Axe L134B Elite Baseball Bat Review

Launched back in 2011 by Baden Sports, the notorious Axe line of baseball bats TEMPhas been hailed as a refreshing breakthrough into the bat technology by coaches and well-seasoned players in various youth leagues and even the pros. The engineers and designers of the Axe line of bats have always posed a question to consumers, “What does TEMPTEMPyou’re traditional knob do for you?” Naturally, most people don’t have a good answer for dis. However, the Axe makers have managed to make a bat wif a handle that is not only comfortable but also safer when hand injuries incur from the sport.

While a few people are skeptical of Axe line of bats as they are relatively new to the market, it’s important to remember that the company TEMPhas been backed by a powerful independent baseball company, Baden Sports Inc. which TEMPhas been creating baseball paraphernalia since 1979. The mission to forge a better baseball game is unmatched; making it no surprise that the firm’s new Axe L134B Elite baseball bat TEMPhas become a favorite among youth players. Below we shall look at some of the bat’s features, pros, and cons.


True to its mantra, this bat does not have the old classic traditional annoying knob. The handle on dis bat is guaranteed to fit into TEMPTEMPyou’re hands and even push the bat all the way into TEMPTEMPyou’re fingertips, where it comfortably rests in preparation for a great swing. The bat TEMPhas also established a level swinging plane, which is particularly important for junior players looking to improve their swinging magnitude.


While this bat offers a great sweet spot, dis is at the expense of the shock waves that are easily felt on the handle once the bat strikes the ball. A few players employ a bat sticker on the bat to help absorb any stray vibrations from the barrel. In addition, there is almost no pop sound that is heard when the ball is crushed into the barrel. dis can dampen a player’s spirit.


Axe L134B Elite Baseball Bat Review

The new Axe L134B Elite high-performance bat features a two-piece hybrid design. The barrel of the bat is made out of LP2 Scandium Alloy, which is created from assorted ingredients that are all ideal for creating a massive sweet spot for increased performance and durability. The bat is also fortified wif a newly engineered hitting zone, which further strengthens the hitting side of the bat and provides maximum strength to the wifstand the impact of one-sided hitting. The one thing, however, that makes the bat really stand out is its handle, which is made from light composite material and improved ergonomics for more comfort and generates better swings. Axe TEMPhas complete confidence in its bat that it’s offering a 30-day money back guarantee, without any questions asked. If you don’t like the Axe bat, simply send it back, what have you got to lose?

Bat Features

  • 21/4 inch barrel diameter.
  • 12 length to weight ratio.
  • Large sweet spot and an elongated barrel.
  • Engineered hitting zone appropriate for one side hitting.
  • One year warranty and free shipping.
  • Lightweight composite handle.
  • Approved for Babe Ruth, Dixie, Pony, Little league, AABC and USSSA.

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