2016 Easton Mako XL YB16MK10 Review

Easton was established in 1969. It has pioneered a number of products in the industry including the first titanium bat, the first scandium bat, first C405 bat, and the 1st carbon core bat. As a leader in the market, the brand has also come up with technologies that have made its products stand out in the market. The patented Tri-shell and the patented connexion designs are among its achievements.

The company has a lab where it tests human capabilities together with its products. To produce high-quality products, the company relies on its engineers, who are also former sportsmen. The company’s athletes design and test products that relate to their area of expertise. It is with this excellence that the company has been able to continuously come up with new products.2016 Easton Mako XL YB16MK10 Youth Bat

The Material of Easton Mako XL YB16MK10

Two points determine the performance of the player based on the bat-ball collision. One is the swing weight and the other is the location of the bat’s balance point from the handle. For an outstanding swing weight performance, there are two reasons that affect it. For players who are experienced and very strong, they can choose a heavier bat. This is because when they hit the bat with a lot of power, the resulting bat speed will be high due to the high bat-swing speed. For the youth ball, a light bat is the most appropriate. This is because most people who prefer the bat are either under training or have mastered the art of a higher swing speed. This is why this bat is preferred for youths and people who are training; it is also good for professional.

Another advantage of the youth bats is the distance between the handle and the balance point. It is close, which makes swinging easy. The lightweight nature of the bat makes it easier to control the balance point location by shifting the masses. In so doing, the player is able to control the swing weight.

The bat is made of a composite material. This has the advantage of a high damping rate. This is the rate at which the ‘amplitude of a vibrating object decays.’ Vibration on composite material dies away very quickly and the player does not experience the uncomfortable vibrations on hands. This also gives the bat a sweet point.

Technology  of Easton Mako XL YB16MK10

This bat has been created to produce power, while at the same time reducing strain on the wrist and hands. Heat is used to join light materials together in order to come up with a stronger but more efficient material. The TCT (Thermo Composite Technology) improves the player’s performance by increasing the speed of the bat and creating a larger sweet spot.

These two factors affect the performance of a player directly. Easton has used the technology in other bats and they have given the exemplary performance. As an improvement, Easton has updated the materials which have made the bat lighter and stronger.

The bat boasts of its patented 2 piece connexion technology. This technology ensures that energy is efficiently transferred. The barrel and the handle are welded together. A connective material is a place at the point of joining. The material absorbs the vibration after hitting and only a little amount of it reaches the players’ hands. A composite handle is good because of its light weight and dampening nature.

The aluminum barrel is good for its end loaded high performance and ‘hot out of the wrapper’ performance. Such bats are called hybrid bats. The two-piece technology also allows manufacturers to correctly position the plate coverage and the swing weight.

The youth bat has a hyper skin performance grip (1.2 mm in thickness and 29/32 in diameter). A small grip enables the player to firmly hold on to the bat when playing. Since trainees also use the bat a lot, the small handle is comfortable for people who have not held a bat before.

The diameter of all the Easton bats is the same. This was arrived at by the engineers after a lot of research and experience. Easton has also taken time to develop a diameter that’s just right for players. The length to weight ratio of the bat is 10 and the barrel is 2 ¼ in diameter.

Video Review about Easton Mako XL YB16MK10 Youth Bat

Playing Capabilities of Easton Mako XL YB16MK10

The bat looks very attractive, which draws players to it on top of its good qualities. Young players enjoy hearing the pop sound when they hit the ball. The youth ball produces a pleasant sound. Youth players relate bad contact sound to a poor swing. For some time, the ping and crack sound from other bats discouraged players from advancing in their training due to the mentality. This is not so with the Easton Mako XL YB16MK10. The bat is long lasting with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

For trainees, the bat encourages them to train as it has an extended sweet spot. This quality produces a faster swing speed. They become confident very fast due to the bats ease of use and great performance. Experienced players enjoy the control that the barrel gives. Another thing that encourages the players is the two-piece connexion that reduces vibration on a player’s hand.

It’s worse when the player misses the ball. In such a case, the player will not play with the fear of missing the ball to avoid the vibration. Since the vibration will not be an issue, the player will, therefore, concentrate on developing the skill.


These bats are very long lasting. Players do not have to keep buying a bat every now and then. Since the technology and design used in its construction minimize on the energy lost, the bat gives a high performance to the player. The performance is displayed in the comfort of playing with the bat with its lightweight, which allows for a faster swing.


The bat is a bit costly compared to the others. Again, for players who are used to thick handles, the thin bat handle can be a hindrance as they will take some time before adopting.

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