BatSleeves.Com Scholarship 2023

There is nothing as beautiful as studying and playing the sports you love. A scholarship in batsleeves will enable you to combine sports and learning.

Special Gift: Easton Mako Beasts bat. and a Youth Catchers Mitt

It does not matter whether you are a male or female athlete, you get the same opportunities to learn and play with no restrictions. Despite, the batsleeves being a male-dominated sport, scholarships help to shorten the widening gap between men and women. scholarships, create a bridge where women can be empowered through sports. The awards also help balance the ball and bat sports for both men and women. These scholarships pride themselves in offering a learning opportunity for a deserving young athlete to excel in the baseball game sports.

Scholarship Requirements and Eligibility

batsleeves scholarships, understand that sports participation increases an athlete’s success not
only in the sport but professionally as well. The scholarship is open to female and male undergraduate
students studying the following courses

  • Sports Science
  • Sports Physiotherapy
  • Sports Management
  • Physical and Sport Education
  • Sport Psychology
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Sports Rehabilitation
  • A Sports-related degree


Batsleeves scholarship offers a scholarship amount of $1,000. The winners of the scholarship
choose to either have the funds deposited directly in their accounts or have a payment made to their
university’s Financial Aid division.

Importance of applying

It is no secret that obtaining a higher education takes up plenty of expenses. The scholarship offers to
help ease the burden students and their families face financially. Ball and Bat Game scholarship
identifies that participation of women and men in sports empowers them on and off the field. The
scholarship opportunity helps make advanced education accessible. It also promotes women
participation in sports at the college level.

The Guidelines for Scholarship submission

First, you have to write a unique essay on the following topics:

  • Your favorite game & why the game is favorite to you.

The judging of your essays will be based on your creativity, thoughtfulness, and knowledge of the sport.
The scholarship essays should be in English. The word count of the article ranges from 400 to 600 words.
We will accept submissions from 2/01/2018 to 09/30/2018. You can handover personal details and
your article using the email

It is important to note your article and bio will be published on our website, social media platforms,
which include Twitter, and Facebook and blog.

The winner of the scholarship must provide the following
1. Evidence of identity
2. An enrollment confirmation at a recognized institution

The qualifying colleges and universities include identified schools on the Department of Education US
Website list. Any transfers also fall under the same recognition guidelines.
On 12/30/2023, the panel of judges makes a decision after which notification is done to the scholarship

Batsleeves scholarship funds are either deposited in the winner’s bank account or paid to their
universities financial aid division.

No application fee is necessary to participate in the scholarship.
Extra Terms and Conditions

 The closing date for the scholarship can change

  • does not take responsibility for late submissions
  • The essay submissions to become our property upon submission and may be
    posted or displayed online.
  • The scholarship has no outside endorsers, entities, or administrators like twitter, or Facebook
    among others
  • All participants should provide original essays to and no other body. We will
    use the information you provide together with our privacy policy.


Feel free to contact with any questions.


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