2015 Easton MAKO 11OZ Yb15MK Review

Since the debut of Easton’s aluminum agile and youthful bat back in 1976, the company has been committed to making ingenious renovations to the more traditional bat making them suitable and functional for the youthful audience and enthusiasts. And after a dominant 2014 youthful bat campaign, the company’s new 2015 Easton Mako 11oZ YB15Mk bat only cements Easton’s position as the number one youthful baseball bat manufacture in the industry today. The incredible features and modest value of this bat are near impossible to compete. Whether you are a starter player who is now just getting used to getting hits on the ball or an already well-seasoned home run hitter in the local league, this bat is guaranteed to give you successful game results on or off the field.

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It doesn’t take much convincing to purchase Easton Mako 11oZ YB15Mk bat once you learn of its incredible features. For starters this newly improved orange bat is made out of TCT Thermo composite material making is durability and strength unmatched. Also, the bat’s high tech designs reduced the amount of vibration that gets to your hands and instead redirects the energy generated from the impact back to the sweet spot making for an even bigger sweet spot compared to previous designs which will send your ball wherever you want it to go. All these sweet enhancements to previous Easton bats make there 2015 version a great catch and will have you dominating your local baseball league in no time.


While Easton Mako 11Oz YB15Mk is made from savvy technology which will have you hitting excessive home runs, the durable material from which the bat is made from doesn’t fare so well in extremely cold temperatures and can become brittle and eventually weaken the bat. And seeing as the bat is made from the advanced material it stands to reason that it would cost a little higher than the equivalently sized traditional bats. However, the increased performance created by the bat is well worth the expense for most.

2015 Easton MAKO Review


As pointed out before, Easton has made a few adjustments to the Mako 2015 youth baseball bat line. For instance, Easton has used CXN which stands for ConneXion Technology to merge to separate durable components which limit vibration. The bat is 100% made out of TCT Thermo Composite material which is strong but light as a feather. This new Mako also comes with a reduced 11 length to weight ratio and a super thin composite handle. Easton, however, has maintained their signature high-performance diamond grip that is featured in previous designs which make the bat comfortable and easy to balance.


Other features of Easton Mako 11Oz YB15Mk that you might find useful include;

  • An extra-long barrel that is 21/4 inches in diameter for maximum control
  • Ultra-thin 29/32” composite handle with performance diamond grip
  • Two-piece ConneXion Technology that maximizes energy at the sweet spot
  • Thermo Composite Technology for durability and high speed
  • 12 months warranty
  • Easton Mako 11Oz YB15Mk is approved for Dixie, Pony, Babe Ruth, Little League and comes with a USSSA 1.15 BPF thumbprint stamp.

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