Combat Maxum MAXYB112 Review

A subsidiary of the CE Composite Brand, Combat embarked on the softball and baseball realm back in 2004. Since then the company has quickly grown to become one of the biggest baseball brands in the industry. Their sophisticated and highly functional bats have set high standards in all baseball youth leagues and for players of various ages. The makers behind Combat line of bats are not only praised for being great engineering, manufacturing, and composite bat design experts, but also for being big fans and even players of the sport.

Their hands-on approach has enabled them to understand what the coaches and players need in and out of the field. The company truly lives by its principle; “For Players, By Players.” Combat has had something big brewing in their production space and when they launched the new Combat Maxum MAXYB112, it broke through the boundaries of people’s expectations.

Pros of Combat Maxum MAXYB112

One great perk to owning Combat Maxum MAXYB112 youth bat is you get to experience the joys of a huge sweet spot with an unbelievable great pop. The design and material also provide players with the lightest swing weight in the industry.

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Cons of Combat Maxum MAXYB112

Given its improved composite bat design and advanced technology aimed at improving precision, it stands to reason that the bat is a tad more expensive than previous versions. However, this is a small price to pay for an easy time out on the field.

Design Description of Combat Maxum MAXYB112

Over the years, Combat lines of bats have made a name for themselves in the industry for consistently producing bats that offer a high performance massive sweet spot and a lightweight swing. The new Combat Maxum MAXYB112 bat offers extremely high-performance standards in both of these categories. This bat not only offers a large sweet spot, which is unmatched by all youth 21/4 inch barrel baseball bats models in the industry, but it also boasts of having the lightest swing weight as well (by one ounce) compared to all other Combat youth bats.

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The Combat Maxum MAXYB112 is a one-piece composite design created using advanced Precision Molding Technology (PMT). Contrary to other traditional composite bats, which are created by heaping layers on layers of material, PMT engineering injects liquid resin while under high pressures into the seamless high-performance carbon sleeves. This results in a highly consistent bat, which negates all weak points that you might get from the more traditional composite bats.

This means that players are guaranteed a perfectly tuned field performance through-out the long lifespan of the bat. Combat is so confident in their product that they are offering their customers an unbelievable 500-day warranty, plus a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Other Bat Features

  • 21/4 inch barrel diameter.
  • Largest sweet spot for a youth 21/4 model.
  • Lightest swing weight ever for a combat -12 youth bat model.
  • Lizard skin grip, which increased the handle’s softness and stickiness.
  • Ultra-balanced feels.
  • One piece fully composite design.
  • USSSA BPF 1.15 stamp and approved for play in little league, Dixie, Pony, Babe Ruth, USSSA, and AABC.
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