Different Between Baseball and Softball

For starters, both sports sound and look the same. However, although the latter came from the traditional baseball, it has unique features in term of the style of play equipment used as well as how the pitch is structured. Softball has evolved over the years to come to the modern softball but baseball has been in existence for over a century and the only thing that has been changing is only the equipment. To what extent are the two games similar to each other? How are the two games different from each other? Below is a rational attempt to the two questions specifically the last one.

Different Between Baseball and Softball

The bat’s aspect

It is without a doubt that bats are the most crucial equipment between the two sports. The bats, however, are different in the following ways. First, the two sports have different bats in terms of length. For example, has relatively long bats compared to the sister sports softball that on regulation allows bats, which are relatively short in length. Specifically, for senior leagues in baseball, the general rule is to use a bat that is under 42 inches. This streamlines the level of competitiveness. On the other hand, a softball player must have a bat that is around 34 inches. The regulation covers both fast-pitch as well as slowpitch softball leagues.

Softball has a provision where a player can use bats made from different makes and different companies as long as the bats meet the required specifics by the regulating bodies. This is not the case with the senior and the professional leagues where wood bats are the generally accepted makes of bats. This case scenario is exceptional to the junior leagues. In the junior leagues, the bats are identical and a baseball player in the junior league can use a bat from softball. This is because, in junior leagues, the most important aspect is the drop weight and the certification.

The ball size

Apart from the junior leagues, which are exceptional, the senior league of both sports is very different in the type of the ball they use. First, the ball is relatively big in size for the softball leagues. The ball ranges from 11 to 12 inches. There are exceptions in the slow pitch leagues where the ball size may be bigger as 14 to around 16 inches. On the other hand, the ball size of the baseball leagues is relatively smaller and measures specifically 9 inches. All these measurements are of a circumference.

However, the other aspect of the ball is density and it is vice versa. The baseball, which is smaller in the outward size, is now denser compared to the two softballs in fastpitch and the less competitive slow pitch. The rationale behind the density and the general size of these balls is based on assumptions that baseball is generally played by men and softball is popular among women. Baseball is harder to make a perfect hit compared to the bigger and less dense softball and therefore considered more competitive. It is important to note that the ball in slow pitch is not common and therefore it is hard to find it.

The difference in Pitching

The two games have diverse differences in the way pitching is done, where it is done and the technicalities that are involved. First, in baseball, for example, the pitcher pitches is a relatively high area. This is very different in the nature of the area of softball is which not sloppy. The circle in which this happens is often identified using a bright chalk for easy marking. Second, the pitching distance between the two games is different. The distance in baseball is definite and it measures 18.44 m. on the other hand, softball-pitching distance is not definite and varies from 12.19 m to sometimes 13.11 m. However, in slow pitch softball, the exact distance is set to be 14.02 m. all these measurements are subject to the leagues each player plays and the type of the game.

Finally, the main difference in pitching between the two games in ball motion. For starters, the ball is either underhand or overhand. Softball, for example, it is a rule to deliver the ball underhand and this makes pitching such a beautiful experience. On the other hand, baseball pitchers are expected to deliver the ball in overhand.

Playing time

Rules and regulations of both games are different although there are some similarities such as only two teams compete at one single time. First, for a complete match in baseball especially in the senior leagues, the game must have 9 innings. This definite number is subjective in junior leagues and some leagues count the game complete after at least seven innings that is the number in many professional softball leagues. However, in some leagues especially in schools and colleges, the number of innings for both slow pitch and fast pitch games is five. It is important to note that in junior leagues, both games have similar playing time that is adjustable depending on the regulating body opinion.

Field measurements

The field measurements between the two games are very different. In summary, the baseball field is relatively is compared to a softball field. The first crucial aspect of the field that is different in both sports in the base-specific distances. While softball base measurement is supposed to be 18.29 m, which is 60 feet in measurement, the baseball base distance is relatively longer measuring at least 27.43 m that are specifically 9o feet. The two have a difference of 3 feet.

In conclusion, the two sports are also different in how they remunerate players. It is a public domain that the average baseball player is high remunerated compared to softball player, the figures being USD 4 million and USD 5000 to 6000 respectively in a single year. There is also an unwritten rule that baseball is largely played by men while softball is highly played by women. It is also important to note that in softball; only the fastpitch is competitive.

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