best and if the above results are to go by, this team might retain this fourth position.

Los Angeles Angels

With more than sixteen years without a title, the Mike Scioscia managed a team is trying to make a comeback to the previous World Series. A quick scan of the team performance in this season gives you a mixed reaction. It is, however, good to give the team the credit of being competitive and having more wins than losses (26 against 21). This still gives the team more hope of improving their current standings and does better than the last season.

In conclusion, the above is just a preview and much may happen as the season continues. Although the above are just the top five teams, many more teams are playing well. However, the top five teams in the standing give a fan a more realistic overview of what to expect at the end of the season. When a team is in this position, every talented player desires and is always linked to playing for the team.

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