How to Throw a Baseball

Baseball is a fun, rewarding and incredible sport when played perfectly and with skill. However, the very foundation of the sport depends on the players throwing capabilities. Without the throwing skills, it becomes impossible for any player to enjoy baseball as a sport. For any baseball player to have the perfect throw, there are several things that you require to master. These techniques will not only help you learn how to throw a ball but also throw like a pro athlete. They will give you the strength, accuracy, and speed to make a killer throw.

Keeping the ball on your chest

The first step of throwing a ball is ensuring that you have the ball in your throwing hand. The ball should be in the glove and positioned in an excellent manner. The correct ball position while using the glove is positioning it in the middle of the body, approximately at your chest height.

Line your target with the ball

Position your shoulders and feet in line with the target.

Work both your front and back side at the same time

Once you commence your throwing motion, the first thing that takes place is separating the ball from the glove. Therefore, if the positioning of the glove is towards your target then the direction you throw the ball with the throwing hand is the correct direction.

However, if you close off your body, then throwing the ball accurately towards your target becomes an impossibility. Ensure while throwing the ball that your front side and backside work opposite each other but at the same time.

When both sides work opposite each other and at the same time, then it stays in a strong position. This is possible since your backside compensates for the front side by doing the exact opposite. It helps you remain in a straight line ensuring the target is in a straight line.

Keep the ball facing on the ground when taking it out of the glove

Always ensure that your glove hand follows what your throwing hand does. The throwing hand should look like it is leading your glove hand towards the target. Having such a direction ensures that you have a strong throwing position. For a majority of people, their first instinct is to take the ball out from the glove and have it facing towards their throwing direction.

Remember that the glove hand always follows the direction of the throwing hand; therefore, your throwing position weakens. Ensure when you take the ball out of the glove that it faces the ground for as long as possible.

Let the ball face towards you

Once you position your throwing hand, keep it in the strongest throwing position. To help you position the ball properly, think about taking the ball from the direction it is facing to facing towards the centerfielder. This position will help create as much rotation for your body as possible.

Once you begin throwing, your glove hand continues outwards and it lifts upwards ensuring your glove hand goes where you throwing hand goes. A majority of people prefer to use their glove while others use their glove elbow to help them line the ball’s direction.

Let the glove face your chest when throwing the ball

Ensure that when you prepare to throw the ball, your front elbow is slightly back into your body. Also, remember to keep your glove at the front of your chest and ensure that it eventually meets up and touches your chest once you throw the ball.

Ensure you tighten every other part of your body, as this will help you fire the ball quite fast. The movement is quite similar to that of an ice skater. For them to spin faster while on the ice, they move their limbs closer to the body. Using this movement helps your body torque ensuring your legs begin to fire and it allows your hips to open towards the target.

Throw the baseball

The last part is throwing your hand and ensuring the ball comes out. Following the direction of your body, you can now throw the baseball directly towards your target. Ensure your elbow stays at 90 degrees. When throwing the ball, ensure that it gets as much extension for it to act like a whip effect. The further down the whip is the quicker the whip snaps.

Use your wrist and fingers to throw

Remember that your big muscles prepare the smaller muscles to help you fire the ball allowing it to hit your target. Ensure you work on your wrist and fingers as this ensures that there is a change in the velocity of your throws.

However, apart from the above techniques, there are other things you can do to ensure you know how to throw the ball. First, you can practice your motions. Practicing your motions entails practicing flipping your wrist. Practicing your follow throw and your aiming skills.

Second, ensure you work on your baseball grip techniques. The way you grip the ball contributes to having an excellent throw. Therefore, before even learning how to throw the ball, it essential to learn how to grip the ball properly. With much practice and determination, it is possible for any player to move from an amateur player to a pro athlete player with the best throwing techniques in baseball.

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