Easton XL1 YB14X1 Youth Baseball Bat Review

In 2014, Easton Mako came up with a power brigade to add to its line of excellent bats. It came up with two products: the XL series and the speed series. The two products were tailored to help players achieve better performance in their games. Easton has a team of professionals, who come up with the designs for all the products they create.

The advantage of relying on such a strategy is that all the professionals were also former players. This means the professional perfectly understand what is best for the players. On top of the professionals’ advice, the products are also taken to the Easton lab to test their performance.

The speed series is tailored for speed, are very balanced, and are good for players whose aim is to increase their swing speed for more power. The XL series has an end load, which makes it a little heavier. It is therefore good for big and strong players, who prefer to use a heavy bat for greater power. The length to weight ratio for the bat is small. The bat also features a long barrel, which means a longer sweet spot.

Technology of Easton XL1 YB14X1 – 

Since its inception, Easton has also ways pioneered new technology in its creation of bats. This bat, in particular, uses two of its patented technology; the two-piece connexion and the IMX technology. The bat is made up of two materials. The barrel is made up of composite material, while the handle is made using the carbon material.

The two materials are the two best-known materials for making an effective and efficient bat. The patented IMX ensures the player performance is high by optimizing the sweet spot. The material makes the bat very durable and solid.

The handle is made from the SIC black Carbon material. The two materials are then joined together using Easton’s patented two-piece conneXion technology. Two-piece conneXion technology maximizes energy transfers and gives the player a good feeling when playing. The connecting material absorbs all the energy, which also minimises on vibrations on the player’s hands and the player experiences outstanding flexibility when using the bat. The energy is redirected to the end load, which helps it to achieve a larger swing speed. Once the player gets used to using the bat, this energy helps them to hit the ball further.

Performance of Easton XL1 YB14X1  – 

For players, who do not mind a bat that has some more weight, this is a good product for them. It achieves a high performance for the player by maximizing the energy used in swinging. Easton’s XL1 produces an awesome pop, when the ball comes into contact with the bat.

Since the sweet spot is large, the player still has a chance of hitting the ball, but it might sting if the ball hits the bat at its tip. To avoid the sting, players are advised to wear gloves. For some people, Easton’s XL1 price might be a bit high, but when looked at how much it helps the player to achieve, it is not much. The bat gives the player value for their money. For any player who has used this bat, they can testify that once they get used to the bat, they apply a little strength and the bat does the rest. The price of a product is not a sure way to determine the value, but for this bat, the price also shows its value.

XL1 has a diamond grip, which is very comfortable to hold onto during the game especially for the big kids. This comfort leads to better performance, even if the player plays for a long time. You can imagine how uncomfortable it is to play with a bat that you cannot hold onto throughout the game. A lot of time and energy is wasted when adjusting the bat. Some bats are uncomfortable to play with and they at times lead to the development of blisters on the players’ hands.

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Qualification of Easton XL1 YB14X1 – 

The bat is qualified to play in Babe Ruth, AABC, Little League, USSSA, Dixie and Pony League. Easton XL1 has a barrel diameter of 2 ¼ and a length to weight ratio of 10. Though the bat is thin, 29/32 inches it does not compromise on its performance. The barrel is light in weight, but the end load gives it a good weight. Furthermore, it’s very durable and it achieves a high swing speed for the player.

Pros of Easton XL1 YB14X1 – 

The bat achieves better performance because of its material and design (larger sweet spot due to the long barrel). Again, the material makes the bat very durable. On top of its durability, Easton offers its customers a one year warranty on its products. As you buy the bat, you can be sure that its quality product. For youths, the bat produces an incredibly loud pop.

Cons of Easton XL1 YB14X1 – 

If a player hits the ball using the tip, it might sting. This can be a bit uncomfortable. Due to its weight, players might take some time to get used to the bat. It might not be suitable to players who are not very strong.


This bat is recommended because of its amazing characteristics. Though it is similar to the MKO bat, the XL1 differentiates itself in that it has an end load, while the MAKO is more balanced, in terms of prices; the XL1 is also fairer in its price. For a player to achieve the best performance in a game, they should buy a bat that is comfortable to hold without sliding. The XL1 has a diamond grip. The varying length to weight ratio means players of different weight and height can comfortably swing the bat.

Youths are attracted by awesome creativity in designs and this bat has been creatively designed with the black and yellow graphics on the bat. For any young person with a little strength, and who prefers a bat with an end load, this bat is a plus for them. They will achieve a better performance when using it.


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