How to Choose the Right Baseball Bats

Baseball, like any other sport in the world, has some essential playing equipment it cannot do without. Although the competition does not require much, every baseball fan or player knows the baseball bat is the most crucial item in the game. Without the bat, baseball would not be baseball.

With advancements in technology, baseball bats have also changed designs and shape over the years. The change in design and shape in bats has also led to the development of baseball over the years. The changes to the bat’s design and form make it hard for baseball players to choose the appropriate bat, which will help improve their baseball performance.

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For a larger part of the baseball history, a bat was just a bat. However, in the 21st generation of baseball players, a bat is of great importance on the baseball field.

Why is it important to choose the right bat?

Choosing the right bat is essential since a bat largely determines the success of a baseball player on the field. The bat is critical in making constant hard contact against baseball live pitching. Apart from regular training, mastering the science and art of baseball depends on using the right bat. A more extended or shorter bat for any baseball player means they underperform when on the baseball pitch.

The right baseball bat is helpful in improving a player’s performance on and off the field. It also gives them confidence in the field due to the number of strikes and runs a player gets to make with the right bat at hand. The use of the appropriate bat while playing baseball also helps player’s cover the games strike zone.

The bat will also be light enough for the player to swing it with ease. The right bat will also be heavy enough for the player to generate the right amount of power to hit the ball. Finally, the right baseball bat is essential for a baseball player to play in any baseball league.

Choosing the right baseball player for any particular age or a certain level depends on the following factors: the purpose of the bat, the bat certifications for every league, bat weight, bat length and the barrel size.

Purpose of the Bat

One of the first essential things any parent or baseball player should consider when choosing a bat is the purpose of the bat. You need to ask yourself the following questions about the game. Do you mostly play with friends and family only? Will you participate in a league? Do you have experience with other types of bats? Are you an experienced hitter?

After determining the answers to the questions above for your child or as a professional player, the answers will guide you choose the appropriate bat for your intended purpose

League Certifications

If the purpose of you buying a baseball bat is to participate in leagues, then it is essential to know the rules of the league you will be playing. For instance, various little league competitions do not allow the use of composite bats anymore. Other league competitions require 13 years old and above also known as adults in baseball to have BBCOR certified bats while playing in a tournament.

BBCOR certified bats are the standard requirements for an adult bat. Without a BBCOR bat, your child or baseball players will not be eligible to participate in some leagues that follow the NCCA and NFHS rules.

BBCOR bats have various certifications like the diameter of the bat’s barrel should not exceed 2 5/8 inches. The length of the bat should not be greater than 36”, and the ratio between the length and weight should be no more than -3.

Bat Length

The length of a bat is measured from the knob to the end cap in inches. The longer the bat, the greater its reach and this results in a player hitting the ball on the outside part of the plate. Nevertheless, the longer the bat, the more the mass at the end of the bat. With an increase of mass at the end of the bat, players will need more power to swing the bat.

To select the appropriate bat length despite the age, it is always necessary to place the bat’s end handle on the middle part of your chest. Extend the bat to your index finger. If the bat extends beyond your middle finger, then it is too long. If the bat stops around your wrist or palm, then it is too small.

Bat weight

It is important to know that the heavier the bat, the harder it is to control. Using a heavy bat can make players lose motivation in the game because of the many foul balls they may get. However, a light bat is also a disadvantage. The reason being a light bat will decrease the performance potential, power, and acceleration of your child.

To avoid such incidences with light or heavy bats, the trick lies in finding a bat’s perfect drop weight. A bat’s drop weight refers to the difference of the bat’s length and its weight. The drop weight for a baseball players bat changes with age, strength, and their performance.

For little league baseball bats, the ideal drop weight is -10 to -12. While for adult or high school baseball bats, the BBCOR recommended bats, the ideal drop weight is no more than -3.

Barrel size

The age of the baseball player plays a huge role in determining the size of the barrel. Baseball players below 12 years should use a barrel size of 2 ¼ inches. While adults both high school and college baseball batters should use a barrel size bat of 2 5/8 inches. The barrel size should comply with the recommendations for every league.

Choosing the right baseball bat is crucial for any baseball player that wants to improve their performance. The above factors, when followed carefully, can help you land the right bat, which will see you make home runs you never thought were possible.


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