Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher Review

The Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher is an entry-level baseball bat that comes from coldsteel. It’s one of the strong baseball bat that you can use the game and your protection. We realized that the Smasher was an ingenious piece of low profile and commonly understood self-protect. The baseball bat made with unbreakable polypropelene, this bat is 29 inches long and 2lbs 1 oz. The baseball bat is smaller than the Brooklyn Smasher. Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher is perfectly sized for the woman and smaller framed people. You can use this bat for league games, they can be used as game bats, practice and warm-up bats or even serve as crossover trainers to develop strength and hand coordination for those studying Martial.This bat weight is 33Oz, the thickness is 11/2″, it has no head, hammer face, primary edge.

Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher Review

Specification of Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher

  • 29 inches length and tow pound, one-ounce weight.
  • Durable Polypropylene material so it’s too hard to break.
  • You can use this bat batting practice and even at home self-defense.
  • Never break, rot, crack, fade or splinter.
  • This bat easy handle woman.
  • This bat literally unbreakable and has the perfectly balanced length of efficiency.

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Video Review

This bat has more good reviews on Amazon. So you can buy this bat without any hesitation. While some people said that this bat is not suitable for professional players, but you can use this bat in you school league games. From our small-sized souvenir bat to our epic oversized whopper, and all of the other models in between, we are sure to have the bat for you.

Some Faq of Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher

Q- Is this bat truly indestructible?

A – No, the polypropylene is very tough but it’s not completely indestructible.

Q – Is this bat legal for little league games?

A – Yes, this bat is legal for league games because of, the only reason these would be banned is if this bat has some extra advantage over other bats which this bat does not.  I think you find your answer.

Q – Is this bat include grip?

A – The grip is not included, but we seem it’s not necessary.

Q – What makes this any different than a regular baseball bat?

A- That’s a good question. It’s special because of it’s design and the creative color combination makes it different. This device made with polypropylene so it’s different from other mid-range bat. I hope you will understand properly.

Final Verdict of Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher

After reading this article about how sometimes baseball bats break during competitive play, costing money and often leading to injury. This company CEO Lynn Thompson asked his team to create an imperishable bat. The result was the Brooklyn Crusher, because of them use the latest technology and made it synthetic polypropylene bat that will never break, crack, splinter, rot or fade. This bat also has the warranty. You can buy this bat especially batting practice and home self-defense.

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About Cold Steel

The Cold Steel was established in 1980, with the target of making the strongest shapest cutlery in the world for knife enthusiasts.

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