Anderson Youth Ignite XP-11 Baseball Bat Review

Since its inception in 1999, Anderson has made it their goal to make their bats synonymous with improved baseball. The company has managed to integrate itself into the fabric of sport in various levels including baseball and softball. Over the last decade,

Anderson has produced sophisticated bats infused with continually upgraded bat technology, which matches their principle of producing latest products which fosters improved players and begets a fun game, which then inspires innovation of even better products. This cycle is what has enabled Anderson to continue to produce the bats in all leagues ranging from youth baseball, slow pitch, to fast pitch baseball. The new Anderson Youth Ignite XP-11 bat, doesn’t not fall short of the company’s and players expectations.

Pros of Anderson Youth Ignite XP-11

The Anderson Youth Ignite XP-11 bat is a complete transformation from the classic single wall alloy tech used to manufacture other Anderson bats. The new features in this bat give it a few perks such as a light well balanced swing. The material also allows for minimal vibration when the bat strikes the ball. The bat also provides a great pop and has a massive sweet spot, which automatically breaths confidence even into the starting junior players. The handle is also firm and sticky even after been emerged in dirt; there is almost no need for gloves. This simple bat also comes at a consumer friendly price.

Cons of Anderson Youth Ignite XP-11

While the sweet spot is accommodating, the same cannot be said of the knob. Many seasoned players have shared their dismay over the relatively small bat knob. A few manage to negate this by simply wrapping some tape around the knob for a comfortable swing.

Design of Anderson Youth Ignite XP-11

The new Anderson Youth Ignite XP-11 is a total remake from the traditional Anderson bats. The Ignite is composed of an all metal alloy that is superimposed with a sophisticated shape, which maximizes a player’s swing. The new alloy is stronger, lighter and provides a massive Effective Hitting Area (EHA). Ignite’s reduced weight and great durability enables greater design versatility, while allowing for reduced Moment of Inertia (MOI). This enables players to swing the youth bats faster and with less effort.

The Anderson Youth Ignite XP-11 is topped by a Trueflex End Cap, which maximizes barrel strength and reduces vibration. Also helping in managing pesky vibrations is the Taperflex contour which combines two critical ingredients, namely; wall thickness tuning and design mapping to prevent energy generating from the pop from dissipating from the barrel. In addition, the bat’s SG-I sport grip absorbs any other shock waves that might make their way down onto the super thin whip handle.

Other Bat Features

Some other features that make Anderson Youth Ignite XP-11 a sport favorite include:

  • 11 length to weight ratio.
  • 21/4 inch barrel diameter.
  • Ergonomic weld less knob.
  • Reduced MOI which translates to faster swinging speeds.
  • Single wall all metal alloy for increased durability and versatility.
  • Super thin whip handle with a SG-1 sport grip.
  • A one year manufacturer’s warranty and free shipping.
  • Approved for Babe Ruth, Pony, Dixie, Little league, AABC and USSSA.

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