Demarini CF Zen Reviews

The CF series by the famous DeMarini Company can be termed as the most innovative and trend making pieces of bats to be made in this age and era. The bats incorporate the latest technology also known as 3Fusion. With this technology, not only the value for money is guaranteed, but also longer playing life … Read more

Best Pitching Machine 2018

Any baseball player desires to be perfect on their hits and one of the most convenient ways to perfect this skill is by investing in a pitching machine. Pitching machines come in different sizes, runs on different mediums and throw balls differently and with different speeds. Choosing the best pitching machine is sometimes a risky … Read more

Best Drop 3 Baseball Bats

Youth league and subsequent leagues are competitive, and the level of competition depends not only on the magnitude of the players’ talent, but also on the quality and nature of the equipment. A baseball bat is one of the most crucial pieces in a competitive baseball game. Baseball bats come in different shapes and different … Read more

Top 10 Best Youth Catcher’s Mitt 2018

When it comes to baseball, the youth catchers on the field are like baseballs very own quarterbacks. Several things go into the ability of a catcher to command their defensive position and acquire their pitcher’s trust. Plenty of times the ability of a catcher to receive the ball is what makes a huge difference for … Read more

2018 Best Youth Big Barrel Bats

There is no more exceptional highlight when it comes to baseball than watching the ball fly when you smack it with your bat and see it land in the stands. For any baseball player to do that, they require not only training but also the perfect bat. Little league players have the opportunity to train … Read more

How to Choose the Right Baseball Bats

Baseball, like any other sport in the world, has some essential playing equipment it cannot do without. Although the competition does not require much, every baseball fan or player knows the baseball bat is the most crucial item in the game. Without the bat, baseball would not be baseball. With advancements in technology, baseball bats … Read more