2014 Easton S500 Youth Baseball Bat Review

Easton is notorious for producing sophisticated, yet fully functional baseball bats for over 40 years and the Easton S500 model is no exception to the company’s ingenious and unique innovations. As a matter of fact, the YB14S S500 is a popular number one baseball bat choice under the youth bat category. So what are the crucial factors that make this bat such a hit with the game enthusiast?

Easton S500 Youth Baseball Bat Review

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Easton S500 Features:-

Easton designers and engineers have managed to create a bat that offers players great success on and off the field. This lightweight and big barrel bat enable players to generate a high-speed swing with minimal effort. Combined with its high performance cushioned grip with tapered handle, hitters don’t waste their energy when using the Easton S500 youth baseball bat. Divulging further as to why the bat is so popular and easy to use, take a look at some of Easton S500 unique bat features which include:

  • 7050 aircraft alloy for super fat swinging speed.
  • A cushioned grip.
  • An ultra-thin 29/32” tapered handle.
  • Minus 13 length to weight ratio.
  • A large sweet spot, which enables the hitter to further increase the bat speed
  • 21/4 inch barrel diameter.

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Easton S500 Pros

One of the biggest selling points for Easton S500 is its lightweight. The bat is strong with a light 7050 aluminum alloy design, which is conveniently used throughout the entire design. This makes for a very balanced swinging weight and a large sweet spot for that big ball pop. It also has a 13-ounce length to weight ratio, which further adds to the much-desired feather light weight of the bat. This particular unique design is especially suitable for players, who have a hard time swinging their bats faster, while in the hitting phase. And while all these features are designed to improve a player’s experience, there is one small flaw winthe design that is worth noting.


Naturally, like most things, Easton S500 is not a one shoe fits all. And while its light weight makes for great swinging speeds, it may pose another problem for the much stronger players. See with great effort and swing, some say that the impact of the ball on the bat could leave a few scuff marks on it. Moreover, its considerable light weight might not provide the hard impact that can be desired by some players. However, this is a small price to pay for the speed and ease of the design.


While its light-weight and pro track grip design make this bat a tad more expensive, its easy functionality and improved speed on the field make this choice a worthwhile investment. The icing on the cake is that this bat comes with a one year warranty. The Easton S500 bat is approved for Babe Ruth, Little league, AABC, Dixie, Pony and it comes with an added USSSA 1.15 BPF baseball stamp.

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