Easton LX73 Reflex Bat Review

The Easton Company has existed for well over 30 years. It started in 1969. At that time, the company became the first to produce a true aluminium bat. It is right to say that the company is a pioneer in the industry as it also produced the first C405 bats, Cu31 bats, the Scandium bat, carbon core bat, titanium bat, amongst others. Easton Company boosts two main designs. One is the ConneXion, and the other is the Tri-Shell.
For the conneXion design, a separate barrel and handle are interlocked using an elastomer piece. Such bats have a lower vibration rate, better performance, and outstanding feel and flex. For the Tri-shell design, a very elastic rubber sleeve is sandwiched between two thin outer shells. The bats made using this design are durable, feel great to play with, and have an exemplary performance. In 2002, the two designs were merged to create the Tri-shell connexion technology. Gauging from their exemplary innovations, the Easton LX73 Reflex youth bat is no different.

Features That Stand Out

Material it’s made from

The 7050 Aircraft Alloy is a durable material suitable for bats. Alloy bats are durable and can be used even after they dent, as long as its minimal damage.


The weight to length ratio is light, which also balances well with the swing weight giving the bat an excellent feel. This ensures that the swing speed of the player does not determine the power produced at the plate, as Reflex ensures much more power is produced on the plate. The bats’ trampoline effect makes it to travel very fast. Another advantage of the bat is the handle; it has a cushioned grip and it’s ultra-thin. The player is therefore in control of the bat at all times. The bat is also comfortable to use.

Innovators of the Bats

For every product that Easton produces, a lot of research and development goes into it. Actually all the innovators behind Easton’s’ products are active athletes in their area of innovation. They therefore give first-hand experience on new products including the designs. Being athletes is an advantage, as the advice they give to the company is from a player’s point of view, which can only produce comfortable and high performance bats.
For better products, the company has a lab at Van Nuys called Easton Sports Lab. It is a unique place, where apart from the product being tested, the human capabilities and performances are also tested. It was originally set up to test the company’s products but has since grown to include the human testing functionality.

Its varieties

The bat length and weight ratio is 13 and has a Barrel diameter of 2 ¼ inch. Its ultra-thin handle is 29/32 inch. The bat is available in different sizes ranging from 27”/14 oz. to 32”/19 oz. Moreover, the bat is made from a 7050 Aircraft Alloy. The bat has been approved for use in the ABBC, Dixie, Babe Ruth League, Pony, the Little League and USSSA. This bat works for any youth and it motivates learners as its performance is high notch. The Easton LX73 Reflex Bat is one bat that you should seriously consider to buy for your children!

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