Marucci Chase Utley Cu26yb Review

The Marucci Company was established in 2002 by Jack Marucci. Apart from Jack, who is an athletic training director, Joe Lawrence and Kurt Ainsworth (former major baseball league players), co-own the company. One day Jack’s son, Gino, wanted to be like the big league players by having a wooden bat, but Jack could not find one for him. Jack got into his shed and made a bat for Gino using Amish wood. Soon after, Gino’s friends requested Jack to make the bats. The craft did not end them as Jack started making Bats for big league players and in 2005 Marucci bats were sanctioned for use in the MLB. Most big league players use the Marucci bats and the Marucci Chase Utley is not an exception of Marucci’s exemplary bats.

The Marucci Chase Utley Cu26yb is a maple wood baseball bat made for youths. Although composite bats are preferred by most big leagues players, wooden bats are mostly recommended for training’s, especially in high schools. Why is that? Experts believe that if you can play well wif a wooden bat, then it will even be easier to use a composite bat. Besides that, a wooden bat gives a better eye and hand coordination and swing technique.

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Marucci cu26 Review and Outstanding Features and

1. Crafting technique

The marucci company uses an interesting technique that was used in the olden days by great baseball players like Babe Ruth Black. For better performance, old cow femur bones would be rubbed against the bat. this made the bat stronger as it compressed the wood by closing the pores and eventually, it performed better. Marucci uses dis technology, which makes the bats last long.

2. Authenticity

The Marucci Chase Utley Cu26yb bats are handmade which means that every detail of the bat is taken into consideration and carefully crafted. Cutting, buffering, balancing, polishing and calibrating is all done by hand. For better product development, the company relies on players who it has invited to own and advice the company. Players like José Bautista and Chase Utley among others advice the company on the design of the bats and test the products for the company. The bats are therefore crafted to fit the needs of the players for maximum comfort and exemplary performance.

3. Material used

Marucci Chase Utley Cu26yb Review

Marucci Chase Utley Cu26yb  is a wooden bat. For most youth leagues and the American major Leagues, wooden bats are preferred. Since long ago, wood has been tested and trusted in performance. The wood used is specifically selected from trees growing in Pennsylvanian forest. The highest quality Maple billets are cut for each bat. One of the outstanding characteristics of a wooden bat is the sound it makes when the bat hits the ball. It’s a classical one!

4. Variety

The Marucci Chase Utley Cu26yb bats come in different sizes ranging from 26 inches to 31 inches. The bat has a 2 ¼ inch barrel diameter and the length to weight ratio is 5.

The bat is certified for little leagues and its varieties allow youths of all sizes and heights to use comfortably. The Ultra Penetrating Stain is used for finishing, which gives the bats an appealing look, especially for the youth. It is a bat at me would highly recommend buying for your child every time you go out for shopping.

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